Vernal Equinox – Springin’ it!

Today as I was drawing up the astrological chart for the Vernal Equinox, I was running into all sorts of snags in terms of saving the chart and technological stuff. So, I had to sit myself down and slow down. I recalled back to all the progress I made with my em-Wave heart coherence the day before, and I was thinking about how I practice astrology and what I can contribute. Often times when we have a Full moon, or a New Moon or another punctuated seasonal event, we often embellish (as a culture) the sign that the Sun is in. Now, the Sun is special to me, sure (as a Leo), but in reality, what we are seeing is a BALANCE of signs and energies at any given moment. I say this because my natal Sun is in Libra’s house. So, balance is incredibly important to me, as we perceive it. I also have a tendency to believe in an inherent and natural balance that happens on its own, the way matter settles under gravity.

We have so many planets in Aries right now, and so it’s easy (understatement) to get carried away. I know I have been ~ so much creativity, there’s the gentle kick-back though and reminder for me, today, to just ‘be receptive’ and settle into some of this exuberance. Or, let the exuberance settle into me. There’s this excitement of what is to come during this time of the year – what has been growing and what might be around the corner waiting to be planted. Nevertheless, there is also this sense of ordinariness that creeps in and reminds me, we faithfully celebrate the turn of the seasons every year. If we didn’t, I don’t believe that we would be upsetting the Gods/Goddess/or Nature itself.

Back to the point about balance: I like to look at signs in “‘2’s.” Like a virtual see-saw, with a central pivot. I do not focus all my energy on the one spotlight sign: Aries!  There’s a natural focus on Aries right now. So, I look to Libra. Do you follow me? Once I spring, there’s gotta be the opposite movement, “the catch.”  I want my virtual see-saw to be nice and chill though, so there’s gotta be a central focus – between the two. But in balancing, just like a bicycle, I have to subtly pivot to both sides, one at a time.

A few years ago I did trapeze with my husband for the very first (and only) time. I’m going to use that as my metaphor. The Aries energy was helping me climb up that pole and reach the heights that I was reaching, but that was only the beginning. I needed the “will to move.” What I also needed was the listening ears for the instructions about how to hold my hands, and what to do when the trapeze bar came my way. I could see the net, yes, but when you are up-high, you don’t really calculate how much spring is in that net that helps catch you if you fall. There’s more.  I didn’t know there was more until I was listening to the directions. I was told how to position my hands so that I would be ready for the catch. That’s right. Not only did I have to catch the bar, and then put up my knees and let go of my hands, my final fete was to open my hands and allow myself to be caught. That part was easy, but it was also tricky; it required one extra moment of acceptance, receptivity.

So, Libra is needed – to balance – the Aries energy.

During this Vernal Equinox, what are you catching? What’s in your net? What are you listening to? How will you bounce if you fall? Will you make ‘the catch’ and allow yourself to ‘be caught’? How can you balance your receptivity to others with your will to live and do and be so freely?


43 thoughts on “Vernal Equinox – Springin’ it!

  1. Such a brilliant post and using the trapeze as an analogy such a great metaphor.. Its like when you pull back an elastic band.. You have to pull back in order for it to shoot forward.. 🙂

    I am catching my artistic self, My nurturing self, and my nature loving self.. and between us all I think I may well find more of my Spiritual Self in the process.. which will help balance my practical self.. 🙂

    keep Swinging.. Ka.. xxx 🙂

    1. “I am catching my artistic self, My nurturing self, and my nature loving self.. and between us all I think I may well find more of my Spiritual Self in the process.. which will help balance my practical self.. 🙂”

      YES!!!! I see that. ❤ Thank you love!

  2. I was running into all sorts of snags in terms of saving the chart and technological stuff. Your words speak of a birthing process of sort not being easy at first and then what is produced is awesome.
    You are right whether we celebrate the spring equinox or other equinox that the gods/goddesses of nature will carry on and keep on giving every year even though sometime people take it for granted.
    As seasons and everything else in life has a balance it is important to keep a balance in one’s life as well. Having the balance ensures an eveness in our lives that is not on the end of either the scale. Once heavy on one end or the other of the scale it is energy wasted to bring yourself to a balance. Daily maintenance I find I don’t run into being heavy on either end of the scale. Every person runs on a different scale.
    The trapeze thing gives me hollow leg feeling. Not too fond of heights. Power to you for having done this.
    I listen to the whisper in the wind to guide me on my journey. Wishing you much love on your journey.

    1. Hi Joseph!
      I do agree, every person runs on a different scale and its that kind of awareness that helps us just be who we are, and let others be who they are. Scales, right now, have brought to mind thoughts of musical instruments. I too listen to the whisper in the wind. ❤ Thank you so much for your visit, and it's been really nice connecting with you. Aloha, Ka

  3. I was imagining standing in the center of a see-saw, balancing at first, then playing with going back and forth to each side. Your trapeze experience was exhilarating and I enjoyed watching you from my see-saw closer to the ground. 🙂

    1. Hi JoAnna,
      That’s it! There’s a chance for playfulness, and experimentation in the way we think of things/concepts – in this case, astrological. Once we have an idea in the mind and it’s a shared cultural concept, we can adjust how we relate to it internally, and especially in consideration with the energies and needs of the moment. I’m not sure I would climb up there again. Who knows? Maybe again one day. Lots of love, Ka

  4. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Wow, you are brave, Ka!
    Very cool thing to do. The trust and receptivity lessons stepped up to steroid level. I bet your adrenaline was pumping!
    Thanks for the astrology.
    I don’t have internet these days. I came into town to get emails, so I’m majorly behind. I should get it back on April 6th. There is only one tech for all of NM and part of TX, so they don’t get our way often.
    I hope all is well with school and all of your beautiful, full life.
    Much love ❤

    1. Hi Mary,
      You know I think you are brave, too, right?! The dives that you’ve done with amazing whales?! I’m not sure that I remember the adrenaline, but no doubt it figured in. All is good ~ busy as usual ~ wrapping up. I can imagine, only one tech! Wishing you lots of outdoor time!

      Astrology can be a lot of fun to interpret. People have tried over time to give mathematical value to rulership and sign placement. The sun’s placement gets a high value in the chart, that’s pretty consistent. But questions about what features more heavily in the interpretation are relentless. How to determine the ascendant… etc. What’s important: could it be the house placement or which houses get the most definition? Are they angular? It’s amazing how many processes, styles and philosophies I’ve been exposed to over time. Do you use the sidereal or the tropical zodiac, or both? Also software does a lot of the calculating. Which software do you like, house system, etc. That said, it’s fun to just look at the signs as they are. There are so, so many methods for dividing the essential picture of even one chart, and then so many charts to make from that primary chart, through progression and solar arcs – you name it! Some people focus on using elections and horary astrology and answer queries by divination. Overall, it’s really about all of it – all of it. Then, there’s the basics. Those can be fun, too.

      It’s nice to share what comes through for me. Symbols are symbols – and often times, I enjoy thinking about where fate and free will meet. Not to mention, I enjoy thinking about how much every other transit affects the other. For example, having Venus retrograde in Aries while the Sun enters the Aries 0 point.

      Yes, life is full, very full 🙂 I hope you are having lots of fun, Mary!

      xoxoxo Ka

  5. Inese Poga Art plus Life

    That has to be a real fun! I don’t know if I would go for it but I adore how people go for crazy things and then feel great because of adrenaline.

    1. Hi Inese,
      It’s interesting when people mention adrenaline because that wasn’t what stood out to me from my own memory of the experience! It was so full-bodied, and maybe, now thinking back, it was a “in the zone,” much like the way painting feels, the way all the senses are invested in the observation of the subject.
      Warm wishes to you, thank you for visiting, Ka

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