Why I gave up writing about Astrology, for now.

When I started this blog (2011), astrology was the thing that was so consistent in my life; for better or for worse. There’s so much that I could have said about my relationship to the subject, and my passion for it, and my observations from about the age of 10 (mostly through software) and so on. It was the whole reason why I started a blog. I never even considered myself “a writer.” But in truth, my “beliefs” about astrology have always wavered.

There were times when the paradigms of interpretation didn’t work for me, so I resolved to learn it on my own terms: entirely experientially. From the very beginning, astrology for me was about “finding my own way” and not looking to someone else to interpret my life for me. It was about Freedom from people and their opinions. It was about connecting with my own sense of interpretation with the divine, not a religious thing in any way (except very liberally). It was connected to literature, but it wasn’t academic-y, in the sense that I needed to find someone else who decided, once upon a time, what would be “rulership,” etc., and my own observations could stand on their own – as just my own observations and opinions. Part of the magic of astrology and my current study and my practice in acupuncture is that no one knows where it came from – exactly. Yet, here it is, affecting people in their lives! Giving answers, when I believe there really are no definite answers…just a lot of speculation. But it still really gets things moving!!!

There were times when I thought: even if astrology has no objective meaning – people still make it so – astrology simply won’t go away! Now, everyone is indeed blogging, YouTubing, and communicating about it! I’ve had the luxury of watching astrology be “closeted” and my own self be in that astrology closet (my blog was about me coming out) – to shifting to becoming radically popular, and giving it far more power than it should have! I mean that – astrology is just astrology. It’s a mystery, mostly.

In the deeper areas of astrological community there is a lot of discussion and people making their cases, there’s camaraderie and there is difference of opinion. It’s not a fixed thing by any measure. Everyone’s lecture or class has a different spin.

Nevertheless, when Uranus entered Aries, that’s when I started my blog. I took an opinion, and I tried it on: astrology “produces” a good outcome, when used properly. I was ready, I thought, to come forward to some unknown public. I had reached a certain flavor in my own development. I had met with Saturn, and Saturn became my friend in my own life. I will continue to argue that Saturn is my friend. Astrologers are all different – Thank Goddess/God, thank the atheists, thank thankfulness itself!

But let’s face it, astrology requires time, analysis, and a certain caliber of thought, “presence,” as does all writing, and definitely computer programming (which was a random comment just to add for those who like code, and like to make something with it! It’s because of computer programming that I even found astrology at such a young age -and my S. Node/Ascendant in Aquarius).

I started to feel like with my growing schedule in different and yet still remotely connected fields of interest (and career) that I could tie it all together as I went. But, I couldn’t, I’ll tell you why, below. I was/am changing, is the short answer. Also, I added more activities into my life which are equally important to me.

What I learned, for my blog, was that I wanted to write poetry, instead. I found that “getting my head out of the equation” was far more self-compassionate on a daily basis. Which is also why the blog was initially also focused on meditation. Meditation is sort of the antidote for astrology. It still is.

None of what I said here changes my respect for the trade and practice of astrology, however. I just don’t think questions like “What’s going on in my chart making me feel this way?” “Will I find a lover?” “What should I do with my life?” were interesting enough questions for me, personally, to keep practicing with clients.  The questions were too general, and I needed to learn more astrology. I had already answered the questions to the best of my ability, in my own life, for me. Of course, I do still work through transits, and confusion, and a whole host of my own visiting demons. Also, through my practice with meditation, I became less interested in ‘personality’ questions, and my interest in psychology even fell away (except the transpersonal brand). I didn’t want to tell someone who their chart, based on astrology, said they ought to be. I wanted to show them how to transcend who they think they are. Hah, but I’ve been busy working on myself – purely, from that angle.

How’s it working out?  I enjoy life, all the good and the bad, the ups and the downs of self-development. It is also very tiring.

A couple of weeks ago I met with a dear friend that I don’t get to see very often. She’s the president of our local astrology club and in my opinion, “a big name” in astrology (will be at the speaking at the Chicago conference for the second time), though I didn’t know her before I met her and she welcomed me to the club. She doesn’t consider herself to be a big shot, even though she is a Leo. Go figure. I’m a Leo. We also have the same nodes, but I am of the following nodal generation – nevertheless, we share the same nodal return. We have a natural connection, our Venuses are in conjunction.  We have both been bloggers and astrologers before we met. I met her before she was the president of course, and have been too busy to participate very actively in my group with my endeavors that began roughly around the same time.

My point, is, that even while in flux:

I do want to be able to express myself without fear on my own blog– I have no interest in wielding any authority or having any power over others. None. Just myself. Every day, in the way I face my day. This alone, for me, requires a lot of courage. I am a work in progress, and this is my marriage to life, to my career, and to my place in community. I may always be a shifting face –  a part-time hermit, to somebody, or to some group—but I think that whatever I appear like – is other people’s problem (or the group’s problem), and no longer my own. I like to switch it up. I am a work in progress, just like the precession of the equinoxes, and globalization. Even in the acupuncture field, there’s a huge push to modernize (or match with the dominant culture), become more like “biomedicine.” Every word is actually a misnomer, by the way. This shift began in just a couple of years to really show itself, but the feature has been in the works for much longer. In astrology, I see the shift towards Vedic and sidereal zodiac happening – at least in my world, but I’ve been around long enough to see the pendulum swing in both directions. Regardless, I guess it all depends on where we are in life, and who is in our life influencing us – and what principles they want to use to back up their advice/guidance. What do the statistics say? Astrology has had an odd relationship with statistics and influence. Look at the Gauguelin Controversy.

No doubt, despite all this headiness and the time-consuming process of sorting data and analyzing and thinking to present cases to others, we still manage to influence others, just by breathing, and for no good reason! Thoughts about facts are not required for breathing.

I think the scariest thing in life is that we do affect things and people, plants and animals – every day.

But, here’s the thing. It’s all about the people and the love. I am falling more and more in love with everyone, and that stretches me and that also shows me when I dance back into myself, that I am really a part of things! Like the hugs at school and with friends, and in my astrology club, and while I work in the clinic, or when I am acting as a Reiki teacher, or journeying as a Shamanic practitioner, and everywhere else I show up in a role these days, or with a different group. It’s being a part of things, and the role doesn’t matter, nor does the group. Most of the time I am in the audience (comfort zone), fearing the stage. What? I have readers? You got to be kidding me…  ::bites nails:: I am never prepared for this, but without readers, I am not getting to “be me,” to actually grow and develop. I can’t thank you all enough – I really can’t. Thank you for being influenced, for reading, for commenting, for listening, reading, for thinking *with me.*

Final quick mention of astro (for now): In Vedic astrology, I’m experiencing my Mercury mahadasha since February 17, 2017. In Western Tropical astrology, Uranus entered my 3rd house a couple of days ago. Astrologers who read my blog will understand this: the roads are getting worked on here, for sure –metaphorically and literally.

Astrology works, but it’s not about the opinions, and it’s not about the roles; It’s not even about the interpretations!!! its about the people and about something amazing and miraculous – in this relationship with the stars, as we see them. It’s about how consciousness is so amazing and unpredictable! Meanwhile, we see evidence that there’s deep organization and possibly even intelligence at work (without our really “getting it”)! It’s nothing shy of miraculous. A classmate of mine just ran a marathon while pregnant. I asked her if she would suggest to anyone else to do this – she said, “heck no! – it was stupid.” So I asked, why did you do it? She said, “Well, I already signed up for it!”


33 thoughts on “Why I gave up writing about Astrology, for now.

  1. Astrology works, I can’t say precisely how it works, but it does. As a student through (50) years
    I have had enough evidence that proves to me without a doubt that it does work. With all it’s complicated configurations and complexities somehow and someway it comes together to illustrate the countless personalities, possibilities, and potential of all human beings.
    Thank you very much Ka for this brilliant essay

    1. I’m feeling so appreciative for your thoughtful comment here, Eddie! I enjoy the complexity of astrology, and have really been enjoying all my 25 years with it – my enjoyment of the complexity of it is what pulled me in! It’s these days that I really have the chance to delve deeper because more and more modern astrologers are making their work available as well, and of course with the advance of technology and networking, our observations go beyond our own eyes. Nowadays we are looking at the whole world’s astrology – which is a different vantage point, and presents myriad charts from each locale/moment in time and space! I enjoy the way you encapsulated your comment here. Have a beautiful day my friend! So glad to share this practice-meditation with you. 🙂 xx

  2. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology and commented:
    Truly well written. My Astro blog was launched in 2008, and back then I wrote forecasts and analysis intermittently. These days, I prefer to read and promulgate the work of others, exposing new voices to larger audiences than they would encounter as a new blogger with, say, five followers. I still write forecasts, sometimes, but do not feel constrained by it. And, like you, I am branching out into other areas (writing, photography) and continue to do so. Best of luck to you in the future, whether you choose to blog or not.

    1. Thank you for the reblog! I’m really glad to ‘hear’ you here. I appreciate your leaving a comment. I didn’t know you launched your blog in 2008, and that is interesting to know. Writing forecasts can be very time consuming, or easier if you have your ephemeris and your system already laid out, and stick to relaying the data. I don’t draw up elections or forecasts too regularly but I often glance at my ephemeris. I often fix my gaze between the bigger transits and how they effect the natal charts with some mind to the quicker moving transits like moon and mercury. Sometimes I am more interested in the progressions and forgo looking at daily transits. I am interested for important astrological meetings especially what transits are happening that bring us together. I enjoy synastry and composite chart making – sometimes. Yes, I like a lot of variety! I used to have this online program that I used that I adored but it stopped being supported. It was called Clairvision. Astro.com is great too, but I have Sirius as well, as well as others – never at a loss for the data collection, but fall in and out with ease and enjoyment of using certain softwares, and even the platforms. I switched to Apple/Mac a few years ago. I enjoy the charts and not as much the consulting with clients right now – especially because I am focusing on my acupuncture training almost entirely, and that requires a tremendous focus in and of itself. But that will eventually feed back into my other systems as I tend to draw on whatever available resources I need in order to work with clients and patients.

      As for the blog? Who knows… I do enjoy photography, too – there’s so much more technical work there I’d love to get into if I had the time. I hope I can improve my poetry, too. It’d be nice to get more people interested in the book I just published. The feedback is so wonderful. I started playing guitar/drums again – and so I’m feeling more musical. Would love to pick up where I left off there as well. Basically, I am very inspired, in general to stay away from the blog – but even the blog pulls me back, because I enjoy interacting.

      I think it’s wonderful that you are branching out and also that you have mastered the reblog function. It’s great support to other astrologers! Thank you very much for your kind regards and I wish the same luck to you – for sure.

      1. Thank you for the well wishing. I have so much going on in other areas of my life that I cannot devote the time to the process that I once did, a bit similar to you!

  3. I suspect astrology is one of many factors influencing our lives. I love how we can explore something for a while, then go on to something else, and maybe come back to the old interests from time to time.

    1. Yes! I love that you point out that astrology is only one dimension/factor – even astrology goes into further complexity, too, like there’s a type of galactic astrology – which is sun based, rather than geocentric (or more accurately worded, the sky from a terrestrial human’s view.) I feel like everything I’ve ever explored, stays with me, and encourages me to explore more beyond itself. I remember going out and looking out from the large telescopes as a child. We had a local astronomical society that had some telescopes right across the street from my house growing up. I was probably even younger than 10 when I saw Saturn’s rings for the first time.

      Some of my interests have never left me, such as astrology! space! Then, as you may remember, there’s that guitar. 😉

  4. Hi Ka,

    I was really touched by this post, in a way that I cannot put a finger on exactly–more like in the way astrology is at its best when it is mysterious and intuitive and slippery in the hand even as it is vibrant in the heart. You’ve given us a glimpse to the beautiful impulses that cause the fish called Ka to wriggle through the sea of Love, and I am reminded of my own movements–unexpected, unbidden, exquisitely difficult but always just right. Or I wouldn’t be here now! So I saw in this the movement of your heart, and I think it’s good to transcend and recreate our relationships to old loves, of every sort, to be engaged in this process of discovery and revelation without getting too bogged down in the details and the manuals and the dogma of it. In short, I’m picking up what you’re laying down and feeling enriched by all of it. Your Taj Mahal has very many rooms my friend!


    1. Hi Michael,
      I love how you’re not really immediately labeling the sense that you get from this post and just sort of waiting to see what arises. Astrology is fun and powerful in terms of interpretation – much in the same way psychology “re-frames” and makes us more comfortable with our observations so that we can live more comfortably with them. The notion of slipperiness is interesting – I’m still trying that one out! Transcending and recreating relationship – Yes! Perhaps this is how we can successfully self-renew – as we grow, so do our relationships and the people we relate to. Details can be boggling and other times liberating. I wish all details were liberating, but not tiring to sift through and such. Dogma is always worth transcending. Thanks for picking this up, Michael!! Your Taj Mahal analogy has me thinking of the many Mansions of the Moon in astrology. http://www.astrologyweekly.com/astrology-articles/moon-mansions.php
      Peace to you my friend,

  5. What an honest appraisal of your role and relationship with Astrology Ka..
    I always admire greatly those who have the ability to do birth charts and read the signs and stars.
    Yet over the years my own leaning towards reading my stars has waned.. Not to say I no longer see astrology as something very special it is.For when done to precision to someones birth chart It is remarkable
    I feel we are all divinely guided by the stars and Universal consciousness. But I also feel more and more that our intuitive living, in the now of our moments are the best guides we have..

    I look upon each stage of my own development in my spiritual pursuits as necessary steps that lead me on to the next phase.. Each skill is not lost, for each one adds merit to the whole, the greater learning that comes from understanding ALL aspects..

    We are all works in progress, working upon our inner selves, with the tools that we are attracted to.. Poetry is an expression of who we are, and I love your blog Ka.. in all its elements..
    For we are all not just one thing.. But we are many entwined, expressing, learning, growing..

    Wishing you well in what ever form you post .. Because you do so from the point of LOVE..

    Hugs and Blessings dear Ka.
    Love Sue xxx ❤

    1. I loved hearing from you here, Sue! 🙂 Your saying this, “For we are all not just one thing.. But we are many entwined, expressing, learning, growing..” is so natural and true to the process of form moving through time/space and beyond it even! These expressions of our lives can be a sweet surprise, too! Your heart here with mine, too. I am grateful. Thank you xoxo Ka

  6. I would say that there is something other, out there, and that the planets and the stars do inevitably impact on us – but maybe it is the interaction of this as well as all the other systems that make each day, our lives, what they are. I would like to really believe in astrology (and I did have my chart done once and it was astounding what a complete stranger said to me about my life) but still I have this nagging doubt…

  7. Check out the book, “The Code” by Thomas Poppe and Johanna Pauger (sp? on Johanna’s name) as a totally awesome complement to astrology. It will blow your mind!

  8. Ka, I am a Leo too! I think we are always evolving and finding out new pieces of ourselves.. And since you understand this, you will be looking to achieve more of “you,” the unique self that is comfortable just “being.” Perhaps you will come back to astrology at some point but for now I wish you all the best with your pursuits, including poetry writing. I believe when we are “all in” mentally, spiritually, and physically, then we will have the determination to reach our goals, no matter the challenges. Sending love ❤

    1. Thank you, Christy! ❤

      I agree that we are always unfolding and showing up with new ways of expressing, as we go along in our days we recover and reveal new aspects of ourselves. Beingness is so important, and I look forward to seeing what shows up. Being "all in" is very much how we can be at peace with ourselves, too, I think. I am grateful for your comment here, and your sending your kind and loving thoughts my way. It's nice to connect with another Leo Sun here, too! Wishing you a beautiful evening and a wonderful week ahead 🙂 xo

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  10. Well written piece, and I agree with you (mostly 🙂 – when I meditate I get great insights into astrology and come up with blog posts for my blog). With Aquarius Rising and a strong Uranus, it is natural that you will continue to move and grow and shift and reinvent yourself as a person, and investigate new and exciting areas of life. Personally, I have moved from saying “Oh, I have a Pluto or a Saturn transit coming up; this and this and this is likely to happen” and come to realise that I very much create my own reality with my thoughts and attitudes and mental pictures. So how does this truth mix with a transit affecting me? It determines whether I will take the ‘high road’, or the ‘low road’ inside the influence of a particular transit. Too many people have forgotten that the stars only incline, they do not compel, and have become ‘victims’ of a transit.

    1. Hi Wizron!
      Thank so you much for coming by and leaving a comment, and now we’ve discovered one other 🙂 I appreciate your compliment on my writing. Thank you. Also, I can understand how you receive insights through meditation! I’m so glad that you brought that up. Meditation is amazing for so many reasons. Yes, by what you write, I can see we share many of the same thoughts on the subject of astrology and the power of meditation. Wishing you an enjoyable rest of your weekend.
      With care, Ka

  11. Yes, Meditation is a fascinating topic in itself. As I meditate, in astrological terms I see/feel myself going from Uranus (higher mind) to Neptune (formlessness), to Pluto (death, rebirth and creation itself) and beyond……….out into the great beyond. And yet, here I am, within myself, present on many levels and dimensions at once (Chiron). Thanks for the good wishes Ka, and same to you.

    1. Thank you, Wizron! I really have enjoyed our connecting and look forward to reading and sharing more 🙂 P.S. Chiron is either aspecting or the planets are aspecting every major planet in my natal chart. It’s also very strongly placed in a grand cross formation. Your words are music to my ears!!! 🙂

  12. Maria

    Really love and appreciate your post. I’m also starting an astrology blog, but I wanted to make it fun. I often time feel more connected to people through astrology. Feeling like I can learn about them deeply. I like how you added for now 🙂 hopefully you come back to the astro community. Love.

    1. Hello Maria!

      Thanks so much for visiting and I wish you well on your new blog! Yes, make it fun!

      Yes, I am never actually ‘not with’ the astrological community – as it is concurrently a main aspect of my life and way of ‘seeing’ you could say. My astrological community is rooted in person with my local astrological groups. I agree with you that astrological kinship is quite deep 🙂 I’m especially glad that you enjoyed my post, as it was a thought process about which I was developing the language for, for a while, and then became manifest in this post.

      I so appreciate your lovingkindness here and your positive energy! Thank you for connecting. Hopefully I can continue to create interesting content whatever the topic or form of its delivery! I am grateful for readers like you.
      With Love, Ka

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