You go ahead and try

You go ahead and try –

to stop creation, !
she’s got kick and spunk,
she’s hyperaware !
keen vision of the mind and heart.
earthly, too.

green tendrils quickly unfurling,
spreading the land.

she’s thought of every move
you might make,
before you –
even felt the urge.
before you even noticed that there was
wind blowing,
and in what direction.

that woman has all the chutzpah
and the hardcore roots of new life inside
of her.

Are you kidding me?

Is she going to wait for a
bigger fish, to say,
“okay – your time has come, and I
give you permission to rock and roll,
go ahead, be your bad ass self?”

One day, you’ll deliver this thing, lady!

Girl, that baby is safe and secure.

She’s yours, forever. I am so glad that I had
the tiniest little, itty bitty role in your
major motion picture.


Β©2017 Ka Malana

16 thoughts on “You go ahead and try

  1. I’m all riled up, Ka! I loved this piece! We humans can say what we want, be as sophisticated as we desire, but Creation is already loose–the horse out of the barn!–in the open field, striding past the outermost furlong pole at the edge of being, kicking up colors and dreams in the faces of all who would follow her!


    1. Hi David –
      Yes. This poem was partly inspired by one of our patients who is pregnant. It’s a different tone that I was providing, and hope you liked the poem. I felt that the poem stood on its own without a whole lot of explanation. I enjoy the readers’ ability to create πŸ™‚
      K – ❀

  2. Oh that creation gal, she sure does have spunk! Yesterday I was penning a short story and it was like it oozed out of my fingertips onto the keyboard and I was simply the vessel by which it did so. Now I understand the creativity gal was behind it πŸ˜‰ Great poem, Ka ❀

      1. Oh – you will definitely like it. He does have amazing topics on there.
        It seems like we are always catching up, somewhere, right? I’m just so grateful that my
        sleep has been good… even in the middle of being very stretched for time! I appreciate your
        words about your nap under a tree – it really made my moment! πŸ˜‰ Best wishes for another lovely day
        for you. Thank you, always, for your support here!

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