be gentle


while connecting with nature,
the human wanders in, through the
eye on the stone.

goddess hasn’t spoken with
feathers in a whiles,
she prefers the nudges
to strong declarations,
the gentle tears,

to the deluge.

her anger need not be so wrathful,
her transformation not so ultimate.

there are gentle ways to call in
changes, and changes do not need to be
dramatic, nor colorful, to be effective.

let the subtle speak more today.

11 thoughts on “be gentle

  1. Hey Ka, Namaste 🙂

    Tender is your heart dear Ka….your sweet Goddess with feathers, she must be a great comfort to you as she leads you gently into the Shell where Lady Cuttlefish waits with razors primed 🙂 You can run but you cannot hide 🙂 But seriously, you’ll be fine, I am only teasing bwahahaha! 🙂

    You recall we mentioned yesterday how we appeared to have a sort of a connection…well curiously, and without a word of a lie, yesterday I found an ‘all seeing-eye’ necklace on the pathway into work in the morning. How curious you chose to have one pictured here as well And for this poem in particular 🙂 Love it when that sort of thing happens. It’s crazzzzzy but true :).

    Namaste 🙂


      1. Hey dear Ka, Namase 🙂

        😀 Laugh now whilst you still can…and then look forward to setting that smile to ‘H’ for H-Y-S-T-E-R-I-A lol 🙂 Bwahahahaha!

        Thank you! Have a wonderful week!

        God Bless. Namaste 🙂


      2. Dear Dewin,

        All your blessings are all the same! Well-meaning. Your mad-scientist-Bwahahaha and already knowingness is quite amusing to me. Are you writing the story of my life all by yourself? That magic pen transcends beyond your realm? I wish you a wonderful week, too! All the same blessings back to you, a thousandfold! Goddess bless and Namaskar


      3. Thank you dear Ka 🙂

        I’m always touched and warmed by the blessings you send…it must be the sweetest well of Love from which you draw and shower your blessings. Thank you 🙂

        Do you remember the blog you posted on the Singing Cricket? 🙂 If honest, I found it very endearing as an impression of you…and that has always stayed with me. Silent you are still and focused, deeply connected to Spirit, when singing you are golden with happiness: that is the Zen in you, the Moon of Lady Kentauroi Ka 😉

        My magic pen?! Tell no-one else Ka what we know, or they’ll all want to know the secret of the Black Magic Ink bwahahahaha!

        Transcending beyond our realm…hmm, maybe that the next stop for words? Do you know the way to Babylon?

        Goddess Love and Peace be with you always.

        Namaste 🙂


      4. Thank you, Dewin for being part of this ‘our’ realm with my many loved ones, and my Mr. Ka. Also, you are welcome!

        I remember said Cricket, and crickets are a regular around here. There’s one that won’t stop singing on our roof every night as of late! Maybe Hamlet is there with him. Thank you for your vision and memory, Dewin. Also Chiron, as a suggested name for the styrofoam head, that I no longer use, but is still presently collecting dust and informing me. I have graduated to real needles for about a year-ish now. My time eludes me presently, and transcending beyond our realm….

        The way to Babylon is…

        Very close. That shared ink is ever near.

        Aloha dear Dewin, Happy channeling, creating, and designing! May Merlin guide you with his whizzy waze and gaze upon your page.


      5. Indeed, upon occasion when you discarded the styrofoam head, one imagines quite correctly the name of the ‘characteristics of the name transferred to you: hence, Lady Ka of Kentauroi.

        Thank you for sharing ink, drawing mind maps, and bringing the chirp of a cricket to me in your reply. You must be deliriously happy to have so many singing upon your roof.

        I love the flourishing whizz of the weave woven in your wave signing off your comment…it shimmers as would a party in the stars.

        Nos da. Namaste 🙂


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