across time (and space)

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Photography and writing by Ka Malana ©2017

winds of change
blow in every direction
but one direction keeps
moving us forward,


today we meditate on changes
and recognize that
which has not changed,

and never will

for all the flowers we
are connected with

are united,
across the many geographies.
Time brings us together
and separates us again and

Let us appreciate every moment!

My book was published, and it’s a lovely book.

“One way poetry connects is across time. . . . Some echo of a writer’s physical experience comes into us when we read her poem.”
― Jane HirshfieldNine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry



16 thoughts on “across time (and space)

  1. Hey Ka, Namaste 🙂

    Softly-focused delicately coloured magnificent. The poem also a pleasure to view, thank you.

    Hoping all is well and life is a peach on a beach with a tall cool glass of refreshing sunshine close to hand.

    Until next time the wind blows me this way, take care in all ways always.

    Love and Peace in Words and Deeds, Namaste Ka 🙂


    1. JoAnna,
      When you told me that my poems make you think and wonder in new directions, (and then the wisdom in the Entirety of your comment about answers and questions repeating) I couldn’t believe how fortunate I am to be blogging beside you, and sharing in this Time Flow! You understand so well, and I appreciate your open, creative mind! I started your book, btw, and I hope that my busy daily “off blog” plate clears by end of December, so I can dive in more and finish books. Though I do enjoy the bits and pieces I’ve read to begin with! I’ve also got a couple of others bloggers books, plus a huge stack of library books and of course, alllllll of my grad school materials which is another topic entirely! I’ve never felt more overwhelmed and simultaneously happy. Ever.
      Much Love,

      P.S. May time be on our sides, and appreciation for all that we receive from grace….always in our hearts ❤

      1. Thank you so much for this beautiful message and for reading my book! I understand very well about having so much to read. I have stacks of books and and quite a bit on my kindle. May time be on our sides and may we be gentle with ourselves in the process.

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