Detachment from using the “mind” to perceive consensus

Oftentimes we are fooled into believing, from our thoughts, that we are capable of perceiving consensus reality or society. Sometimes we even believe that via polls and surveys, or quantifiable measurements from participating members of society, we are obtaining useful information about consensus reality. The thing is that our society, our marketing industry, and so forth, seems to only be able to reach the participating members: those who are vocal, decisive, etc. What about those who are reasonably silent on many issues, or haven’t contributed to the defining of issues? Maybe responders don’t perceive the time being available for responding, or maybe potential responders are still collecting more information. I think there’s a real need in our society for more people taking their time, and focusing on ‘being-ness.’ So this is not a critique. It is merely a reflection.

I do not believe that our feedback systems are perfect, or even near-perfect; and I don’t want to get roped into believing that the information available is often 1). Complete 2). obtainable 3). reproducible 4). empirically useful.

These are just some thoughts, and it is the thoughts and the transient passing of thoughts that change, as perceptions and what is observable changes.

As Mercury has gone retrograde, and though I “participate” in astrology (to a lesser extent currently) I still feel influenced by thinking in a different, perhaps more Saturnine way (likely thanks to the conjunction with Mercury at this Mercury retrograde’s actual retrograde start). I think the thought processes, and the perceptual biases must always be acknowledged and reflected upon. The thing I am most skeptical about right now, is being able to perceive a consensus society/reality. Oftentimes I detach from astrology, because it is perceived to be “all about the interpretation.” Well, I think astrology is really about the reflection and the observation, foremost.

For the rebellious among us, we often think we know which consensus norms we are transcending/defying/ignoring….

If we truly believe that we are all unique individuals, living in unity (by virtue of our obvious togetherness on the planet), can we honestly trust ourselves, that with the tools available – all the tools – we can perceive or rightly observe what is consensus? I do not think we can. I think we can estimate, and I think that we can use all our senses to get a partial, non-whole picture…

I think it’s important to acknowledge our perceptual limitations.

6 thoughts on “Detachment from using the “mind” to perceive consensus

  1. Your Aquarius Rising is showing Ka! (and so is Uranus, which is the higher octave of Mercury the measurer). When we observe ‘consensus’ too often, we end up perpetuating it, instead of coming from that unique place within us that might eventually actually create some sort of consensus. “The measurers” go through life measuring, instead of creating from ‘being’. For me personally this applies largely to the transits in astrology. If a Pluto or a Saturn transit comes along, some astrologers will virtually cast the outcome in stone, but I don’t believe that. I believe that we personally create what happens to us in our lives, but I will concede that the transiting planets can be a “tweakable influence” within that process.

    1. You really said this well, Wizron! ‘”The measurers” go through life measuring, instead of creating from ‘being.'” The idea that the very action of making the measurements are perpetuating what is observed rather than bringing, perhaps, something unique & new to the surface. I appreciate your replies here. I think advocating for free will is really important, because it allows for us to be responsible for what we create. I do not like to take this idea too far, however, because i believe also that people do not ‘all the time’ choose their fates – that is, in fact, one of those questions about “how much.” I like to leave open and not specifically suggest a measurement. I like your language of saying that the transits can supply a “tweakable influence.” here πŸ™‚ We could offer, also, that the higher self and the Great Spirit makes influences upon how the transits affect us and how we respond to them as well. Again, I like keeping the inquiry open and I feel in love with the mystery of it. Thank you for your thoughtful reply!

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