Traversing the Wheel


I’ve been recovering as I’ve been in the hospital this last week. This is what ‘unexpected’ experience the eclipse brought me. My own patients were doing very well the last I saw them, and I missed seeing them last week as I was in the hospital for myself. It made me happy when my “team” let me know that I was missed, and I felt all the love from family and friends, and strangers. Now, I am catching up on school work/work and making decisions that are best for me, so I have no further complications. I appreciate all your love.

Wishing everyone a Happy belated Year of the Dog!

15 thoughts on “Traversing the Wheel

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Hey Ka!
    Happy New Year! Dog…just the word makes me smile.
    I really hope you are healing well, and learning whatever needs to come through.
    Love and Healing Light!

    1. Hi Mary –
      Thanks so much for the well wishes! It seems like the learning
      has been a bit too much lately, and really, it’s not very solid or reliable.
      So! I suppose I’ll satisfy myself with the appreciation of what other people can do, learn,
      overcome, and create. The human being is an amazing experience; and for many of us,
      the suffering might just be recurrent, until we say “uncle” again, and again, and again: without any actual, definite lesson.
      I choose hope.
      Aloha, Ka

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