Has it really been 7 years, already?

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Above is the link to my first ‘ever’ WP blog post. I wasn’t able to re-blog it since I already re-blogged it once – and the button didn’t work. The post I wrote is about astrology and consciousness, meditation, etc…

Since then, so much has changed, and then again, so much hasn’t. Meeting wonderfully kind and talented people has been the best part of the experience.
Sometimes I think I am standing still because I watch so many people in the blog world develop in leaps and bounds – so much talent and with increasing expertise and sophistication. Many people come to visit and introduce me to all the wonderful things they are doing on their blogs. I’m better for it. My world is not small and self-contained. It is ever expanding outward – while I work to keep the base at home.

I’ve found that I’ve sort of lost my impulse and reason for blogging, but that didn’t stop me. Every time I’ve been motivated or inspired to blog, I do it. I didn’t set out to be a writer, or a poet. I never planned on sharing my sporadic artistic creations. It just sort of happened. I didn’t actually know that I was going to write a book and publish it in 2017: Art for Art.
I never anticipated that I was going to be sharing so much of myself, and experiencing whatever resulted from that. It was a big thing for me last year, and it’s strange that my book is now in the past. For all my life, my book was in my future.

An aside, at a Gangaji retreat I met another poet and took his suggestion to slightly adjust the name of my book’s title. The original was “Art for Art’s Sake.” Not to be confused with the Japanese beverage. 🙂

So many times, I wonder why I still blog – except for the satisfaction in knowing that I’ve made a home here. I’m not marketing or selling anything, and so that makes it strange to blog (never been good at presentation). I haven’t created a show, or a series or drummed up interest in my cause, or a common cause. The part of me that was inspired to “get myself out there” left long ago. Replaced has been the inspiration to find what’s going on inside, get through my days, and rebuild the part of me that is exuberant and ready – the part that is always here.

So that’s that. That’s my anniversary message. It’s not all shiny and flashy, it’s just what it is ~ another day, and not another dollar. I’m not going to force the celebration, but I am going to acknowledge.

25 thoughts on “Has it really been 7 years, already?

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Congratulations on 7 years! Wow! I am grateful you are still here, and that I had the good fortune to meet you and get to know you some. Hopefully more as we go. You are such a special blogging pal, and I look forward to more connecting.
    Peace and much Love,

    1. Yes, 7 years! Looking forward to all the years ahead, and appreciating all the ones that have given us the opportunity to be here and encounter one another, and share our spiritual practices! Feeling the peace and love and with much gratitude, Ka

  2. 7 years , wow! I am glad we met here and met here ( Phila). We have grown and endured much together and separately. I know my life is better for our connection,

    much love,

    1. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years. I’m glad we met blogging and had the opportunity to share a meal together when I happened to be visiting near your location. Yes, I think we’ve both been through many changes since blogging, and having the astrological, ‘shared,’ Aquarius Ascendant connection. Thank you for your comment and support here, Linda. Love and wishing you very well, Ka

  3. Congratulations on this milestone! I think we all lose our motivation for blogging at some point but yours sounds like it comes back in spurts, which is when you post. I’m glad you’re keeping this blog as so many of us enjoy your updates xo

    1. Christy, your presence here is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing in this milestone with me. It’s true that motivation comes and goes, and I think so does direction where I want to take this blog. I enjoy its organic quality – the experience of freedom; and, I still see that the original inspiration is intact. I love that Spirit guides me in this! Also, astrologically/symbolically, Uranus will be moving into Taurus in May 2018 for 7 years. I started my blog when Uranus entered the sign of Aries. Taurus comes after Aries in the zodiac, and this represents a progression. Uranus rules Aquarius (which is my natal Ascendant – and I am the author of this blog). I see another period of 7 years that will have its own “flavor.” It’s a neat way to visualize it, not knowing in advance exactly what it will look like, but having a ‘sensation’ for it. I am curious to see what time will reveal! I have ideas, but reality is always far more interesting. Thanks again so much for your support, Christy! xo Love and happiness, Ka

  4. This anniversary message is way better than flashy. It’s real. It’s also an affirming relief that we can just blog for whatever reasons. Glad you’ve found a home here. ❤

    1. Thanks JoAnna ~ ❤
      Authenticity is a word I hear a lot, walking that walk can be awkward and result awkwardly, but I'd like to roll with 'it' and give 'it' a chance. Agree – I love that we can blog for whatever reasons, and I find that affirming as well. Thank you for being happy for me, and for visiting and leaving me a sweet message!

  5. It is amazing how things change isn’t it, Ka? Blogging has certainly brought me into intersections with some amazing people, yourself included. That is gift and blessing in and of itself. I enjoy not needing it to be about a cause! Or about trying to fix the world or something. Expressions from the heart move us closer to our truth, and so maybe together we’re a web of being holding a particular strand of light just so upon this world… 🙂


    1. Yes, things change, and perhaps even more amazing to me is that there really is ‘development’ and ‘growth’ happening in all of this. Yes, “blogging without a cause,” perhaps, as I chuckle to myself, that’s it; and it’s interesting when consciousness reveals to us what is possible to discern about ourselves and others, experiencing awareness more clearly through the process of writing, reading, and interacting –holding a space on the internet. I really enjoy the delicate description you wrote about our expressions from the heart as “a web of being holding a particular strand of light just so upon this world… 🙂 ” Interestingly it reminds me of the Maypole, and the symbolism of weaving. We used to do the maypole in our elementary school gym class. It was a lot of fun. I didn’t realize this, but apparently this ancient practice used to be done around a live tree. That seemed like an aside, it was a bit of an interesting progression of thought. I’m glad that I think we’re going somewhere, even as parts of ‘who we are’ get deconstructed and re-mixed. 🙂

      Well, thank you so much for your visit, I really appreciate your support, your presence here, and so glad that we have made our connection because of this ‘place.’

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