6 thoughts on “The Reality of Chronic Pain

  1. I have yet to watch the video’s Ka.. but can totally relate to chronic pain and fatigue as an FMS sufferer which for most parts is healed, but when it was at it height.. I knew about it..

    Sending healing thoughts dear Ka, if you are suffering.. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers xx

    1. Hi Sue,
      I remember your saying about your FMS and so glad that you are mostly healed. After treating patients with acupuncture and massage in our free senior’s clinic this term, and with the ebb and flow of my own pains, I found both these videos to be good for confronting what many people experience. I’ve overcome a lot and sometimes I am “caught” and either energetically processing something in my field, or in that hazy state of unknown and serving and allowing “it” to move through. Sometimes I’m dealing with unresolved issues from within. Academically and professionally, pain is always on my mind these days. I look forward to freeing my mind in a couple of years, but I took a slow path – and sometimes am not sure I will or even want to “graduate.” As a Reiki Master Teacher, I’m the one being taught. So what is the hurry? Energy is my teacher. Anyways, I’ve been having a wonderfully therapeutic weekend, nourishing and focusing on just myself – was gifted from a healer I’ve been following for a little over 7 years a new process. Wishing you the same my friend, and yes, I am also suffering, too. Even though I have healed a lot and recovered much, I am experiencing a resurgence of pain. During times when so much political ideology is really hurting people, I think it’s important to remember that people are suffering more than and equal to many of us and just on a basic day-to-day. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Much aloha, Ka

      I take comfort in our shared experience and the joy that will always be present.

      “The first noble truth of the Buddha is that when we feel suffering, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong. What a relief. Finally somebody told the truth. Suffering is part of life, and we don’t have to feel it’s happening because we personally made the wrong move. In reality, however, when we feel suffering, we think that something is wrong.” Pema Chodron, from “When Things Fall Apart: Heart advice for difficult times”

      1. I still have regular Acupuncture and usually it is a great help. My daughter practices Reiki and I was a Spiritual Healer. And understand that at times we allow our own auras to open and take on board that which is not ours,
        So I wish you well Ka in finding the source, for me I know too lots of layers were in need of peeling back.. And events of the world just helped to trigger deep emotions that needed to be cleansed..
        I am healing, but taking things slowly, nurturing myself more, and not taking on guilt that I am not catching everyones posts..
        Thank you for this beautiful and meaningful reply Ka…
        Buddha knew a thing or two 🙂
        Love and Blessings and wishing you a Peaceful Pain free Easter weekend and beyond xx

      2. Hi Sue –
        I’m so glad that acupuncture helps you! Yes, Pema is a wonderful channel for Buddha…. if i can say that..

        I love how there are so many techniques and styles available to help people, and ourselves. I learn new techniques all the time, a lot of times initiated by own needs (which has included, my family, friends, and patients). Acupuncture is special, I never know exactly what technique I’ll be using with others. For now, it’s mostly been acupuncture and needing to make a lot of personal internal adjustments as I am in the last segment of my program, but I am also considering taking another break. Last week I left class early because everyone was incredibly sick and coughing and you could just tell, they had had enough, but they keep going, and spreading. Nothing wrong with that, and nothing wrong with finding and following your own path. My last break enabled me to bring back with me some wonderful energy. It’s an endurance and health challenge to be in such a school, truly. With so much light: shadows showing and getting healed. For me, it’s that natal Leo North Node/Sun conjunction, perhaps, that brings me away into myself, and turning within – and maybe all that light shows my shadow ::Gasp::

        Empathy is powerful. Compassion is necessary. I love the field I am in, and completely respect how amazingly talented all my fellow acupuncturists and healers are! My heart expands daily in your presence.

        Yes, dear, don’t take on any guilt, there is no need. Blogging is not an obligation. It’s a fluid landscape. We all support one another even if we don’t show up all the time, every time. You always seem to show up and really lend your heart. After all, we are sharing with each other, and I tend to catch your blog, especially as I know how self-nurturing you are. We can’t be at the same pace with everyone all at once, honoring our unique process in our similarities. As much as we share, we are all on our own precious journeys! I find that we are usually not the judge of how we are actually doing! We can’t see it. Our ego is not gonna let us see. — there is that knowing that you speak of on your blog. I love all my sisters, all of them (and my brothers) there’s no way I could keep up with all of you.

        Thank you for sharing your beauty here, and touching me with your words. My Easter/Equinox/Passover/etc!!!! was wonderful in all the ways it could be – exactly as it is/was.

        Much Love, Ka

      3. Wishing you well with your studies and wonderful Energy work what ever form it is you focus upon, I Know it will be so beneficial to those whom you help.
        And thank you for that piece of advice, I needed I think to hear that.. Its been a few days again since I logged into my blog, and so many wonderful responses waiting..
        I still do not feel ready to integrate fully back into blog land just yet..

        The weather picked up yesterday, my first day in the allotment this year, I so needed to feel the earth beneath my fingers again.. And although my body is protesting the exercise, my spirit is replenished for the tasks.. So while the weather is clement we are busy working away trying to catch up with planting potatoes and pruning along with tidying up and hoeing last years winter digs..

        This afternoon I am catching up with comments that have been pending far too long..
        So thank you dearest Ka.. It is wonderful to be within the ‘Sisterhood’ and Brotherhood’ of like minded souls..
        Love and Blessings and have a beautiful weekend to come.. ❤

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