“I am the alarm clock in your dream”

“The only thing that seems to separate you from me, is ‘my’ idea of you.”

I’ve been following Mooji since the late 2000s. This Mooji Satsang strikes (and resonates with me) as the clearest Mooji communication I’ve heard to date. He talks about how people get trapped in the spiritual ego and how the ego takes the journey with us, but we can pay it no mind. When he talks about ‘presence’ here, the energy is so clearly felt and experienced, we know ~ that’s where we are, embracing it: confirmation, encouragement, inspiration. A man talks about peeling a banana and how the whole energy of the universe is there! We disappear, and energy provides everything! Then, how bananas are back to normal.

Experience where it’s no longer a phenomenal [ephemeral] thing. “Enjoying the perfume of the Self.” Yet, you aren’t plugged in so deeply, to what is going on – impact isn’t strong. “It’s a beautiful detachment or space that must be honored.”

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6 thoughts on ““I am the alarm clock in your dream”

  1. Thanks Ka. I enjoyed the video with Mooji. He holds the space with a nice presence and reminds we are right here, now if we can drop the ideas and realm of mind. It was nice to return home. Namaste.

    1. Hello Brad,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the video. Thank you so much for your comment letting me know. Mooji is special and I’ve been drawn to his way of expressing this universal message for some time. I have an inkling from what he and others say that maybe the false ideas can just be ‘there’ happening but with self-inquiry, and awakening awareness, the volume on them just gets turned way down, more and more, so that the essence of the lived, loved life – the eternal Self – becomes more and more the focus of our awareness, so that we can be truly free. It’s an aspiration worth everything. Aloha my friend 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend.

      1. That sounds like a good perspective Ka. I also heard Mooji say that if we’re centered in our being, the mind becomes a faithful puppy, not the loud monster most of us face. 🙂

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