Playing God Word Collage

Play turns into Practice
And from practice, valuable skill
And from valuable skill, pleasure.

Some would say the pleasure
Comes first. Who are they?
Sufi friends I’m pointing at you.
Glory be to God and to You as God. Spin, Spin…

We don’t know who is doing it all
We just see it happening, and
Wonder: “What the happening?”

Or, WTF.

Mooji says, “Who is aware of this ‘I’ that is
Watching form and phenomena?”

We drool, we scream. We draw blank stares.
We struggle with words different from our
Native language.

We choke on tears, throw fits
And laugh over those same stories that
Make the tears, transformed.

Quick. How can that happen so fast?
So big to so little, so little to so big.
Nothing into something and then into
Nothing before a baby’s first swallow,
On any given day.

Who is this
One who notices the noticing?

Where is ‘time’ in sound? “Sita Ram… Sita Ram..”

There are metaphors about skies.
And blank screens. There’s some creativity
But mostly all end up singing in praise
Or waiting in line to do it, to dropping down
At the feet of God. Again and again, forever.

Pointing and shouting to Shiva. I see you! Hah-ha!
Go and hide and we’ll seek again. ::wink::
God is the name I made for me to keep me busy
Playing: Who’s next?

Note for readers: I wrote this poem following my 7-day silent retreat with Mooji
via broadcast from Monte Sahaja, Portugal

21 thoughts on “Playing God Word Collage

  1. So much food for thought, thought that I’ve thought before, but which needs thinking again. It seems to come around and around, telling us if we miss the boat the first time, it will come around again, to pick us up.

    There’s so much more thoughts to think from this. Thank you, as ever, you are my inspiration!


    1. I agree that this premise “Who am I?”, “Who is watching this watcher?” in self-inquiry, an advaita practice, is not original. Perhaps it was one of the first original thoughts. Isn’t it interesting how what Mooji’s pointing to (and this lineage, really, by Ramana Maharshi, points to… ) is about the process of questioning as a tool in and of itself. The answer is not the goal. The question is the WAY. This is an important and helpful distinction to make! Oh, Fim, so glad to have you here!

      Love and Blessings,

  2. Hello Ka!

    Your first line echoes an idea in A Course of Love so perfectly, I thought I would share it. It is the idea that as we unfold into fully authentic expressions of ourselves, “You are all aware, at least at times, that there are treasures that lie within you. What was once regarded as treasure, such as a talent that was in need of developing, when realized, is often disregarded thereafter as a treasure and becomes instead something regarded as an ability and later as simply part of your identity. This is what we are going to explore in this Treatise. A treasure that you do not as yet recognize is going to be recognized. Once recognized it will begin to be regarded as an ability. And finally, through experience, it will become your identity.”

    I equate pleasure as the acceptance of true identity, or the full-flowering of the treasures within, and see many parallels here. The Mooji-ACIM/ACOL connection continues! Ha!


      1. Thank you, Ka. Enjoyed the video very much and think I have a better understanding of the ACIM-Mooji overlap now! Ha! Though of course, it is one facet of the everything-everything overlap isn’t it!? Mooji and Amy were great.


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