Home is Where I LIVE. Happy Earth Day!

Me and Matt Kahn

Currently I’m bubbling up with the perfect happiness of anticipating my future travels, of endings and beginnings, and of the continuous flow. I expect ups and downs as the natural framework. Even there are times when I experience ’emptiness’ at points of achievement or success. I’ve come to become more accepting of these times.

Recently I completed a major milestone in my acupuncture studies with completing my first set of comprehensive exams. This was 10hrs + of testing following my final exams.  It’s a long journey, but the way I am doing it, it puts my spirituality and my living ‘beingness’ at the forefront.

Recently, I’ve had a lot of updates with my technology. These were near-mandatory updates due to malfunctioning equipment. Luckily, I got my phone replaced for free and only lost some data. Pre-Merc. Retro shadow. I think I have it mostly squared away now. Anyways, being away from the hustle and bustle of the net created the appropriate space for me to rest and recuperate – to return to the fullness of my own experience. My yoga practice feels deeper, my sense of presence feels renewed. Nature walks are more vibrant. The presence of in my toes, renewed! The breath is deeper, and returned.

Also recently, I completed the final installation of my Munay Ki rites and I’m integrating all these changes, and growing these seeds. I do not feel upset with my pace. I feel just fine; after a certain amount of energy work, the openings have different flavors, and I wouldn’t want to miss any aspects of these nuanced discoveries, however many times around!

My fire-breath practice (for regular readers) has been renewed again as well.

So where is Fiestaestrellas in all this? Where is the astrology?  Last week I attended an excellent presentation on sunset charts by Arthur Chadbourne. He’s a 3rd generation astrologer who has been working with a lineage since his great grandmother went to India and adapted her astrological teachings for the West. His presentation was enjoyable. I reflect back on the astrological book that I was going to write a few years ago, and I am feeling glad that I did not.  Mr. Chadbourne made a point of mentioning that Demetra George, among other authors tend to grow beyond their first several books and then look back and say, “Hey, I didn’t understand it then, now I do,” or something like that. After lunch with Mr. Chadbourne and fellow astrologers, Mr. Chadbourne gave me a hug and said “thank you for contributing.”  I’m not sure that I did contribute, or whatever he meant, but I do know this: People rarely understand me when I speak!  I felt like I was in company with my soul family, as usual.  So, if I didn’t understand him, well – that really meant something! Oh, we are both Leos!

Aside from some poetry here and there, I see Fiestaestrellas.com’s original function in astrological information is on hiatus. In place of that, there may be pictures and poems, maybe little token symbols embedded within. There may be nary a sound. I continue to engage in ceremony with every lunar cycle, but I’m tired of writing about it dedicatedly. I stopped doing it for the last couple of cycles. It’s a quieter period for me now. There’s a trillion and one blogs about astrology, anyways.

Soon I have some silent retreats coming up with Gurus that I’ve been following for some time: Mooji, Gangaji… that after I dig into my familial roots in Italy, and then engage with fairy forest lands.

I saw Matt Kahn recently. He hugged my husband and I and told us that we are awesome. I think we also talked about where we live briefly, and that was the extend of our up-close conversation. I even got my photo taken with him! I asked him if I could ‘pose him.’  He said, “Sure!” So we are pictured each giving a “thumbs up,” while my husband snapped the picture. What a journey that was, and what a delight – to share presence and live the truth is very relaxing!

This morning’s yoga class was interesting. My current teacher, Joe, said to me, “The first day I noticed it, you have this energy. It’s really good. I just wanted to tell you that.” I told Joe that I have a home here, in SD. I love that – and I have a home wherever I go, because I am at home in me.

I have no idea what he meant about the energy, but I do know that I’m always thinking: “I love this guy!” He’s so funny, and has been studying all the sacred arts for years and years and is so not pompous about it.

*******    ******   ******   ******   ******  ******  ******  ******  *******  ******

So Cheers! Here’s to my first blog post after a short break, and to the entry into reading yours again. While I’ve gotten my data issues somewhat worked out, I am completely uncertain about how or when I will post while in Europe. So, we’ll just be taking this step by step, Okay?

I LOVE YOU ALL!  ~ See Some of you Soon!

32 thoughts on “Home is Where I LIVE. Happy Earth Day!

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Hey Ka!!!
    Nice to see you!
    Great picture of you and Matt.
    Your silent retreats sound so good.
    I wish I lived near you. I would come to you for acupuncture. How great you are progressing so well! I hope you did well of the testing. Sounds really hard.
    Congratulations on Munay Ki rites!
    Man, you are completing stuff all over the place.
    Your Yoga sounds great too.
    Wow, a lot has happened since we last saw you!
    And by the way, you have such a great smile!!!
    Peace and Love,

    1. Hi Mary!!!!!!
      So nice to see you, too. We are near neighbors – just a couple of states away 😉
      I have a long road ahead of me, 2 more sets of comprehensive exams (although they are changing the program as we speak) and then the boards, both national and state. It’ll be a while yet: years! I feel like I did alright on the comps. Finals went well for sure, for sure. If there’s a comp I need to redo, I’ll do it – but I don’t get my results until I do – just mailed out yesterday, they said. I love them at school, rushing on our behalf to get everything all tallied. Grateful for the work that everyone puts into this medicine. I still feel pretty good about them, but I know nothing! It’s a lot of work, yes. It’s more about the practice than the knowing of anything. Yet, I still need to be reminded of it.

      Thank you, the Munay Ki are amazing. I know I did some of the rites before and it came up that I did during my re-installation. I’ve good guidance on several planes.

      Getting a lot of confirmation on this journey, and wanting to really focus on my practices of breathing and self-inquiry, Atma-vichara, right now. I’ve also relied a lot on mantra again – the day before the comps! It’s amazing every time I return to it, how affective it is!

      Thank you for liking my smile. Did you happen to see this post? https://fiestaestrellas.com/2015/07/11/once-upon-a-time-when-film-was-film/

      Love you lots, xo

  2. Wow have you been busy! I know you will be an awesome acupuncturist, caring and precise. Such maturity regarding progress and pace. I am quite impressed 🙂
    That pic of you and Matt is adorable and I am so glad you had this experience.

    Wishing you peace and grounding as you ride the whirlwinds of travel, silence, and everything else you embark on.

    much love,

    1. Thank you for your confidence in me, Linda.

      Each day is a new day to try and make better decisions. Right now I am still fixing new and emerging tech stuff in my local universe, and looking forward to this adventure into the “unknown.” 😀 : -D 😀

      It’s amazing for every ‘known’ variable (oxymoron) there’s at least 5 or so (just tossing a number out here) unknowns that ask for clarity. With friends like you, so much kindness, and the grace of continuity, all things will keep on.

      It’ll be interesting to navigate this regularly changing course. P.S. I passed ALL my comps! Just got the news today! Hooray, no retakes for Comprehsives 1.

      1. woohoo!, You deserve victory! I had to take comps in my Master’s in Psych program, so glad I passed or I would have had to take an oral test, yuck. May you continue to evolve, grow and achieve mastery ( and clear up tech glitches)

      2. Congrats to you… let those successes reverberate forever, as we renew with each breath our level of commitment to our paths, as whatever form they take is a deeper version of what they have always been ❤ Namaste. Sister! P.S. I was basically on my way to a Psych degree when I was in middle school. Then, I decided, I liked anthropology more, when the long anticipated high-school psych class was cancelled and replaced with Anthro. I loved looking at the mind/body/spirit across cultures thanks to early exposure to Alan Watts and the Tao Te Ching (now referred to as Jing). Though my first set of anthropology classes were not based on that – they were more general. Anywho. Happy Day! 🙂

      3. I also enjoyed cultural anthro in college and sociology I adored. Varied cultures and societies and lifestyles, worldviews, continue to excite and inspire me. I was a world traveler very early on , before I knew it. Another reason to love the uniqueness and unity of you and of we 🙂

  3. Hi Ka, today I drop by a bouquet instead of a petal filled with well wishes for all your adventues! May their sweet fragrance energize you onward! PS there may be a lot of people writing about astrology but each approach is unique… I am grateful for yours ❤

  4. Hi… happy Monday. I’m glad you’re still writing even if it’s here and there – I’ll take it. I’ll go back and read from the beginning. ❤ Very intrigued with all that you are working with – right up my alley.
    Wishing you a great week. Take care.

  5. What an inspiring post, Ka! I love the feeling of your coming home to yourself– the roots you’ve put down and the flowering. It is like witnessing the goddess of spring in action– new life everywhere. It is interesting how our focus changes, our needs change, our blogs change. We are changed by the act of creating I think. Changed isn’t probably the right word. We are deepened by our acts of creation. Made more of. Congrats on the exams and thank you for such a direct transmission of joy!

    Much Joy and Love–

  6. Wow.. Now let me catch my own breath after reading that WONDERFUL update on all you have been up to Ka.. How Brilliant you past your acupuncture exam along your road to practice.. and let me say how much I appreciate my own therapist who works miracles on me..
    Loved SEEing you here 🙂 you can tell you are full of energy and what a privilege photo share 🙂
    Good luck on all of your travels and pursuits I know you will master them all..
    Love and continued blessings upon your journey.

    Love Sue ❤ ❤

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