I will raise my voice

I will raise my voice
my voice inside myself
that will not be contained,
nor constrained.

I will rise within, first.

* * *

I will open my eyes
and see –
restoration will be given to this land;
its promises and potentials
shall be

I will grow a sanctuary, with this vision.

* * *

I will call out to each
and every child confused
about where his parent might
be, at a moment’s notice.

you are seen.
you are loved.

No more school shootings,
No more crazy-cruelty.

I will keep on living until I see a
better world, and that is my defiance.

We are not small, we who are in remembrance
and we who are witnessing…

Ka Malana ©2018

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice Chart

I’m liking the mystic rectangle and the grand trine in this chart. Go ahead and point it out if you’d like. I also enjoy seeing the transiting North Node in Leo conjoining Venus in Leo. I’m offering no interpretations at this time. I’m fresh out of that sort of offering. But I think a picture can be worth more, anyways.

Mercury is in Cancer, my natal Mercury’s home. I’m nearing my Mercury return. It is what you make it. I’m working on that in my own heart/chart, finding my heart, and strengthening it, every day. North Node in Leo, for me, is about finding courage – and that – I am certain of. How many cycles will I need to strengthen my natal Sun? I don’t know…, but I do know that I will keep finding my way in the dark, or in the light – it matters not.


11 thoughts on “I will raise my voice

  1. I feel your plea…and I feel your strength…AND I FEEL YOUR LOVE!!!!!
    Thank you, Ka. You help me to know that we can make a difference…just by BEING!
    Much love, friend ❤

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