7 thoughts on “Building Empathy

  1. Lots to love and integrate with the parts that are comfortable. There were a couple parts he suggested that I initially denied like problems at work since I’m self-employed. Then I visualized my low-tech self sitting at the computer earlier today, highly frustrated with technology and wanting to give up on a task which I’ve taken a break from. I wrapped my arms around her in love. It’s been a while since I said loving things to myself in the mirror. Gonna do that today!

    1. I’m right with you, JoAnna! In my case I had “all the ones” at the ready. They were “ripe,” so to speak, in my emotional body. It’s amazing what we are processing regularly and not realizing it until it hits some threshold of “enough” which may or may not correspond with a particular transit to our natal astro chart. I’m so glad you wrapped your arms around her, and I acknowledge ‘her’ too with love. Have a wonderful day! 💗

  2. In acceptance for every part of ourselves we become whole, and in turn, begin to see the world and others in the same way! Such a great reminder and message Ka and after many many years of practice I’m really just beginning to integrate this way of living. 💕🌈

    1. Yes, Karen, in practicing empathy, and via self-acceptance, we share those boons of our practice with others, especially in the sense that we learn how to really ‘see’ how other is both us and not us – not our projection, and already whole. We have the versatility to witness the huge gamut of “sins” (Leo’s vocabulary in the video) possible on the planet, and we can do it as kindly as existence allows us our experience (referring to how Leo uses the term existence and I had on previous blog posts of my own content, at the end of the video). I feel like Leo explained ‘existence’ really well in terms of ‘not in judgement.’ I really believe we are all whole and just beginning to integrate 💗 into this way of living… like beginner’s mind allows us access to seeing more parts. There’s also a cyclical nature to these processes and my own inner cycle went “ding” : ready, again.

      Thank you for your comment and rainbow 🌈 always. I have an old poem about rainbows and my sisters.

      I think we have hope in processes like these, and in each other. Thank you for your time. 🙂🕊

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