the Struggle is real

No sooner does the fog clear
and the way ahead looks
like – coast clear,
another event and more
unsolved. unresolved.

time out from the rush
of ordinary life is
not enough,

ease and care
and all the right things
done is still sometimes
not enough.

the truth is up and down
and the challenges are real
and enduring.

maybe tomorrow the light
will shine again
and bring us into grace and

transitions are happening,
and asking for relief –

22 thoughts on “the Struggle is real

  1. is not that
    the truth, ka?
    yet, we’re doing something
    about it, right?
    i’m trying to maintain
    my cool as calm requests
    for updated bios
    and firmware
    for the mind
    have, to date
    been rejected 🙂

      1. having allowed the computer
        to infuse itself into my
        mind consciousness, i’m
        starting to sound like one.
        sending a smile for our
        as i sign off 🙂

      2. Sounding like a computer is fine, You can flow in and out of that one, as you are a human after all? Sending a smile back… and watching the bar on the “screen” of my mind as the smile progresses and turns into 1s and 0s and converts into a .gif and there you go: DELIVERED! 🙂 In my mind’s eye! to you, and so, we can share in well-beingness and togetherness.

  2. Life is a moving energy that changes without notice! Your words are very familiar to me Ka, when all you can do is sit with it rather than push it onwards. But It always moves, it always changes. Why do we forget that? Ha 🙄

    1. Thank you, Karen! Thank YOU for being here! It’s true what you say, it always changes , and sometimes we remember that it does, and that’s all part of the resistance, but either way: to sit, attempt to push, or to work out and solve, time marches on, and nothing remains as it was for too, too long. My favorite part about what you wrote is “changes without notice” – how right you are!

    1. Thank you, Pragalbha ~ means a lot ~ your good wishes ❤ Energy and movement is often the experience, and when challenges come, they do also go… as all things filter through the layers, as you say. Sometimes challenges are persistent, so honoring even unpleasantness and finding compassion therein. Thank you dear friend! ❤ Means a lot!

      1. Compassion exactly is the words I agree – I am feeling my own internal transition and you are so right about honoring even the unpleasantness. I am finding so much gratitude for what is clearing out to make space for what is meant to come. Not easy but worth it to stay present. We are all so connected through these processes. You are very welcome.

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