You CAN HEAL your disc herniation without surgery or steroids! — My healing journey

This is my healing journey. These were the words that I wrote in 2014. I don’t have a lot of time to write right now. This isn’t getting the special treatment that it deserves, but my child needs me so I can’t write for very long. I also need to get this out there. To take the next step.

At this point, it has been 7 years. My disc herniated on July 21, 2012. It was my own personal “2012,” 6 months before the Mayan date. It was the end of an old life that was just turning out to be brilliant. And, guess, what, it still is!

However, for me it got re-injured several times, including after I wrote this post below. Re-injuries corresponded to painful times and joyful times, but the re-injuries were definite periods of debilitation. For example, in December of 2012, my back re-injured after my husband and I took a trip to San Francisco to see the Nutcracker. We had so much fun and it was a triumph after months of severe pain and the inability to do much of anything at all – I mean, really. The capacity that I had before the disc injury to afterwards was like “night” and “day.”

I walked a little bit more than I normally did after the Nutcracker, after the injury. Yes, I was in pain the entire time, but it wasn’t debilitating type – it was the “getting better type” and sometimes I didn’t feel any pain AT ALL until the re-injury.

Another time, my disc re-injured when there was a shooting of police officers while I was driving in my car to my college chemistry class, but I was stuck in the car on the traffic-jammed highway for over an hour, due to the shooting.

Finally it re-injured in 2014 after I was on the way home to California, after visiting with my family on the East Coast. I was just telling my husband, “I feel pretty.” We were just beginning to dance together again.

So here I am. I am now healed even more. I had no “re-injuries since 2014” but some week-long episodes of back pain. Back then I was trying very hard to stay positive. Back then doctors would say, “20% never recover” from the disc injury. Well, I wasn’t going to fall into that category. I was determined!

Even though I crawled on airport carpets in pain – had to toss my ice pack because of airport security wouldn’t allow me to have it on the plane. Even though I was on hooked up to my e-stim continuously and had to make flight modifications to try to lay on my side. Even though I once had to lay down on a concrete sidewalk for a few minutes on the way to a massage session because the pain was so bad that it brought me down to the ground in the light of day. I still had an amazing 7 years! I got married, for one, to the most patient man on the planet. I traveled and accommodated and moved through each and every challenge. I enrolled in a graduate program in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, and I wrote a blog about poetry and astrology and barely talked about my difficulties!

Fast forward to now:

This year, I had my baby. During my whole pregnancy, I only had one event of back pain and it was over Thanksgiving 2018. It was in the beginning of my pregnancy and I overcame it (the worst was the fear of it getting worse) – but as my body grew, my pain did not increase. I was even able to do prenatal yoga and resume positions that my body loved so much before the disc herniation, like downward dog and so many other flexion poses – without fear! Did I use yoga to heal myself? Yes! Did I use acupuncture to heal myself? Yes! Did I try absolutely everything, machine and contraption – just about! I tried it.

What really helped me long term: Acupuncture & energy work & exercise & staying as positive as possible. TIME.

When I was deciding with my surgeon whether or not to get surgery, back in 2012, the outcomes from 7 years with conservative treatment vs. surgery were the same. So, here I am: 7 years later – no surgery – all my discs are intact. No discectomy which could have further destabilized my spinal column leading to a fusion, etc, etc. No rods in my back.

I can go to the gym about 3 times a week now, and the walking problem (the walking I couldn’t do – that’s definitely in the past). I’ve been walking. I have been walking for years, again.

I rehabilitated, and in many ways – my inner health is much, much better. One day I might offer more details about my story. But for now, know that if you’ve had a chronic problem for a few years: you don’t have to suffer forever, you can come to the end of the suffering! You can follow the path to the positive outcome!

Also know, that you can renegotiate your relationship with pain, and still create wonderful memories in the midst of some of your worst! I certainly did.

After all, this is part of my journey of “Awakening.”

Of all the blogs I ever wrote. I hope this one gets read the most.

Hey Listen up! I’m here because I got better, and while I was struggling, and for so long (a little over a year), I spent a lot of time looking for hope online. I was reaching for anyone that had had a similar experience, or who had suffered something horrible, and overcame it. My L5/S1 […]

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17 thoughts on “You CAN HEAL your disc herniation without surgery or steroids! — My healing journey

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  2. Having had success with alternative medicine in every case where Western medicine failed me I’m always pleased to hear a story Including “acupuncture” and/or “energy work”, etc. So glad it all worked out so well.

  3. The doctor said, “20% never recover.” I hope that was followed up with 80% fully recover. I believe wholeheartedly with the intentional healing methods you used. Years ago, I had a gynecological condition that my research said had no cure. A combination of biofeedback, Reiki, and sending loving thoughts to my body (instead of resentment) helped me heal in time. The “re-negotiating” our relationship with pain is an interesting concept. I’m making a note to myself to re-blog this post later. I’m so happy for you! ❤

    1. JoAnna, I fully ppreciate your comment and for passing this on!

      It’s hard for me to articulate this, still: I agree we hope that 80% “fully recover” with that understanding of those statistics, though this was not explicit in the literature at the time nor communications. In my case, having been “symptomatic,” which was an understatement, but a normal medical expression, beyond the 3 month acute phase, my trajectory was putting me in the category for the 20% (not recovered) but I have since (after 6 years in many ways) been escaping that….

      My goal is to offer hope to ANYONE in overcoming a condition of pain and suffering that appears to be “Chronic” and in that sense, not having an end date or expiration date on that suffering or pain. My goal is to indicate that there is HOPE. There were many times during those earlier 6 years that I did not know that I was going to overcome it and reclaim my “young” life back!

      1. To say it must have been challenging would be an understatement. When we’re in the middle of pain and suffering, the despair can be overwhelming at times. Thank you for sharing this HOPE that healing is possible!

  4. I can feel your happy dance Ka vibrating out to others, offering hope, optimism and a certain knowing that each is in charge of their chronic outcome! What are we going to believe? Such an important story to share❤️ Happy weekend, much love, Barbara x

  5. It is wonderful to read your journey here Ka.. Self Healing is Possible.. and having that Self Belief channelling our positivism into our bones and body instead of a mantra of woe.. Certainly brings about our own healing much more quickly..
    And like you I understand that Self Healing Journey.. Acupuncture still plays a vital role in my life, as does my positive thoughts..
    Wonderful to read your back didn’t suffer with your pregnancy..
    I know from experience how weak my own back was left after my pregnancies.. So with all you have been through it shows just how Healed you are.. ❤

    Much love dearest Ka.. ❤

    1. Hi Sue! Thanks for your wonderful message. No surprise after I wrote and shared this post, I was given another set of challenges in pain with my back. Fortunately, it gets easier over time, and it doesn’t last as long. Doing my best…. ❤
      Much love, I was thinking of you lately. Continue to Be well ❤

      1. Thanks, Sue! Seems as though I’ve popped up again with renewed wellness – It’s probably all these intense energies of the solstice and eclipse on it’s way that have had me doing a lot of healings for others and needing to expand ever further myself. As I’m sure you know – Healing is MultiFactorial! ❤ xoxo Thank you very much for your added support. I makes a difference. I think it takes a village for each of us – a village of energies and connections, a beautiful seen and unseen community, that supports us on this journey in all its twists and turns.

      2. Wonderful to know Ka, I hope you continue to be healed, and yes, MultiFractorial .. great way of saying it.. We are all linked. Sending continued Love and have a Wonderful First Christmas with you new family… ❤

      3. Thank you, Sue! I didn’t see your message until now. I’m still having problems with my WordPress application, and website login, with reporting comments to me. Technology/healing, as with anything, it’s part of the process – in a changing and dynamically connected environment!

        It’s GOOD to acknowledge how much I Have already healed, and to offer hope to others, as well as to be grateful!

        Merry Christmas Eve to you and your family as well! Such a special time it is for us 💖💖💖

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