First of all

First of all
I’m not gonna ever give up
I’m only going to get better

at the small things.

an entire life can be build
up proud, from the small.
do you know much of a difference
your commitment can make?

a commitment is for the small.
it means you aren’t expecting
any confetti to fly when you
do a thing.

it means, you forget about
reward, because the only
reward, the only real pay-off
is in the doing.

it doesn’t matter what time of
year it is,
or who’s in it with you.

**this was a draft that got published by accident. Too funny for me!

9 thoughts on “First of all

    1. Hi Barbara! I tell you. I am sooo grateful for my life, and every opportunity I have to enact small wisdoms via my expanding consciousness and abilities, brings me even more happiness and joy! Thank you so much for your visit my friend! ♥️ How does it get any better than this? I am in love with this moment. Xo

  1. Dividing big jobs up into small steps has gotten me through many challenges. Those small steps sure add up over time. I don’t think this was an accidental post. It was meant to be what it is: true and comforting.

    1. Thank you! I agree; it turned out not to be an “accident.” I did have to fix the words at the end which were small changes, go figure! I’m all about the small, regular motions/adjustments/continuances. For instance, I returned again to the gym tonight and I’d like to maintain or return to my small progresses there ♥️ (True and comforting! Yes, thank you!)

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