Learning to crawl

Every day is savored;
in its full mix
of babble and spitup
surprise smiles
and sitting up

the music is always on
the rain falls
out the window;
we hear it all

surround sound,

inside, it’s always warm
and we are learning
how to play more, live
more, roll on our bellies,
flip over and study our toys on
our backs

tasting so many new foods
as our brain cells ping
and our taste buds zing
and this is the life,

thee life!

it’s simple and always
available come rhyme or shine,
blowing raspberries and
tasting them too!

10 thoughts on “Learning to crawl

      1. I love the “stirring of the muse” however it happens! So wonderful when we get a spark of inspiration and we follow it as far as it takes us! Let us have so much more of that, please! 🙂 Interesting how you like to revisit your feelings in photos. That strikes me as uniquely you – much enjoyment to you, Brad!

    1. Thank you, Kristen! I’d like to think I’ve cultivated that outlook, in some way. Also, I think it’s been arising much more naturally (more often). I just stumbled upon another gratitude booklet, and day 1 is 10 things I enjoy about the outdoors. I’m on day 2 now… The gratitude practice is a good thing to return to. One of my favorite practices is to wake up and say, “What energy can I be today that will be easy and fun for me and my body?”

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