It’s a thing

The sound of coffee cups

And breakfast plates clinking

The birds in the morning

The hawk from yesterday

She is always by my side, these days,

it seems,

My aumakua πŸ’—

Walk with me shadow,

in the morning

light; my other companion,

as we listen to the piercing cry

of my soaring hawk


and the morning doves with flapping wings

I and you are not alone in this hot world

with Covid threatening

The news is deafening

but my morning walk is peaceful, bright, serene

There are ways to build worlds within worlds

to live inside eggs within eggs

creating safe spaces in these smaller circles

The rabbit hops across the street with grass in her mouth.

filling up with sun and love

When pausing a thought,

The dove flies away,

you know the sound

The bees buzz swelling from pine trees…

that kind of abundance.

***poems while walking***

19 thoughts on “It’s a thing

  1. The pandemic has completely changed our way of life. But when there is love, everything is compensated and it is appropriate to live as a couple.
    Your poem is a reflection of that unexpected situation. I liked it a lot.
    A good week for you

  2. There are things I’ve noticed in these recent months – in my backyard and neighborhood walks – that I might not have noticed before. Worlds within worlds. I love that!

    1. Thank you, JoAnna! Much to my surprise I found this comment was pending and I had no idea! I’m so glad that life is magical for us. The worlds within worlds is the ability to look and be present on various levels abs shifting accordingly. πŸ™‚

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