Ah hah!

I need poetry. Fresh.
no time to heat it
in the kitchen,

right now.

from the refrigerator,
juicy. Now. Poetry ~
so my teeth can sink in
as the juices flow into
a messy moustache
around my mouth.

poetry is consumed
and used for fuel
burned in my middle jiao 🔥
powering the lights
behind my eyes,
the lights that go on when my
eyes close.


that changes me,
adds weight,
fills my stomach
and then sits with a glass of wine
with dynamic flavors

poetry on my fork,
as dessert, and several servings
of annotations.

10 thoughts on “Ah hah!

    1. Thanks, Brad! I’m glad this poem “fed” you in some way. Maybe the muse in me is influenced by the fact that I am enjoying providing food for my daughter, innovating, etc. I love food. I love poetry. Hey, what’s next? I’m looking forward to the next time I get to eat, always! Lol

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