Ah hah!

I need poetry. Fresh.
no time to heat it
in the kitchen,

right now.

from the refrigerator,
juicy. Now. Poetry ~
so my teeth can sink in
as the juices flow into
a messy moustache
around my mouth.

poetry is consumed
and used for fuel
burned in my middle jiao πŸ”₯
powering the lights
behind my eyes,
the lights that go on when my
eyes close.


that changes me,
adds weight,
fills my stomach
and then sits with a glass of wine
with dynamic flavors

poetry on my fork,
as dessert, and several servings
of annotations.

10 thoughts on “Ah hah!

    1. Thanks, Brad! I’m glad this poem β€œfed” you in some way. Maybe the muse in me is influenced by the fact that I am enjoying providing food for my daughter, innovating, etc. I love food. I love poetry. Hey, what’s next? I’m looking forward to the next time I get to eat, always! Lol

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