Recipe for freedom

Focus on acceptance, love, & forgiveness

Develop compassion for the self.
keep filling the empty cups until they
spill over,

sickness: fill
loneliness: fill
darkness: fill
fear: fill
doubt: fill
jealousy: fill
confusion: fill
disagreement: fill

if facing a downward spiral: first step aside, and then step up, and out.

look for a conveyer belt up, follow someone’s smile after really watching them animate and glitter


and then, be sure to add more love and patience to your own cups.

in fact, don’t stop filling your cup with presence, awareness, commitment

We are going through the most challenging times, collectively.

Not in my lifetime have I seen the need to pull together more than ever.

23 thoughts on “Recipe for freedom

  1. Ah! Yes!! We could have been composing our posts at exactly the same time…in the same energy…with the same awareness!! I have missed you but you must know that you enter my energy field often…and I send you energy filled with love and acceptance! Sweet Blessings, dear Ka!! ❤ I hope you are better than terrific!!

      1. Wow, my dear! We don’t use ice in Chinese medicine because for chronic cases we use heat. I hope you are okay, as I am not sure your reason for ice. I trust you are surrounded in white light! 🤗🌸💗 Adding healing vibes your way… Reiki and prayers, my friend…. yes, for us both: today I’ve had some moderate improvement! Love you!

      2. Thank you Ka! I’m fine…just a little overuse. I use heat as well…but have a friend who is a.personal trainer who said you should always finish with ice…So many different theories…I use whatever I intuitively feel at the time. Good thoughts your way…love you too💜

      3. Yes, I’ll be graduating soon, and I stand by my years of education! Also, you know your body. I am not making a recommendation, only expressing what we/I do for chronic flares in a general in a non-individual specific sense. This is never how we treat: generally. Obviously I would not dispense any health info or advice on my blog. This is not my intention nor my mission at this time.

        That said, I know you have good intuition for your needs and self care! Appreciate your heart and well-being Xoxo

      4. I understand😊 I do hope you feel better soon…and congratulations dear friend on your graduation!! How exciting! A lot of time and hard work invested…now you will reap the rewards. Sweet Blessings my friend💜

    1. Yes, Kristen. I think we have to keep filling the cups. Noticing when the cups are empty or low is harder than it appears! But there is fortune to the fact that the job is never done, and it can be tiring on the one hand, but it self-fulfills with the reward of more cups and more abilities to fill them. 💗

  2. Wonderful message! I especially liked: “….if facing a downward spiral: first step aside, and then step up, and out.” It reminded me that when caught in a rip current, one needs to first swim to the side, parallel to the shore, rather than fight the current directly to get out of become free of the pull. For me, going to an ever flowing source of love (God, Nature, etc.) is important to be able to continually add to my own cups and let them overflow. Peace and Blessings to you, Ka.

    1. Thank you for saying so! Yes, I resonate with your reminding thought about instructions for swimming back safely to the shore. It’s amazing how sometimes we have to use our intellect to circumvent our busy raucous minds or whatever creates the spiral, once recognized, so step out of its path before powering ON your motor boat, so to say. The energy is there and want to use it to get out of a mess, instead of further deeper… people in spiral might not realize they have energy.

      I like your description of God and Nature, etc as an “ever flowing source” and I say… yes, can definitely take refuge in that stream!

      Please keep adding to your cups! Peace and blessings back to you 🌸

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