Apricot yums & Cheerpeppers

Bites in the making!
Apricot yums

These are tasty and make a fun and nutrition- packed treat for everyone. My toddler loves them, and I make them differently just about every time. I cook food from my heart, so I basically measure only about 50% of the time. Here’s my creation:

Here’s what’s in them:

Almonds 1 cup

Dried apricots 1 overstuffed cup

Rolled oats 1 cup

Almond extract 1/4 tsp

Goji berries: handful

Dried mulberries: handful

Golden flax: small amount

Unsweetened coconut shreds added during rolling.

So the pictures above are from the batch I made today. They all have different levels of beauty. This might not be my most pristine group of yums, but I know they are yummy and so does everyone who tries them! If I were doing professional food photos, I would have probably been more selective and taken my time and used a filter.

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I signed up for posting daily. I don’t know why. I am already quite busy, and I probably won’t post every day, but it sure seemed like fun to try to make a post everyday about something random. Random is my style for this, I like to have some free flow and no pressure type of activities, so maybe you will see a lot more of Fiestaestrellas in November! WE shall see!

Sign ups are here:


I’ll have to get the banner and come back and paste it on this post, at some other time.

Tis the season for blogging, holidays, fun, and writing! 🧡

17 thoughts on “Apricot yums & Cheerpeppers

  1. Hi Ka! These look so yummy 🙂
    I have often thought about doing one of these challenges…perhaps one day 😉
    I know you are so busy…hope things are going well for you…stay safe ❤

    1. Thank you, Lorrie! This appears to be the way I’m dealing with the “so much,” right now. I’m adding more of the fun of blogging. I hope you enjoy these apricot yums if you try them! All my best wishes your way 💗
      In case you are interested now, you can even sign up for this challenge at any time, just jump in at the link above. It’s a non-pressure sort of thing, and I know you have so much to share! I love your blog! There’s also always next year. Xo

      1. I could look at it like “if not now…when?” but it won’t work this time. And thats okay. I am getting much better at rolling with the waves and not putting extra pressure on myself. That is part of the self-care i afford myself now. I will look forward to your posts 😊 I always do! Stay well my friend…and have fun with the daily nlogging! 💜

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