Cambodia part3: portraits

Portrait of a young girl
Ka Malana Photography
Looking at tourists with friends
Ka Malana Photography

These photos I took in 2001 using my 35mm film Minolta camera, enjoying capturing moments at the temple complex while I deeply immersed myself as an observer.

Photography was a high art for me. I enjoyed developing and processing my own film.

Capturing these authentic moments and photographing the intricate architecture brought me so much joy. I wouldn’t publish these photos if I had taken them recently because I highly respect peoples’ privacy. These children are grown up by now, so I don’t think it’s an issue.

There’s controversy about capturing the photos of aborigine who felt that capturing their image on film was stealing their soul. Consider the photography you see in National Geographic. Was everyone’s permission asked? These are some of the dilemmas and controversies an anthropologist and photographer has had to consider.

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