Cambodia part2: Angkor Wat

Ka at Angkor Wat
Ka Malana Photography

Like this.

This is the life—

The satisfaction of a statue,

expressing timeless surrender.

We can travel to a memory,

even tarnished, it will shine.

You can dream about what’s possible,

and re-imagine what already happened.

May we all live and grow old

and smile, contentedly.

Like this.

11 thoughts on “Cambodia part2: Angkor Wat

  1. Your poem intrigues me. “You can dream about what’s possible, and re-imagine what already happened.” I’ve been thinking of re-imagining things that are only of consequence to me – how I wish I had reacted, or will respond in the future, or what I want to imagine happened to a lost pet. If I really don’t know what happened, and might never know, it seems it would be healthier to imagine the best. This could be a valuable use of imagination.

    1. I love your thoughtful comment, JoAnna! Sometimes when I write a line of poetry it’s like capturing a multiplicity of meaning. I want the reader to be able to be inspired to do exactly what you’ve done: apply to your own life! I’m thinking of this lost pet now. Were you talking about a cat of yours? I thought you found her after two days. I had a pet once, named Brendy. She was our cat and she took off. I was probably only 3 or 4 but I remember calling for her and working up the most genuine plea so she could hear it in my voice (my begging her return). Yes, it’s best to think of the best…

      1. Thanks for asking for clarification. Mama Cat was hiding in the house and then showed up after two days and is fine now. Her daughter, Gray, who had also lived at the church was trapped by a wildlife agent under the neighbors house and released to an unknown location in June. So I’m thinking about Gray and also a dog I had when I was 11. Long stories, but I don’t know for sure what happened, so I’m trying to imagine the best. Your poem helped.

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