Going deep with gratitude

The incredible changes to my life since last year have been so positive; it is wonderfully baffling.

Last year I was struggling with depression because of what felt like a never-ending severe back pain problem. What I did was I put so much energy, effort and investment into my wellness, and it worked! Where I used to have to lay in bed hours a day for physical pain, I’m now able to function normally, since about November of last year. This has been my longest period of living ‘normally’ again since 2012.

I prayed, worked on myself, did so many therapies like targeted spinal decompression and PRP including additional shamanic work. This was all in addition to the chiropractic and the acupuncture, exercises, stretching and diet changes. It all helped, but now I can even add very wonderful 1 hr cardio great sweating workouts twice a week in addition to my weekly martial arts training with my trainer. On the other days I still make time for working out and meditating.

Now my entire life as a whole is so fulfilling and well rounded. This December I will be graduating with my doctorate degree in Acupuncture. Right now with my Master’s degree and license, I work on athletes at the nearby university. I work with children at the nearby hospital, and I have a private practice with my own office.

This afternoon, I took a good nap, and when I awoke I started reflecting on the work I’ve been doing, the healing, and also the many challenges I have overcome. We live in a new house that I am in love with,too. My energy has expanded so much! What I also do see is that my healing is going to keep going deeper. I am able to work with people so beautifully. I can see how much I help them, and the feedback I get often astonishes me. This is incredibly motivating and rewarding.

At this point in my life, I wonder: what else is possible?! I’ve run out of particular wishes or desires. I have all that I need. I am beyond grateful for this life I get to live, and for being able to get out of that hole I was in while processing all that I needed to process. Spiritual growth is a real thing. These bodies we inhabit can help us transcend the body. Once again, this feels like the beginning of a new chapter in my life—into the depth of my core. The power I am generating from my center is a gift that I am motivated to share with others as I continue to expand. My birthday is coming around again in August, and I face it with this deep peace, pleasure, and knowingness. I am settled. I am dynamic, and I am ready for more.

We have family visiting this week, and next month as well. It will be another dynamic time. The excitement and drive I feel to be an ever-increasing positive influence is real.

I know I haven’t been on the blog much. I miss so many of you. But, I do know that this is just a season, and I’m always here. Blogging is not temporary. I love you all so much to connect to you all is such a gift. When I reached out last year, I received so much grace and love from you. You all really helped me get through that challenging time. I want us to stay in touch with each other, here and on your blogs, and continue to be in each others’ lives. Thank you for reading! 💗

11 thoughts on “Going deep with gratitude

  1. So happy for you Ka that all things are coming together in your life… Life is for LIVING, and family comes first….
    Sending hugs and may you continue thriving in your newly qualification I don’t know where I would have been had it not been for my acupuncturist at times in the past
    Much love your way ❤

  2. Hey dear lady, this is all indeed fantastic. To go through such a journey does indeed increase the beauty of that spirituality within us all, find that true love within us and give from that place. Take a bow my friend, to reach such a destination takes great heart, you have done well 😀❤️🙏🏽

  3. Couldn’t be happier to hear your joy and feel your spark for life Ka! Thank you for sharing and for lighting a way for others who experience challenging times that seem unending. Wonderful update and happy early Birthday!

  4. I am so happy for you! I had no idea of the challenges you were facing. Through it all you kept sharing your love and inspirations, your insights and understanding, which have been such a blessing to those who follow your blog. I’m not surprised that your constant love and giving to others has resulted in the healing you shared here today. Blessings to you, Ka.

  5. So wonderful and inspiring to hear about your excitement about life. So encouraging to hear that you were able to enact healing. Thanks for sharing your story which is all about positivity, gratitude, and persistence. I bet you are an amazing healer.

    much love,

    Linda ❤

    1. Thank you, Linda!

      Yes 🙌🏻 the healing is wonderful, Amazing! ;and I am ever so grateful I got there/here! And I want to just keep going!! My energy is expanding. Speaking of which, I signed up for Angel Academy 14. I am all-in for this life of being a healer. 💕 Love you too!

  6. As my post today is all about gratitude, I am not surprised that the first post I land on here is all about your gratitude!! I am so happy for you, Ka. Life is a wonderful event if we are willing to participate!! I know how physical pain can deter life in general…and I am so happy that you feel much better!
    Here’s to deep gratitiude, my friend ❤ ❤

    1. Thank you, Lorrie! I continue to carry this gratitude forward and it fuels me. I know you speak of blessitude and have coined that word on your blog! My experience of this gratitude is that it settles deep in my soul and it feels like it nourishes my body. I feel like I can flow into a much larger container. I feel as though I am expanding again into my new container, into this spaciousness that is my new found freedom and peace. Thank you for being here _/\_ ❤ xo

      1. I LOVE IT!!! I love it so much 🙂 Here’s to filling the container and feeling the love and gratitude, always! I had no idea what I was missing when I didn’t know this feeling. Once you know it, it is hard to go back. Sending lots of good stuff your way ❤

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