Golden tongue sounding ocean

It’s time for me to open up my prayer within the word,

the journey with my tongue

into the sound of the ocean spoken

Through my lips, containing the vastness of my heart

You are the unbroken yoke of

My wandering heart

You are the dream where illusions fade into

washes of watercolors that bleed truth upon me until my marigold eyes lie wide open, capturing the sun into the depth of me, rooted

fountaining from me is my singing heart

bright with the depth of night stars, reaching

traveling from the distant inner deep

We are together now in this moment

steeped with hue and ink and dried tears of sparkling gold. I feel crystals in my hands, elegant, solid

You and I are the prayer, together,

ocean, golden, singing, shining

16 thoughts on “Golden tongue sounding ocean

  1. Lovely poem Ka…. If we all watched our spoke word and spoke from our heart’s ocean of love, we could transform our world in a very short space of time…
    Sending Thoughts your way.. Enjoy your weekend Ka.. ❤

  2. Thank you for these beautiful images and wise insights. I can see the shining golden ocean in my mind and remember her powerful song carries truth in the waves.

    1. Thank you, Ms. Diana, for your wonderful, wonderful comment. Your name is so wonderful–anyone ever told you that? The whole thing. All of it. I love it together, i love it in parts. I love the way you use your name in how you publish your books… etc. etc. THE SEA is shining, beautiful imagery to allow into our hearts, and to realize that it is already there. It is definitely our ancestral home and my whole body shines with its depth and its shimmer. Thank you. ❤

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