Excitement! Art for Art: Free Verses! — Fiesta Estrellas (DAY 1- REBLOGATHON)

Welcome to my ReBlogathon for November. This is my blog celebration of 11 years of blogging! We kick it off here, today, as DAY 1. I have also joined forces once again with the most wonderful blogging pepper group in the world: Cheer Peppers. This month we will all blog for 30 days (for me it might be even more!). For me personally, I didn't have the time for a proper celebration in March when my blog turned 11, and then I "rebirthdayed" my blog in August 2022--Now, I finally get to celebrate: That's how celebration goes: Celebrate when you CAN! 

This post is all about the publication of my first poetry book (2017)-- See the attached Reblog. At the time, I swore I would never write another. But, I think I shall 🙂

"Free verses" is a play on "free verse." It's the type of poetry that doesn't follow a format. Since my book is called "Art for Art" its only purpose is to share the heart in a format free fashion. In fact, The format is so free that it isn't even "free verse," it's "free verses." Like multiverses, universes-- the latin versus means "to turn."  So maybe my poetry took "many turns" in sharing my heart. It certainly was an exploration, one that led to the birth of my wonderful daughter. But, you'd have to read it, to know it and see that. To feel it.

It's time to GO BACK and look at things anew...

I feel immense gratitude for everyone who was with me on this book journey, all my fellow bloggers who I love and connect with. I was absolutely not alone. Michael Mark and Ra Avis were ‘beyond words’ supportive and deserve special mentions. Another poet and marvelous human Kai Coggin inspired and supported me in this endeavor, too. I hosted a poem of Kai’s way back in 2014. You must absolutely read her poetry and check out her website. This was before Kai became ‘Big Big’ and she is an educator with a heart of gold. Go find her. In the post, in the comments, I elaborate on the cover art created by artist & friend, Debbie Graul. Ironically, words can not express the importance of the birth of a book, nor what such a book could foreshadow, foretell, or clear away room for in one’s life…

Write that book! It will open you up for more 🙂

Finally, for extra credit. There’s a little “nesting doll” link for my “blog post within the blog post” if you read my original 2017 post, where I end with crickets. Can you find that post? Comment about it if you dare.

It is no surprise to me that I am hearing crickets as I type this right now…

Cover Art by Debbie Graul, Cover Design by Ka Malana Praise for Art for Art Hello dear friends & welcome new followers! I am delighted to share with you that my 1st book of poetry is published and available. It’s available immediately at the CreateSpace eStore. It’ll be able at Amazon.com in 3-5 business days (now […]

Excitement! Art for Art: Free Verses! — Fiesta Estrellas

11 thoughts on “Excitement! Art for Art: Free Verses! — Fiesta Estrellas (DAY 1- REBLOGATHON)

  1. Good morning from sunny Spain❤️ What lovely ideas, to write/reblog for 30 days! Where does the idea come from? It is inspiring and will look at if it’s something that I can muster up this month! It’ll mean getting up earlier and organising myself! Maybe something I need!
    I love your book and it’s probably about time I read it! AND I love you hearing crickets in all your posts, I reread just now! For me it feels like interdimensional chatter!❤️ sending love and gratitude🥰🌈🙏

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  3. I just loved your blogging style Ka! Such an inspiration, especially to the substance that I feel and think I am. Even the slightest of the “I” in Inspiration triggers me off (positively) and in an attempt to finding what that original article might be, you did lead me into the infinite scrolling loop – BUT, I am glad I did attempt. I hope this is the one you are referring to…

    To Barbara Franken’s point, it truly feels like an interdimensional chatter! A chatter that anyone can relate to and get along with, to experience a piece of their share! Kudos.

    Do stay in touch and keep the light glowing!

    Love from your new admirer!
    Ramya from right2reflect.org 🙂
    To a stronger 2023!

    1. Hello to my new, very kind friend, Ramya! I was so eager to reply to your lovely comment but I was unable to as I need to be at a computer. I’m really touched by your comment and I want to
      leave you a quality response tomorrow, and spend some time at your site. Welcome, welcome! The blog post you put by link is the one I was planning on blogging for day 2: the 5 min meditation. I’ll send the link to the cricket post here tomorrow for your convenience. 🦗

      Goodness, you are a warm bright light. Thank you for being here! 😄

      1. Thanks KA! More honoured. Please do share with like minded as well. All your critique thoughts and quantum of thoughts would help me align mine to be able to give back in a very small way possible! Thank you for being the light too! 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your eleventh anniversary on the blog and on the publication of your book. It’s a shame that I can’t read it because of the language, but I’m sure your followers will be happy to enjoy your poems. A big hug and continued success.

    1. That is a shame! I wish I knew about translating it. You are so sweet. Big hug back to you. I published my book back in 2017 and I’m inspired to attempt to publish another in 2023-2024. How can we build a bridge using language to help cross the pond between us? Blogging helps us with the translation tools, right? I’ll think on this. Hugs, Manuel.

      1. I only speak Spanish but the translator allows me to decipher the other languages. But anyway your blog is very interesting and I can read you. Thank you for your concern.

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