5 min meditation — Fiesta Estrellas: Reblogathon (DAY2)

Here is the older post 4/9/20

Hello 👋! I hope everyone is staying healthy and or moving in that direction. I know it’s a hard time for all of us. I recorded a 5 minute meditation for you. It’s at this link: https://fiestaestrellas.com/2015/03/18/mindfulness-meditation-track-5-minutes/ I wanted to offer what I can to help bring some grounding and centering into your day with […]

5 min meditation — Fiesta Estrellas

Here begins the new post:

With excitement comes much needed meditation. One day I collected all these plumeria. I couldn’t believe how amazing this smell was, how sweet and yet grounding. Kauai was the island where I received the name Ka Malana (2011). It’s been my pen name/spiritual name ever since. Right now, as before, I have my daily meditation practice–but somehow I still need more. It’s because I am busier. As I learn to become more active, more efficient, and take on more, I also need to learn to ground more. It’s a continuous process. Please let your creativity flow today, or be settled, or both. How about both?

Creativity & Calm.

Ka Malana Photography ©2022

14 thoughts on “5 min meditation — Fiesta Estrellas: Reblogathon (DAY2)

    1. Oh and I definitely need it now. I admit I chose to do this blog celebration at a very busy time for me in the beginning, but by the end of the month, I might even have a little bit more time 💗 to enjoy all of it all the more.

      The busy life can create a busy mind, which when we meditate, we sure do notice it all the more. It’s the diligent practice that brings the energy into a calm place of alertness. I am so grateful for daily practice! Sending love to you, too.

    1. It’s interesting. I haven’t written it yet. It’s very simple, I think. I had just started my blog(2011). I went to Kauai shortly after a break up with a boyfriend, and I was really in a unique place so I traveled alone and met a friend there. The entire trip was over a month long and I followed guidance the whole way through. I saw a healer who told me that the “Empress” wall painting she had fell off her wall during right before our appt . Then, she told me my name is Ka.i “channeled” Malana. The rest is sort of history. Ka Malana.
      I was told it meant to be a teachers ing name to mean “the calmness.” It relates to the way two canoes float in the water together; they gently bob. I was told it’s linked to Egypt but also ancient Polynesia.

      1. Oh that’s wonderful! I love hearing about Spirit guidance! I had a similar experience… When I was about 26 years old a psychic told me that I was meant to be a channel/medium… It opened up a whole new world for me! And I have been following spirit ever since!

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