Women return — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon Ending Day30)

sisters find in each other, the silence a hug they meet and greet, they come and go we light candles for our families and gaze up at the moon let the earth be our messengers who passes on all the real votes, when we are heard by the river and we listen deeply to her. […]

women return — Fiesta Estrellas

And…… it’s DONE!

But, I’m not done yet….! I plan on blogging into the New Year, 2023. I plan to publish my next poetry book in 2023–and I’m planning on including more highlights from people in my life and in my community. January 2023 is going to be the start a fun blogging New Year. I have lots of content to share; and I hope you all will be there! 🙂

The above poem I wrote in February of 2017. My favorite part of this poem is its ending.

My heart is touched by the sisters I meet in my life. I’m dedicating this poem’s reblog, and final Nano Poblano post, to blogger who I have met through blogging named Christy Birmingham-Reyes. She manages and writes a beautiful blog called When Women Inspire. Her blog is an excellent resource for women. She writes daily on issues that affect women, daily. Her blog has pertinent topics like single motherhood and addiction–signs to look out for and where to get help, blog posts about exercise and health, about how to become a successful entrepreneur/ business woman with practical articles about taxes. Her topics demonstrate a wide array of supports and inclusivity, such as family planning for LGBTQ+, while she also showcases and spotlights women who are serving through leadership, and making waves. One of my favorite recent articles is from guest blogger, Esther A. Armah, who writes about Unlearning Emotional Currency. Her blog provides hope and inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed my version of Nano Poblano, which is a version of NaBloPoMo, which is a National blog posting Month challenge. My theme for this year’s challenge was reBLOGathon, and I teamed up with Cheer Peppers year after year for Nano Poblano. You will see the logo again below. Click on it to see other team member’s posts. Thank you for those who stuck with me this whole long posting month, and I hope you are ready to see more of me in the days to come!

Psst… One of my inside reasons for doing the Nano Poblano challenge, started by Ra Avis, a truly AMAZING poet, it the tagline for the challenge: “Official Home of the World’s Least-Official November Blog Challenge” I’m very attracted to “unofficial-ness.” It appeals to my sensibilities and my desire to enjoy myself on the planet. I hope you join us next year.

[THE (not so endy) END]

7 thoughts on “Women return — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon Ending Day30)

  1. Ka, I am so grateful for your love and support. The dedication here is one that I hope you know I cherish. It means a lot to feel that my efforts are helping women in even a small way ~ That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning! Thank you, sister. You are the candle, as your poem says, and I am blessed to be in your beautiful glow. xo

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