Not minding that mind

I’ve been thinking a lot about how powerful we can be when we overcome our own thinking that distracts us from our purpose. We have the force and power to harmonize our thoughts with total support and appreciation for our life force.

Keeping the mind poised on the hopeful possibilities that exist can be an exercise. As with any exercise, this requires a bit of devotion and a bit of faith. You have to believe you are building the muscle and you can measure and test this, too! Some of the faith part is based on the practiced realization that it does get easier, and if you don’t have the past experience to draw from, you might benefit from a measure of faith that you can improve at this with practice. So it does get easier. But that, too, can become a pitfall. We can get lazy as is natural for us humans.

The inertia and momentum gained from the work is nice to coast along. However, I do find that, like with any other practice, what is required is the on-going effort and not to sink into the easier moments when we coast along. If we sink into them we once again get distracted from the fact that our efforts are what make us happy.

We want life to be easy. Yet it is not. That right there is our most immediate problem, if we allow one to be there. This is human nature and one where we have an awareness of pain as a function of our consciousness. However as many researchers have found, “Pain can be described in neurological terms but cognitive awareness, interpretation, behavioral dispositions, as well as cultural and educational factors have a decisive influence on pain perception (Bueno-Gómez, 2017). All of these aspects of our pain are movable and can change with sincere work and devotion.

Like with devotion, what is required is a certain level of belief. Belief in order for it to become a practice, and then with practical experience, it becomes a conviction: that we can overcome our doubting and tragic minds that distract us from our purpose, and cause us suffering. We can learn from the process and become truly compassionate.

2 thoughts on “Not minding that mind

  1. Your presentation on the mind and related to our interior is very interesting because there is our way of thinking and acting. The information that we have stored in the subconscious, and to which we cannot easily access, often contains deep fears, repressed desires and traumatic experiences that, even consciously, we would not like to remember. Thoughts influence our results; that is to say, that the power of the mind interferes directly in the success and directions of our life, shaping our destiny. Regards KA.

  2. Hello Manuel, my first reply got eaten by WordPress. Thank you for contributing your thoughts here and developing further with reference to the unconscious mind which influences our thoughts and behaviors. It is my opinion that the conscious mind is the gateway to the unconscious mind and that through repetition and certain strategy the unconscious can be accessed and also improved. Wishing you a beautiful day!

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