The winds of change

the winds of change
have come again
and made me pure,

carved out my treasure,
opened my womb

I became a ritual
inside a ritual,

on a stage, that is set in another world

transforming this world.

in transcendance, the nesting


the nested

the total egg 🥚 unbroken, broke

And emerged the circle ⭕️

I speak of bliss
in the opening of this circle,
merging and joining

of the past,
present, and future

my life just created another life🌸!

ka Malana poetry c2019

Rise my soul

from its depth in
unseen waters
the angelic dark-deep
unearthed mountain
rumbling, readying

from first quiet
of the poet’s
underground fountain,
as it bubbles and readies
under the surface,
undulating slowly
in layers

the water pools, preparing

to siphon up
a new spring
a sprite of light
the sparkle of its diamond

from the thrust of earth
made to divide and
liberate new soil,

astonishly, unpredictably
unapologetically, sparklingly

rise my soul
to the heaven you
made me,
and from where
i make you,

go beyond!

know no bounds
in your great escape!

Ka Malana poetry c2019

************** * ************* *

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio

A shooting free world

there’s a request I heard
the angels put in.
they said with tears in their eyes!

do not injure my people!

if you are feeling lost and afraid,
take my sword, and march into battle
fearlessly with your essence of peace.

this sword is a gift to use with the clarity of your heart,
and the eons of wisdom acquired by your

be not afraid ~

for all this destruction cannot last
without creating better, more solid, and
more loving worlds. See the light is returning, it is.

I will keep showing you.

for every destruction, crushing heartbreak,

grows the strength of new life.

unafraid to stand alone

In this life,
we might be terrified.

we might feel alone,
though we are not.

we must work every day
to give ourselves enough space,

to be who we are. however we are,

“dark” or “light” or the huge gamut spanning between

even if not one single person
feels that what we offer is valuable,
important, or worthy.

we are worthy. this is inherent.

each and every one of us,
and we don’t need any proof of our

this is not a poem,
but a message.

do not give up.
you are making a contribution,

every. day.

Can creativity confound clarity?

Two of my favorite “C” concepts are creativity and clarity; and yet, I haven’t found these aspects of language and expression to always be in cahoots.

I want them to be.

Often it seems that creativity is a word applied when someone comes up with something interesting and “novel” but isn’t quite “ready” for others to be exposed to yet. “It’s creative” can be similar to saying, “it’s confusing.”

Somehow it appears that creativity has to be vetted by clarity. All the while, however, clarity does not need to be “truth,” but it needs to be, perhaps, “digestible,” “recognizable” and “receivable” to others. Some may, in my opinion, confound clarity with truth.

How can creativity be more clarifying? Well, it certainly works with analogies. Analogies help people recognize and “experience” information in a format that is receivable.

Creativity can be frustrating, because it’s often “divinely” inspired; yet, that doesn’t mean that others will receive it, so there’s an interpretation or conversion period, the editing process that makes the creativity more “clear,” readable.

Oftentimes I enjoy the original and raw form of art, but this is rarely popular. Most folks have to have an art education to “believe” that they understand art or context. It’s confusing to me because I grew up with art and contemplating art, and then received “some” education in both art-making and interpreting, and memorizing and writing about art.

But this isn’t art, to me.

To me, and maybe you?, Art is raw, art is unformed-becoming-formed. Art involves risk.

Art is process and not product.

And yet. Societally, we reinforce “polishing” and “perfecting” creativity as though it is more true, when maybe it is clearer. I do not see clarity as being equal with truth.

What are your thoughts?

My unborn love

she grows and glows inside me
like a beacon of possibility

her magic is rare
and stronger than any force
ive ever known

tiny bones and muscles
gain strength and potential

she exercises,

in all the ways she exercises,

and I’m beyond,
most days

to match my feelings with words
or write what wonder
is happening

anywhere, the space of my womb
it is happening, communicating
as a mini sub-station,
surreal connection
between worlds
touching beyond the veil

she is becoming more
every day
essentially me,
and differentiating

and I Dream most now of her voice
as I hear it begin to emerge
as I’m given glimpses ahead

my heart guides us
to our communion day

Poetry rights 2019 Ka Malana

For those who have left…

When you came here to be with my friends,
they loved you so much. I feel my friends’ tears hit my sleeves
on my shoulder, and touch my neck.

as I know 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … of you have recently lost a VIP

For those who have left, we know that you have found
peace and happiness, in your abode elsewhere, and even while we
can connect with you again when all is ready,
it takes us time to adjust to dimensional
shifts of your body being a different kind of body now.

My friends have loved you in ways you will never know,
or have not yet known while you were in a body,
and your impact has made a mark on them in ways they will
always think of. To say that you are remembered, is an understatement,
and yet it’s true. They walk beside you as you walk beside them.

I’m sorry that you left so early, as for each one of you, we all could have
had more time with you.

May you rest in peace.

Ramblings on Astrology, Access Consciousness, Shamanism, “Remote Viewing” and manipulation

For the last several years, though I’ve been an astrology student, and an astrologer, for many many years, I’ve attended numerous workshops and have been read by many others who are well-recognized in the field. I have had access to very successful people.

However, it was in my 20s, now I am almost 40, that I really had made the most progress with my astrology (even though I was at it in my early teens and before with the early software discovery). I had read nearly every friend who I would meet and who was in my life, all relationships, and I desperately needed to help myself through life with astrology. I couldn’t believe how with such little knowledge I had at the time, I was able to tap into the depths of people’s lives, and also! I learned about their charts through their examples, their relationships. Learning through reading is the best way to learn!

Back to me about me:

Astrology gave me the insight that no one else could. It was empowering. It was a true necessity in my life as my reflective mandala. At that time in my late teens and early twenties, I didn’t have anyone else read me, I was a lone wolf in the operation, and that gave me the sense and freedom I needed to really build my intuition, and turn to myself for support. I had built an alliance with myself, and quite often, with all of today’s supports, I sometimes worry I have lost it, but it’s really being remade.

There was so much grit to my life of barely getting by, as was my old daily reality. Things are different now, but I still have my daily work.

Last weekend, I became an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, and I have been loving it ever since, it’s a superb tool for releasing and limitations and asking open-ended questions, and that’s just still scratching the surface, at best.

Do I still have doubt? Absolutely. Does this stop me anymore? Not really. Do I still have tremendous resistance? Yes, And! It doesn’t matter. I can have my resistance and eat my cake too.

Last night, I had an incredible journey for a client where we did extraction. I’ve been studying for several years as a Shamanic practitioner. I was not in the mood to journey.

Many aspects of my own inner structures have been crumbling away. I didn’t feel “up to it,” but wouldn’t you know, the second I began the journey, her guide opted in, and led the entire way forward! Only for me to realize afterwards in the discussion we had that indeed this was her guide, as verified by information she gave me.

I had recently started reading “Miracles of Mind,” by Russell Targ and Jane Katra, who were part of the “Remote Viewing” governmental researchers into the 70s but also well into the 1990s. I am still in disbelief as I read. I’m not a person who has had a lot of mystical experiences in my life. My friends used to tell me that I helped them, but I always thought I’d take the path of a traditional therapist, though I never did, I opted for anthropology instead. That was awhile ago, and that trail, well, it’s mostly dried up too. Lest it be revived one day for some purpose unknown to me now.

I’m very aware that I do not like manipulators, which is why I took astrology into my own hands at a young age. When I work with people I am so super cautious about telling them what I believe about them (about what Spirit has shown me) and it requires a tremendous nudge from the universe to get me to “move” on a lot of things. I see so many people “telling other people how it is” and the reality is that each person is entitled their own empowerment even if they try to “give it over to you,” you must give it back to them at every moment.

Even to this day, with the zillion mentors and teachers I have in this life, I am still very observant of my own volition and intuition. Sometimes it can be very discouraging when we go and pay for services only to have people give us the “wrong information.” This is why I have shied away from so many people who approach me and I will continue to do so, unless I am certain that they know that “receiving” is something that is in our own hands – even grace makes its way into our corner of the cosmos.

You don’t have to be popular to be deemed authentic, as it appears in our social media world. No matter how many reviews you have and how many people back “your identity” it doesn’t mean that you are going to be the “right” person. I have found myself seeking those quiet people in the corner, those quiet people who seem very contended with their quiet lives, those are the ones who seem to have answers that resonate with me, should I need them to be delivered though another medium as infinite there are of ways for the divine or even the mundane to speak to us, and get the balling rolling, the life blood moving, the eyes open.

Thank you for listening, I mean, really listening.

Taste of freedom

Ever wanted your freedom so much
that you can remember the taste of it
on your tongue,
you can remember how wide-open
your day began, when you opened your eyes?

and everything was possible in the moment
you winked your eyes open?

What if everything that you choose keeps
bringing you to more and more choices which are surprisingly showing you your developing ideal, even before you’ve formed it in your mind?

and as you create your world, your vision
becomes so fluid and full of potential that you can’t hold anything other than
your best dreams in your mind’s eye?

There’s simply only space for what is possible.

And, what if anything is possible?
those sparks you see forming in the corner of your eye is your next inspiration, on a platter, just saying “choose me,” “choose you,” “choose all of you.”

Astrology for fun:
Sun and Uranus conjoined in Taurus
Chiron and Venus (& Mercury) in Aries conjoined,
Moon and Rx Jupiter cojoined in Sagittarius
interpret whatever you like as you’d like,
and realize you can choose at any time to “let go” and “choose” again.
your best choice is always arising

Sharing abundance

I see abundance in this one flower
who encourages me to sit curbside
and take a moment under the sun
while, She, the Sun, spreads over my shoulders and shows me how i can interpret her Great mother’s whispers.

when goddess and i found one another,
there was no other allegiance to return to. She showed me how her nature is so natural my own, and she made me into her own image, as she knelt beside me, feeling everything I felt through me. i became transparent.

Leaving the hobbit hole only so briefly

when it’s springtime and the hobbit hole is so perfectly comfy,

but its super bright outside –

it might not be the time to write a poem, or gaze slowly and languishingly into your glowing glass of tea.

to celebrate your everything comfy,

or recollect whether not you are hitting your mark, and being in your daily diligent meditations,

being a good hobbit,

so you get out your broom and brush,
and put on some of that music that’s already playing in your head,

and you get to whistling,

and each step brings you closer to thick forest, as you sweep.

and maybe the critters are stirring more underneath your feet,

and maybe the clouds are articulating
and so


can not be


A few more flower friends and a wooden door

A “bursting” new moon 🌚 has left me in wordless contemplation, though I emit words as thought 💭 energy construct puffs, and watch them disintegrate mostly into the conversations I am having, joining, becoming, blooming, flowing into the air in wafts, and genetic drifty tufts, particles of formation, mixing, dissolving, releasing, beginning, reintegration…

And the individual blooms come and and go, while the whole season holds the space for the canopy of evolution, to have another ride of time.

The door is old and has been opened and closed so many times… and it seems a new light is cast upon in it, here; and in its framing are more possible openings, slots, divisions, processes, movements…reinvented hinges.

Fiestaestrellas is a ‘moment’ of celebration that goes on all the time, a reconsideration for how a flower burst is like a firework, and the spark of inspiration upon time can incite a groove upon a record (player), to make a sound so appealing that old devices are new and rediscovered, re-made. abundant awareness is full-bodied, symphonic and built of solid, undifferentiated, integrated silence.

Photography and prose rights Ka Malana 2019

Met a Cat

E62567C9-DED0-4A10-933E-C512CE4CEFB8It’s been a while since I’ve had a childhood pet, since it’s been a while since I’ve been a child. When I was in my early 30s, I had been a sort- of-parent to a dog that my ex mostly raised himself, having had already ideas about how to do that, that he learned from his family and the pets they’d had. This lovely dog, I still think of her, and remember her puppy years, and how she was so close to us, sleeping as a puppy. But, naturally, I encounter my childhood pet more often on the etheric plane. She was my sister-dog. We had that sort of relationship. I wrote my first poem ever, about her. She captured my tears in her golden coat, and played with me easily and joyfully.

My parents had a bunch of cats around when I was born, but I was born allergic, so the cats went elsewhere. There was one cat in particular I remember shouting her name for hours and desperately missing her (I must have been around 4 or younger), but she never came. I wept. I felt guilty for being allergic. It made me sad.

I’ve made friends with a number of outdoor animals over the years, and never claimed them as “mine.” There was this kitten that I named who I really was very fond, of but I didn’t see her around consistently, and so lost her to the elements of who-knows-where. But I would see her a couple of times after I got off the school bus; and for a day or two, she felt like mine.  After my Shamanic Healing today with my Shamanic teacher, I met this cat and felt deeply towards it, only to quickly learn her language, get her to come over so I could make contact, and then for us both to be on our ways again.

I’m thinking of making my blog private, I sort of don’t know what I want to do with it right now, and I’m not sure why I felt like sharing this, either. But it made sense, somehow.