ReBLOGathon Day10 Drawing/Art

This isn’t really a reblog because I don’t think I ever blogged about the drawings that I’ve had up on my WordPress blog, on the right side. If you are looking at my blog through your phone app, you might not even see them.

Back when I was a teenager, I used to draw figures for $5 at the local college with a live model. It was like a 3 hour session. Amazing, right?! I always enjoyed drawing the skeleton in art classes, and my other favorite was drawing for biology classes in middle school and anatomy and physiology class in high school.

The lower drawing is from after about a 20 year hiatus in drawing. It’s a still life. Since then I’ve had another 6 year hiatus–with little to no drawing. There have been occasional attempts to be regular about it, but those attempts failed with my other studies and general life stuff. I think in 2023, I’ll make drawing a priority again. I’m hoping to come back as an artist one day soon. I have a lot of ideas and really do enjoy making art. I’m slowly preparing the place for it in my life where I can really dig in. Back in my early 20s I had an installation exhibit in Pittsburgh as part of a shared vision. I know I can begin again anew, and I look forward to it. Thanks for viewing and reading.

I just noticed that I’m publishing this blog post at 11:11 on 11/11/22 Wow, that wasn’t even planned until the last minute 🙂

Her Open Glow — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon Day10)

When first I met her I needed a relationship that wouldn’t pursue me, in the usual way. I needed an intimacy that moved with me, as I moved. ~ She will not lead you to still waters, nor even ask you to take a drink. she doesn’t even care if you pursue her. She just […]

Her Open Glow — Fiesta Estrellas

The beginning of self love has many beginnings. Each day is another layer, and another chance for greater awareness. I hope you enjoy this poem.

Scorpio Full Moon — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon Day9)

Full Moon in Scorpio, May 17, 2011 (As occurring on Kauai, Hawaii @ 1:09am, may be the 18th elsewhere) Look back. Don’t go back.    The moon shines at night, it is reflecting the conscious light of the sun; and Moon, she takes her shape from the positions of the Earth and Sun as they […]

Scorpio Full Moon — Fiesta Estrellas

It might be a Taurus eclipse that we recently had, but it’s still a Scorpio month!! Here’s a post that when I wrote it was very popular (by the standards of 2011, I guess). Well, anyways– Here’s the nod to you, Scorpio. It’s really your month, after all. 🙂 Happy Birthday to all the Scorpios out there who are reading. We are celebrating all month for the many, many Scorpios in our lives who have birthdays: in my married family and in our preschool family. Yay!

Happy Peppering to all those Cheer Peppers and their other friends, too!

November 17, 2013, Taurus Full Moon, Relationships, Art — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon_CHEERPEPPERS DAY8)

Image credits:  Candlelight and Wine, by Ralph Hocker, Acrylic ― 11″ x 14″ ARIADNE, VENUS AND BACCHUS BY TINTORETTO (1518-1594) “Beautiful colors can be bought in the shops on the Riato, but good drawing can only be bought from the casket of the artist’s talent with patient study and nights without sleep.”   ~ Tintoretto   (such is the […]

November 17, 2013, Taurus Full Moon, Relationships, Art — Fiesta Estrellas

This is another earlier blog post of my mine. I reached into my archives where I wrote about astrology; this was before I branched out and wrote poetry, and shared my art, and got more social about my life and my journey. I published a book since I was blogged, yay! I like to blog about ALL THE THINGS! New material is coming in 2023–but right now, this is my blog celebration. I teamed up with Cheer Peppers because I wanted to blog for the whole month with a team. I like to share space with people and I’m so glad that you have decided to read my writing, and truly: I am glad you decided to be part of my world. You matter, and I appreciate you!!! ❤ Please enjoy! Another busy back-to-back day today 🙂 I’ll be around to visit you again very soon!

A little bonus today that I’m excited about is that I linked all my Taurus posts to celebrate this Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus we are currently experiencing.

This first one below—> This was my life-changing Kauai experience when I got my spiritual name Ka Malana. It was a short post. I was very busy experiencing it all. I remember the most beautiful New Moon in Taurus ceremony on the beach… just amazing. The order of the blog posts is from oldest to most recent.

This one I didn’t even get to re-read, but I’m in need of re-reading it, *and* slowing down. Whatever that means! Felicia, our aloe, passed away when we moved South to San Diego…. Felicia never recovered. 😦
Lost the photo on this one that was originally linked. This is the down-side of using the internet to store our memories…
You can really see here where I started to write poetry (in place of astrology?) in addition to astrology 🙂
Click this for the photo–I also have blogged “some” of my photography in the past. Long time readers of this blog will remember my photography periods. I’m not sure why this link isn’t showing a preview picture of my post.
This one isn’t about the moon in Taurus. It’s Sun Conjunct Uranus in Taurus.

I hope you are enjoying this celebration!!

The Sound of Crickets, Hafiz, and the Moon — Fiesta Estrellas

Lately, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting a most lovely cricket. For me, the presence of a cricket (inside my house) and right next to me on the couch, is usually a sign. Yes, this has happened to me before, but not exactly in the same way. I have no idea how he got inside, […]

The Sound of Crickets, Hafiz, and the Moon — Fiesta Estrellas

I think it’s Day 7?!

I’m having the time or my life at the Pacific Symposium today where I am volunteering. It’s the largest acupuncture conference in the United States and it’s the first time we’ve all been allowed to congregate today in person in 3 years. There was overlap with my Sports Medicine Acupuncture seminar. I do a lot of advanced training in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I only just recently started my business a couple of months ago—but I’ve been at this for a long time now. I started with healing arts in 2008 with Massage therapy training. I have been practicing all these years informally but still non-the-less making headway and improving lives. I adore my career now as an acupuncturist and herbalist, as I refine my crafts and work on it, I still have a place for astrology. I am a natural born curious person. Invention and practiced technique is my favorite applied science. I love science and art in equal measure (maybe art more but really it’s not so easy to declare that and trust that I am being accurate). Cheers to you all for blogging every day. I also practice shamanic journeying for clients and family. I’ve been very blessed to have so many animal totems guiding me along through out the years since 2010-definitively. My friend blogging friend Barbara knows that my “awakening” began in 2007–with Reiki. I realize now that it was there all along. I was born awake and didn’t know it. Lol. It depends on how you define awake. For me, I started realizing I was charting my own path during my early undergrad years. Age 18ish, through my beliefs. I found Tao Te Ching on my mother’s bookshelf at age 15 when she was very Catholic. Truly I started astrology at around age 10 with a software program that taught me the nuances beyond Sun sign. I continued to explore that in my teens with lots of friends’ charts. I will eventually start doing readings again for people who desire them and who have burning questions. For now I am celebrating my life with a lovely beverage during lunch overlooking the Pacific Ocean but I’m also writing this blog for my re-blog (intro or post-script). Please read that older post!! 💜 Happy Peppering! I’m not near a computer to upload the cheer pepper 🌶 logo.

With no time left at all, this is the meal I’m gonna eat before going back in for the rest of an amazing day.

Geminizing something New — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon Day 6)>>CheerPeppers

perhaps only a butterfly lifting lightly moving slightly, touches the edges of the sea… meeting your pulse ((((((( Once divided, no longer unguided all thoughts provided from duality… ))))))) hearing your song rhymes, rhythmically, rapidly randomly, ripplingly figuratively, linkingly mouth moving, easily… ] hearing your name [ word siblings are scattered in new families created, […]

Geminizing something New — Fiesta Estrellas

You have to read my poem at the link above. It turns out it was definitely a foreshadowing. I gave birth to a little Gemini two years later. Well, thanks astrology. 🙂 Happy Peppering 🙂 I will add this to the cauldron of posts I’m stewing here in the month of November.

Leo New Moon August 3 2011 — Fiesta Estrellas (Reblogathon Day 5)

Leo New Moon: Self-Hood, Be your Best Self. The self is not just ‘one thing.’ The self is composed of: the lower self, the higher Self, the personality, the ego, and the soul matrix. We have the discipline of psychology to thank for giving us other ‘terms’ such as, Id, Super-ego, and the Unconscious. Altogether, […]

Leo New Moon August 3 2011 — Fiesta Estrellas
Ka Malana Photography

This time I put my older blog post at the top. The date is clearly in the title. Maybe it will make the older posts more accessible. I want to be helpful. How can I help you? I think this was the only post that I am aware of right now that received no comments and no “likes,” since it’s publication. This probably suggests that no one read it. I suppose I could go back and look at the stats if I really want to know for sure. But, I’d rather not. It doesn’t matter. I am the one looking at it. 🙂 Wee… This is why I am doing the reblogathon celebration to blog beside the cheer peppers.

I’m cheating a little bit and blogging the night before my 5th Reblogathon Day. This is fine with Cheer Peppers’ non-formalities–which is why Cheer Peppers are my favorite group to be a part of. The leadership isn’t so heavy-handed. That’s the kind of leader I would like to be if the world ever permits me space to lead– a very subtle leader. My desire is to quietly and gently nudge and aid people in their own desired transformation. What’s a Leo to do? Roar? Well, that never really gets anyone anywhere, does it? Roaring is loud and it actually makes it harder for people to listen to that racket.

When we were teaching my daughter to open her mouth to brush her teeth (with her mouth open), we learned from the Daniel Tiger book (a spin off from the most beloved Mr. Rogers character) to make a “quiet roar.” I like that: “quiet roar.” It would so brilliant if the people in my world would tell me on a regular basis just what it is that I do that is very effective. I want to be effective in the best way, even if that means… doing nothing. That’s right, I’ll step out of the way, and let “it” happen. Is that what is most effective?

Maybe being our best selves is all about, surrendering “ourselves” to the collective in service to that collective and learning to really read the vibes and listen to the feedback, and let the self surrender to going with the all-flow, the pulse of the cosmic wind. I am undecided about this, but I am willing to entertain the thought.

Happy Peppering!

DAY4 ReBLOGathon, free will: nano poblano finale & change challenge, astrology — Fiesta Estrellas

New blog post about the old post starts here:

I managed to blog all of November for 2020 Nanopoblano. Some of you might have been there for that. Today, I took a less thoughtful look at my blog (for my ReBLOGathon this year) and took a random post. This is celebrating time! There was a hiccup yesterday with posting comments on blogs and computer frustration, but it comes with the territory for the blogger.

“Neuroscientists identified a specific aspect of the notion of freedom (the conscious control of the start of the action) and researched it: the experimental results seemed to indicate that there is no such conscious control, hence the conclusion that free will does not exist.”

Front. Hum. Neurosci., 01 June 2016 Sec. Cognitive Neuroscience

Free will is still an interesting research topic, just so you know. I originally found Annaka Harris on the Lex Fridman podcast about a month ago. I can see now that all the youtube channels that had links are now unavailable. So I will now link to Lex’s website:here where I ended up getting the podcast. I’m really not concluded on free will vs. not free will. However, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we find out that free will is an illusion. No. Surprise. Here. She discusses the difference between “free will” and “conscious will.” I think her conversation with Lex is worth considering. She said it’s her game to break up intuition to find deeper understanding about the nature of reality. She’s a bit of a disruptor. Good for her. She means well. She does not talk about astrology. I don’t blame her 🙂 Be nice, she feels more comfortable writing than speaking. She still checks things with her intuition and is “a physicist at heart.”

Old blog post starts here:

This is my final blog post for the November Nano Poblano Challenge, and I’ve been blogging every day, all month! This was a challenge I didn’t think I’d take on with such a busy schedule, but alas, I did it! I’ll be linking all my blog posts here at the bottom. It’s also the day […]

nano poblano finale & change challenge, astrology — Fiesta Estrellas

[Unable to leave comments] celebration interrupted

Hello, I don’t know if this post will work, but when I’ve written comments on Cheer Pepper posts, my comments aren’t working. I’m having technical difficulties and it’s a little bit frustrating because I have such little time and I really try so hard to devote myself to other people. My sincere apologies for those of you who don’t get to know that I am reading your blogs. The funny thing is that I did not get an error message.

New Moon Awareness from Head to Toe — Fiesta Estrellas (Reblogathon Day 3)

With current astrology the Lunar eclipse is the earthly experience of a celestial event taking place November 8, depending on your subjective view from the location on the Earth where you inhabit. See the chart below.

One of best criticisms of astrology can also be one of its best attributes: so much of it can be relevant at *any time.* If we can truly tap into universal wisdom–it is timeless. Also what makes astrology so special is, well, time. But what is it about time that makes it so special? Shall we see it as restrictive and prohibitive (some attributes that Saturn gets tagged with) or liberating and applied like applied science, like “applied time” (the Uranian side of things)? Time is nothing without “how we use it.” But perhaps the most basic thing to realize about astrology is also one of its criticisms: Astrology is symbolic. Aquarius is often the sign that gets associated with astrology and astrologers. My own ascendant and my S.Node (past life) are in Aquarius, the sign of the quirky, trailblazer. I’ve experienced the energy and measurement of both of its rulers: Saturn and Uranus. These are symbols and they don’t mean too much to people otherwise if they can’t see or understand symbols or symbolic language. I am defining astrology here as “symbolism applied over time to celestial movements and observations.” The LINK below is my first EVER post on Fiestaestrellas over 11 years ago. It’s got the strong flavor of New Moon and Pisces…. Not our current aspects and configurations.

New Moon Awareness from Head to Toe — Fiesta Estrellas

5 min meditation — Fiesta Estrellas: Reblogathon (DAY2)

Here is the older post 4/9/20

Hello 👋! I hope everyone is staying healthy and or moving in that direction. I know it’s a hard time for all of us. I recorded a 5 minute meditation for you. It’s at this link: I wanted to offer what I can to help bring some grounding and centering into your day with […]

5 min meditation — Fiesta Estrellas

Here begins the new post:

With excitement comes much needed meditation. One day I collected all these plumeria. I couldn’t believe how amazing this smell was, how sweet and yet grounding. Kauai was the island where I received the name Ka Malana (2011). It’s been my pen name/spiritual name ever since. Right now, as before, I have my daily meditation practice–but somehow I still need more. It’s because I am busier. As I learn to become more active, more efficient, and take on more, I also need to learn to ground more. It’s a continuous process. Please let your creativity flow today, or be settled, or both. How about both?

Creativity & Calm.

Ka Malana Photography ©2022

Excitement! Art for Art: Free Verses! — Fiesta Estrellas (DAY 1- REBLOGATHON)

Welcome to my ReBlogathon for November. This is my blog celebration of 11 years of blogging! We kick it off here, today, as DAY 1. I have also joined forces once again with the most wonderful blogging pepper group in the world: Cheer Peppers. This month we will all blog for 30 days (for me it might be even more!). For me personally, I didn't have the time for a proper celebration in March when my blog turned 11, and then I "rebirthdayed" my blog in August 2022--Now, I finally get to celebrate: That's how celebration goes: Celebrate when you CAN! 

This post is all about the publication of my first poetry book (2017)-- See the attached Reblog. At the time, I swore I would never write another. But, I think I shall 🙂

"Free verses" is a play on "free verse." It's the type of poetry that doesn't follow a format. Since my book is called "Art for Art" its only purpose is to share the heart in a format free fashion. In fact, The format is so free that it isn't even "free verse," it's "free verses." Like multiverses, universes-- the latin versus means "to turn."  So maybe my poetry took "many turns" in sharing my heart. It certainly was an exploration, one that led to the birth of my wonderful daughter. But, you'd have to read it, to know it and see that. To feel it.

It's time to GO BACK and look at things anew...

I feel immense gratitude for everyone who was with me on this book journey, all my fellow bloggers who I love and connect with. I was absolutely not alone. Michael Mark and Ra Avis were ‘beyond words’ supportive and deserve special mentions. Another poet and marvelous human Kai Coggin inspired and supported me in this endeavor, too. I hosted a poem of Kai’s way back in 2014. You must absolutely read her poetry and check out her website. This was before Kai became ‘Big Big’ and she is an educator with a heart of gold. Go find her. In the post, in the comments, I elaborate on the cover art created by artist & friend, Debbie Graul. Ironically, words can not express the importance of the birth of a book, nor what such a book could foreshadow, foretell, or clear away room for in one’s life…

Write that book! It will open you up for more 🙂

Finally, for extra credit. There’s a little “nesting doll” link for my “blog post within the blog post” if you read my original 2017 post, where I end with crickets. Can you find that post? Comment about it if you dare.

It is no surprise to me that I am hearing crickets as I type this right now…

Cover Art by Debbie Graul, Cover Design by Ka Malana Praise for Art for Art Hello dear friends & welcome new followers! I am delighted to share with you that my 1st book of poetry is published and available. It’s available immediately at the CreateSpace eStore. It’ll be able at in 3-5 business days (now […]

Excitement! Art for Art: Free Verses! — Fiesta Estrellas

Do Stats Talk?

Hi, I’m chiming in today because anytime that I sit down and spend just a little bit of time on the blog (blogging around), my mind get filled with content. So, all that meditation I’m doing is really helping, right?! WINK~ to those who hear me and know the truth of this!

I am not a big stats person. If I were, I would spend time looking at them and cultivating them. I have nothing, absolutely nothing against stats, by the way. I can also see myself becoming a stats person–just for fun. (Like, everything I do, is just. for. fun.).

But, do stats talk?

Here’s something funny. When I started my blog. I wasn’t interested in getting comments on it. Before you judge me (and I doubt that you are the type to judge) just hear me out. It was so nerve-wracking to just even be in a place where other people existed. I was sharing astrology information, my style of doing it. This was before astrology literally blew up online. This was where everyone ended up on youtube right afterwards talking about what the stars had in store. Was I doing personal readings? Yes. I had been doing personal readings for years (even decades) and I was doing them at first, very informally. You don’t need to have a long sit-down conversation with somebody to help them out. I find that even with a glance at their chart– you can offer a few brief comments (observations that can come in the format of questions) that could plant a very important seed. That seed will turn into a plant, and then blossom.

But Stats, do they talk? Comments talk.

So, anyways, I got over the issue of comments by realizing that I was here to ‘make friends’ and not necessarily sell anything to anybody. Why would I want to ‘sell,’ besides, I figured if that’s just boring me– don’t do it. YAY! Good decision. Another thing that happened with astrology is that people sometimes want to know and consult on things that I don’t find are deep questions (not so interesting to me). This may sound like a judgement and I’m sorry, but I was bored with the “How long will I be single?” or “When will I get over my boyfriend?” or questions that were more about manipulating life rather than facing it, developing oneself, etc. So, I knew I didn’t want to counsel any more at that point on astrology; at least, not to work with those questions. Also, I didn’t want to read people their natal chart and “tell them who they are.” I wasn’t into that style, either. Finally, I got bored of talking to globally about astrology: here’s what y’all should be feeling/seeing kind of stuff. Also, not really my style!

What about stats? Do they talk?

Yes. and. no.

Stats are silent and do not tell you “VALUE.” They are valuable only if you can put a number or quantity to each stat (so more stats need to be added to make stats meaningful–math people, I know yah feel me. But if you and me are anything alike–we don’t want to be a stat. Stats are how big organizations make decisions. Stats are used in public policy. Stats are big trends. But in a small world, how much do you think stats talk? Does looking at stats help you to value your own blog? Do you judge others by their stats or comment #s? It doesn’t for me. If it did–I would have stopped in 2011, the same year that I started.

However, I have gotten tremendous value from blogging. This is something that someone looking at stats, would never see. Blogging is my background, it’s my thing I do no matter what. I’m in love with blogging even more than I ever was. Why? Because:

People talk. People are fascinating. People are awesome! I am here, because of you!!! So if you are getting bored with blogging, I hope I can entice you to keep doing what you are doing, and let the moment pass. You will fall in-love AGAIN.

The reason for my REBLOGATHON in November is many. The first reason, is that I am celebrating my blog that built from March 2011 re-birthdayed in August 2022 (near my birthday) and I want to go back… and celebrate my purpose for being here. Please join me. Share your favorites.

What do you think about stats? Do they motivate you, or vice versa? Let’s be real. Please. Love you.

photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio

For anyone who read my first post with the all those typos: I am sorry. I had way too many of them. Hopefully most of them are fixed now.

Loving ache

My body is a gorgeous contour of land

with hills and springs

and valleys;

its slopes are shifts of light and shadow,

dualities of majestic flow.

My hair is soft and flowing; unbroken,



My feet are lightship anchors, gravity defiers–

alien technology

The moat that is my aura is filled with precisely designed

drawbridges, high-quality transparent, translucent material

that bulges and and softens

I am made of all colors of the rainbow

from seneca red to deep sea purple urchin,

and my heart reflects that loving ache that exists everywhere.

** While I plan for our ReBlogathon in the back of my head– where is that anyways, exactly!? (because there’s a whole detailed workforce there, and the secretary of my cerebellum keeps the grace in order with keeping my body moving in space, while my thalamus selectively tosses all the mail in its properly labeled boxes) I figured out what my first reblog will be. I haven’t made a schedule yet. What will yours be? Will I make a schedule (that I’m not planning to share)? I don’t know yet.

❤ With Aroha and Aloha —–

Looking forward to that Scorpio Solar eclipse…. the sensuality oozes. It’s time to take a deep dive! For me, it means returning to all that I am.

one. slow. carefully placed step. at. a. time.

Savoring this immersion into November. But! I don’t want to miss all that is ‘right now,’ so I won’t! Easy. done.

Happy Blogging, blog fam!!!

Image by Holga Jen: Here

November REBLOGATHON with extra (pumpkin) spice

Photo from Unsplash

I’ve been blogging here on WordPress for 11+ years with everyone! Some of you I met early on, even! You fill my heart with so much glee that I want to share that glee with the natural glee of the season. I plan to sprinkle the re-blogs with autumny-loveyness. Bringing my energy here–every day–

March 2011 was the inauguration of Fiestestrellas. Then on August 2011 I re-birthday-ed the blog. Now, I am actually gonna CELEBRATE the blog! This upcoming month will be filled with the joy I have been cultivating over the years. I will be picking through the best of the best in my previous posts, poems, drawings, etc. Then I will find time to blog-sprinkle with something colorful, unexpected, delightful, whimsical, or unsuspecting.

Dear friends, thank you, thank you for being on this journey with me. I know that this re-blog celebration is the just beginning. I was strongly nudged by my spiritual team to get this up and running as a pre-cursor for all that is to come at

It is so fulfilling to be here, daily, even when I am always busier than last year! 🙂 We can do this. Also, of course, I’m gonna ask you to join me. Please re-blog for the month of November. I just know you have gems sitting on those dusty blog shelves. What are your own favorite blogs? Can you fill whole month with them? Now is the time. Sparkle and sprinkle in the autumny dark spooky nights, leaf-slide deep into autumn and prepare to rock your holidays with the best bustling and amusement coming from the comfy corners of your blog home. 🙂 JOIN ME!!! Who’s in?!

Unsplash, Sincerely media, free