Astrology of Wuhan Asteroid

Please take a look at this, per Demetra George and Brenda Wilson, mainly Brenda Wilson’s observation and recording of the Wuhan asteroid discovered in 1980. Here are the well-orchestrated and outlined moments of the Wuhan asteroid with its plays against the greatly discussed Saturn/Pluto conjunction, the Mars/Jupiter square and the markets fall.

In this analysis, the Sibley chart is used for the U.S., the timeline is further outlined with Wuhan’s retrograde point at the end of May.

This is an analysis that astrologer’s do not want to miss! We are talking about and leading up to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 0 degree Aquarius ♒️ which gives way to eventually 2023-2024 Pluto ingress into Aquarius. You can’t make this stuff up!!

In brief, the asteroid Wuhan (discovered in 1980 at the Purple Mountain Observatory) entered into Capricorn in early January shortly before the Saturn Pluto conjunction. The average rate of speed for asteroids is about 1 degree every four days. Since then, it has been progressively passing over the South Node, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and Saturn. It enters Aquarius mid-April, but by the end of May turns retrograde around 4 Aquarius and passes back over Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. It turns direct at the end of August, once again contacting Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn until mid-November when it enters Aquarius for about the next four months. There it will prepare the way for the historic Jupiter Saturn conjunction near Winter Solstice.

Full Moon Virgo, March 19, 2011: Illumination

I’m putting this out there…
It’s an old write up. So much has changed since 2011. And yet I think what we can continue to look at is Virgo/Pisces in terms of this pandemic. Pisces is avoidance/distraction (or denial) and Virgo is pragmatism and focus/detail, but also anxiety. These two are always better paired. Need a little bit of both. Keep the hope alive, and be aware of the actual situation by getting clear on the facts. I have so much love for all of you at this time of great change and adjustment.

Fiesta Estrellas

Are you servicing your soul (Pisces) with your pragmatism (Virgo)?

If ‘yes,’ excellent! If ‘no’… then, who do you serve?… If you don’t serve you , then who does?

I’m looking at the full moon chart for March 19, 2011, and it’s not the easiest due to the mutable grand cross configuration involving the moon’s nodes; but, before anyone gets too carried away by being flustered: the good news is that Venus and Neptune are making very harmonious contacts. Venus (love and values) is sextile Mercury (communication and thoughts), so let’s just say that communication is active (Aries) and somewhat objective (Aquarius).  However, that’s not the whole story for communication: next to the full moon is Saturn, which tends to have a reserved or restrictive quality—meaning that you may have a meaning/need/or feeling to convey but have not the words to convey it, or you may realize you need to…

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Full Moon in Virgo

It’s been a while now since I haven’t been writing or sharing my own astrological interpretations. This aspect of my life has gone quiet for reasons of me being flooded out, I think, by so many of them out there. I think I need now to find “my own thing” again. I’m not sure what that is, but I lost my voice in this. It makes me kind of sad because it’s why I built this blog. On the other hand, I’m willing to go with the flow and accept that maybe it’s just not for me right now, and that’s okay.

That said, I enjoy the freshness of Wondergirl. I’m calling her that instead of her pedestrian name because why else would she choose that moniker? It’s fabulous. I have been occasionally catching her monthly videos and watching her grow and grow on YouTube and now her own special paid subscribers, etc. I think her take on this full moon is pretty good. Maybe later I will dig up some of my old Virgo blog posts and repost it just for the heck of it. It’s nice to know that no one is relying on me to keep the output.

gray day

Rain on the lake

activates ripples

increasingly the drops make

lashings of dimples

seagulls, pigeons and

ducks run amok

a social dynamic

wide-flapping panoramic

breeze in, breeze out,

waves up-down and about

rings along the ledges,

circled rocks, and maybe trout

a startle will break the ground

and send attendees to the sky

making a canopy of dots speckled

with abundant overfly

rain blurs the distinction

of dark to light

this gray day is heavy

but fresh and just right.

moonrise over lake

I did one of those wine drinking and art event nights. I was supposed to go with a friend who cancelled last minute because her household is sick, and she didn’t want to spread germs. This was a good move on her part; so I went alone.

The painting environment was a bit cramped, even with the vacant seat on my left. The man to my right was dangerously close to my paintbrush 🖌 and he fortunately was wearing glasses to protect him in case he wasn’t paying attention while I was working on the right side of my canvas at his eye level. He didn’t seem concerned but I had to keep apologizing for tapping him with my brush. This was mildly amusing, overall.

I preferred to drink my very tasty Bloody Mary and forwent the wine. There was music playing that was more like a dance party. This was no regular daytime painting class. The process was formulaic and fast paced. I had to work as fast as possible on the trees. The paint didn’t blend well and my brush had lumps from the previous uses. Suffice it to say that the paint wasn’t the best quality. I’ve worked with better acrylics, ones that don’t dry as fast or get as runny when you add water. But this was a fun challenge.

Even though I went by myself, I had a really good time, and I’d do it again. The more I reflect on it (no pun intended) the more I realize how much I enjoyed myself.

Jack – ?

I rarely, rarely draw random characters. This was a surprising character that came out maybe a year ago. I haven’t heard from him since. In my life, so much is whizzing by all the time. It’s neat to see if there are developments, or if someone is here to stay. It’s often a surprise…when they do.

Every day I’ve been diligently doing my Og Mandino book 📖 scroll reading (3x a day). It’s a bit tedious, but I’ve never tried to reread the same text over and over again for 30 days (as the book requires). See previous post where I mention the book.

Will we see Jack again? What do you think Jack was up to? Where was he going? Your guess will be as good as mine.

loving habitat

Today I could not find my sketch pencils ✏️. I have a lot of organizing I need to do, but currently my schedule is at maximum. As I become more efficient, I will have a new maximum. Let me remember today. Also, I am including drawings from the year 2016 when I was making an effort to be more diligent with my drawing. I am working on a number of skills simultaneously…

I am truly only seeking within, with gratitude, with freedom, with awareness.

It’s true, I believe, when I say: I love you all 💗

pilot light

takes a lot of energy
to maintain the light
under the hood

to keep the engine ready
for that moment it gets
more gas,


all might come and go so quickly
synching things up
is more of an exploration
in the tangled woodsy mix
of the dead and new leaves and
branches twisted
than a showcase for display
at an art venue where art
tries to be nature,
but is human-filtered,


in this gallery,
you can hunt and peck for
what you like–
please, find ‘something’
that you like.

does it sparkle?
or do you prefer the neglected?

we have both for sale!

Before the paint even dries

This is….


A dragon? A mountain?

Who cares- it took less than two minutes?

I’m not daunted…

I will continue on.

These are washable kids paints. It’s taking more time to post this than it did to make it. These were my favorite colors when I was a child, but at some point the yellow dropped out as a favorite color. Today I honor that yellow that “dropped out.”

when you run out of color…

There was a time once when I wouldn’t share this. But I am, because it’s a thing to do. I promised myself I’d spend at least 10 min a week doing something with line and color, no matter how far away I am from being inspired to do so, and no matter how much I’m not good at it anymore. See Janet Weight Reed for inspiration.

There are many disciplines like this that I have been developing. I am also reading an Og Mandino book “The Greatest Salesman.” It’s a series of scrolls that each have to be read for 30 days. I am on scroll 1, day 2.

A patient of mine came in with the book last week, and I had the perfect book recommendation for him. This was the book the patient had just finished. He casually showed me. I immediately knew this book was on my “sign up” list.

This image looks less like a glass and more like one of those coil pots you make in kindergarten and then don’t know what to do with once your done, so you give it to your mom to cherish.

I immediately ran out of the light blue color. It’s an electrolyte drink (no sugar) very good-great for hydrating yourself. Electrolytes are so important for me. My blog is never to be used to diagnose or for any information about healthcare. It is only for entertainment purposes only.

Introducing The Vedic Astrology Cards!

I have never met a person in my life of knowing mystics, psychics, or spiritually focused/devoted peoples who is more industrious or productive than Julianne Victoria. I’m considering getting this deck – but I have a lot on my plate already! I don’t know how she does everything she does, but maybe some of her abilities and vibes are in the cards! In any event: take a look and appreciate them with me! Maybe you might be interested in her products!

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The Buy Nothing Project — Discover

The Buy Nothing Project is wonderful! It’s based on local communities and gifting culture. It’s even more important when you have kids and you need to gift (to remove things from your home and make space, or ask for things that you only need temporarily.) Also, it builds a sense of community and community awareness. This is one of the best new developments I’ve seen so far in terms of economy.

I just wanted to bring this to peoples’ awareness in my blog community – so you can find Buy Nothing Project(s) nearby you.

Buy Nothing Project groups divert materials from our landfills and oceans as hundreds of items are re-homed each day. Groups dedicated to giving away used items are in place around the world — find your local group today!

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Feeling good

don’t underestimate yourself

once you cross that line
in that sand of trials
you build momemtum
and when that happens,
nothing can pause you for too long

nothing can stop you

you know yourself
you are clear

it’s in your breath,
it’s in your training

you know how to count in the only
way that matters to you.

you know what you did before,
and keep watching yourself
transcend where you were.

all your energy is working for you,
no distractions
oneness in body, mind,
and soul.

close your eyes and just imagine
this is your new beginning,
and it has all your past practice,
with the joy of discovery

you are really on your path
see your feet on the ground
feel the wind in your hair
run for fun.

dance with freedom in your lungs!

corresponding to the New Moon in Aquarius