The Sound of Crickets, Hafiz, and the Moon

Lately, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting a most lovely cricket. For me, the presence of a cricket (inside my house) and right next to me on the couch, is usually a sign. Yes, this has happened to me before, but not exactly in the same way. I have no idea how he got inside, but I did coax him out. I want him to live!

The night he was singing the loudest, I was writing, and I needed the support. I was reaching within myself for my inner voice, feeling for it, digging deep, and really just trying to use words evenly. Crickets are special. This cricket may even be my ancestor.

In China, people have been known to keep crickets as pets.

ImageWatercolor by Qi Baishi (1864–1957)

This morning I awoke at 4:30am.  My body/mind/spirit wants to move deeper into my spiritual practice. I received the message that this is what I am going to be doing now. I’ve been nudged. Now it’s up to me to “go with it.” By 5:00am, I decided to go for a walk, and it was a little bit on the chilly side. Yes, I live in sunny California, so when it’s dark – I get sensitive to the cold.

I turned to head back home, and there it was: the brilliant, large, glowing moon. I felt like I could walk to it… and maybe even hug it.

Full moon photo via Lee Capps.
Full moon photo via Lee Capps.


Also, this morning, I opened a box of special books that were in storage (I was looking for the Secret of the Golden Flower), and I found this poem by Hafiz, that I’d like to share with you:

I Took It as a Sign

Someone sent a band to my house,

And it started playing

At five in the morning.

I took this as a sign

God wanted me to sing!

Then the moon joined in

And a few of the tenor-voiced stars,

And the earth offered its lovely belly

As a drum.

Before I knew it,

I realized

All human beings could be happy

If they just had a few music lessons

From a Sweet Old Maestro

Like Hafiz

‘Mothering,’ January 15, 2014, Full Moon in Cancer



Zodical Cancer as an Archetype

The archetype of Cancer is a nurturing energy that seeks to care for and protect the young ones by focusing on the “roots” of the living, and housing the growing spirit (seed) in a protective structure like a shell, or deep within the earth. Cancer is one of the 3 water elements in Western astrology. The other two are Scorpio and Pisces.


Water Element in Chinese Philosophy/Medicine 

In traditional Chinese medicine, winter is the season for strengthening the water element. “The Kidney Qi rules in the winter, a time when living things are contracted with cold. Like a seed deep in the cold ground, Qi is dormant, waiting for the time to sprout.”  

Water energy is a generative force in the lower belly or lower Dantian, the sea of Qi, also known as the “the golden stove.” About 3 finger widths below the belly button, this center of balance and gravity is one of the focal points for meditation and Qi Gong practice. It is said that our Prenatal (Yuang Jing) is housed in our lower Dantian, interacting with the Kidney energies and forming Kidney Jing.

“When the Kidney Qi is strong, a person is fearless, determined, and can endure many hardships in pursuit of their goals. Persevering by will power is characteristic of those with strong Kidney Qi. Longevity is also considered to be associated with healthy Kidney Qi, signified by large, elongated ear lobes, like those of the Buddha.”

“In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Kidney energy is also said to be responsible for healthy teeth, bones, and bone marrow. Because the ancient Chinese medical scholars considered the brain and spinal cord to be extensions of the bone marrow, the Kidney is thought to rule over the skeletal structure and function and, consequently, over intelligence, reason, perception, and memory.”


Western Astrological Correspondences

In Western Astrology, the sign of Cancer is associated with memory and the retention of water. It rules areas such as the mammary glands and the abdomen. Its complementary sign in Capricorn is associated with the structural components of life, such as bones and teeth.

During a full moon, the Sun is in the opposite sign from the Moon. Therefore, we can learn something from looking at the interaction of both archetypal signs, the signs for both the Sun and the Moon. In this case, it is the complementary (and opposite) signs of Cancer and Capricorn.  Also, looking at the Chinese traditional understanding of the water element sheds light on the existing focal point for strengthening our bodies and spirits during the season of winter.



September 19, 2013 Full Moon in Pisces: Harvest Moon

The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is Pisces 27: “A Harvest Moon”

The full moon takes place at 4:13A (PDT) and 7:13A (EDT)

The theme is about the collective and social dynamics of working together. What does that mean? Pisces/Virgo is the harmonizing axis for intuition, compassion, practicality, and being of service (not to be confused with servitude!).

Noticing at this lunation that we have some other challenging or “creativity-making” astrological aspects (cardinal cross, transiting Saturn conjunct Venus transiting the north node) let us be mindful of what we have worked for and created, envisioned, and have some gratitude for that process, and recognize our ability to make a difference. To BE a difference in the health and well-being of us all.


This is where we make God (with a capital ‘G’) come to earth through our own actions of service and of love. Recognizing the need for more patience in the world (be more patient), lending a hand (hold the door for someone), lending your ear, or your shoulder- without the brownie points – because no one saw you, because you love someone 🙂

With Virgo/Pisces in balance, a person just doesn’t go out looking for a cause, or looking for someone else to have a problem they can solve, a person sees that it’s the tiny little assistance that makes all the difference in the experience for most of us. It’s the connecting. You can even hold courage for someone, hold faith, and hold confidence in them. The best way of helping sometimes is to let someone do something by themselves and let them find the courage within. So compassion and service expresses in many ways.

Employed or not, physically capable or not (sick or healthy), everyone is contributing to the vision (Pisces) of humanity. That means that everyone is working!! If you don’t realize the impact you already making, then you can’t make an impact! It is our collective efforts that bring health, healing, vision, and purpose to the planet.

Look around, a lot of people are really trying their best. Both Virgo and Pisces make the difference on earth, molding and envisioning, like the mutable water and clay they represent being earth and water signs. High intuition, vision, and the culmination of things made real. It’s so necessary for us to look outside with compassion – and hold it within, too. There’s but a hair of a difference between us all…

Saturn conjunct Venus in Scorpio: Serious

This aspect makes relationships less demonstrative, and more serious. Saturn brings business wherever he goes. He’s the teacher, Chronos, father-time. Saturn restricts us so that we learn things like discipline and determination, even self-determination. Venus is money, values, relationships. Saturn can stifle or be too rigid, authoritative, or overly critical about anything he touches. Saturn can also *stabilize* and bring security to anything he touches. Saturn appears when someone’s in it for the “long-haul” or the long term picture.

A conjunction is about the energies of both Venus and Saturn being infused with one another ~as with all conjunctions, the energy acts in unison but not always on the same note, if yah know what I mean 😉 ~ Sometimes these energies don’t blend well in our lives, but when they do blend well, effort (and sometimes struggle) materializes into form or reward (Venus, money, Bravo!, positive-feelings). The last time that Venus was conjunct Saturn was at the end of November, last year, 2012, in the sign of Scorpio. The next time that Venus will be in conjunction with Saturn will be the end of November 2014 in Scorpio. After that, Saturn enters Sagittarius, in December, 2014. Saturn will not transit Scorpio again for another 28-30 years. If you’ve heard of Saturn’s return, you’ll know that a Saturn cycle is roughly that time frame. Following the Venus/Saturn cycle in Scorpio, is a Venus/Saturn cycle in Sagittarius. Since Saturn is the “slower moving” (further away from Earth) planet, it occupies the sign for a longer period of time. Therefore, its effects are longer lasting.

August 20, 2013 Full Moon in Aquarius



The Water Bearer

Enter this full moon in Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer. Aquarius is an air sign, and as such, it represents the intellect. Aquarius unlike Leo (the heart sign) represents the love of reason, an impersonal love which values objectivity. Like the other air signs, it goes well with Gemini (knowledge) and Libra (justice). Aquarius is interested in the goodness or the humanist aspect of mankind but not so much just in terms of philosophy. Instead, it’s more of an empathy of understanding.  As ‘the water bearer’, Aquarius supplies mankind with the tools of the divine, the endless supply of the ‘god substance’ within.

This full moon conjuncts the planet Neptune, which sits in the early degrees of Pisces (the sign that it rules, and where it feels quite comfortable). Back in April 2010, and then again in October 2010, Neptune transited the same degree of Aquarius. Therefore, this full moon is energized with the energy of Neptune’s transit, and this transcendent degree that is final degree of Aquarius. Everything about this Full Moon speaks culmination. In fact, the sabian symbol for Aquarius 29 is “A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.”

Today as I was at Balboa Park in San Diego, California (where the Sabian symbols were once channeled back in the 1920s) a beautiful butterfly landed nearby and climbed up onto my hand. It sat in my palm for a little over a minute, enough time for me to get plenty of photographs with it. As I reflected on the beautiful monarch, a little inner voice said as if from the butterfly herself, “Don’t be afraid…I am aware of you, and you are aware of me…let’s have a minute together.”

What has come full term for you at this full moon?

(“Water Bearer” image is by artist Raina Gentry and more can be viewed at the following location: )

Closest Full Moon (Most Super!) until August 2014

FULL MOON in Capricorn

(originally posted on June 24th at my blog site.)

Here I am taking a look at the chart for today. Every day has its own signature, so to speak. Pay attention to the days after a full moon and tell me if you feel a release. There’s some anxiety building up to the full moon (especially one like this), and then, things start to settle. You may have never believed it at the time, but they do. And if they haven’t settled for you yet, they will. It all depends on how and where you experience “the wave.” Here’s what’s so cool about what this full moon: it coincided with and sort of “left behind” this super amazing triangle. This super amazing SUMMER triangle. I hope you all enjoyed the Solstice on June 21. 

Super Summer Triangle

If you’re feeling the richness of your emotions, well, you can thank the sun in the nutrient rich sign of Cancer. Cancer is the sign of the mother. She is our true provider and caretaker in her best light, and “she” is conjuct Jupiter. Jupiter is a planetary symbol that inflates absolutely everything it touches. It’s going to be spending some time in Cancer soon, but for now, Jupiter is in Gemini. Have you had TONS of communication lately? If not, well, maybe all that has been brainpower. One thing is most likely: you’re more aware of your nervous system in some way. So, we have Sun (Life Essence) next to Jupiter (ideology or faith, optimism). Jupiter is squaring the North Node, perhaps this abundance is not the KIND of abundance you were hoping for, nevertheless, admit to the abundance 🙂  It’s abundance. If you’ve got gobs of good stuff going on, yes, by all means… live it up! We’ve got the moon (emotions) opposite mercury (thoughts). Are we seeing how our emotions really seem to affect our thoughts? How many near scares did you have this full moon before you realized that it was just “in your head” and all turned out okay? So, we are growing! The Sun (life essence) is opposite Pluto (transformation). Pluto was just hanging out with the full moon in the sign of Capricorn.  How do you feel about the structure of things? Does the way things are structured in your life help or hinder the way things flow?

This summer triangle is likely to help you work on “having” some more fun!  Here’s why: We’ve got a triangle formed by 3 points: Sun, Saturn, and Neptune. Neptune is the ocean, our dreams. Neptune is also our illusions. So, how do we know the difference? What’s real and what is a dream? Well, work with these energies that are in your life right now. Ask yourself, what is it that you really want.  What is it that you really, really want? Then, see what comes next. Let yourself know what you really want, and then all the right questions will pop up. It’s your job (Saturn) to answer the questions that come up – those things that stand in the way of your dreams. Remember, keep it fun. Keep it in the spirit of fun. I think Jupiter wants you to do that 🙂

Full Super Moon, Lunar Eclipse May 25, 2013

(this post was converted from my blog at – it was originally published on May 25, 2013)

This full moon, super moon, (in fact ‘super’ in astronomical terms) takes place on May 25th, 2013. In astrological terms, this full moon will be in the sign of Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is the sign of wisdom. Wisdom’s counterpart is knowledge, or Gemini.

This moon illuminates the wheat from the chaff. After this moon, it will be easier to make decisions about what gets your energy and what does not. Let us be clear in our intention (Sagittarius) to sow better seeds (Gemini). Those seeds can be words or deeds, and they can also be seeds of inspiration that we plant. The full moon shows us what we have already planted, or have neglected to nourish.

The gardener watches all of this with detached observation, has some faith in his or her intention, and plants again with higher knowledge (Sagittarius) – the wisdom that comes from experience. Let’s try to do that with our thoughts, and our deeds.

Spend some time tonight and look up at the stars. Soak up the cosmos in a single, deep breath. Take a moment to embrace the silence of that deep knowing without mind or thought. The ultimate pregnancy is in swelling silence and expansion. Be an empty vessel, filled up by love itself.  Just for today, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Just step off of it completely…

Sabian Symbol

An old owl perched high up in a tree.

Full Moon Virgo, March 19, 2011: Illumination

Are you servicing your soul (Pisces) with your pragmatism (Virgo)?

If ‘yes,’ excellent! If ‘no’… then, who do you serve?… If you don’t serve you , then who does?

I’m looking at the full moon chart for March 19, 2011, and it’s not the easiest due to the mutable grand cross configuration involving the moon’s nodes; but, before anyone gets too carried away by being flustered: the good news is that Venus and Neptune are making very harmonious contacts. Venus (love and values) is sextile Mercury (communication and thoughts), so let’s just say that communication is active (Aries) and somewhat objective (Aquarius).  However, that’s not the whole story for communication: next to the full moon is Saturn, which tends to have a reserved or restrictive quality—meaning that you may have a meaning/need/or feeling to convey but have not the words to convey it, or you may realize you need to say something, but can’t quite get the big picture (Jupiter) to fit with just words, so what to do… ?

Let it be

Here’s where Neptune, a planet making harmonious aspects to the moon’s nodes, comes in—use its better energies: surrender your issues to a higher-power for resolution. The moment you release to Spirit though, is the moment you have to make your senses very acute and await a reply. That’s right, it doesn’t mean your job is done just because you’ve surrendered your worries and issues. It means you’ve requested help, and then you listen keenly/watch very perceptively for your reply. One more thing: you have to honestly want that answer, whatever it is. Be willing to accept it.

Sun opposite moon

Now it’s tough to say all this, and get away with it, simply because there are so many factors of “affect” going on in the sky currently. Uranus is newly in Aries and very close to the transiting Sun, but not officially conjunct (or joining energies) with the sun yet (March 21st 2011). Uranus is worth mentioning because wherever he is in the sky, usually coincides with very unpredictable events—real wild-card surprises. Usually the purpose of his symbolism is to bring your awareness into a greater expression of humanity, usually in terms of “setting free” and “individuating” certain aspects of your life. So during this full moon, Uranus is on the Sun’s side.  The Moon however (in opposition to the Sun, as is perceived with a full moon) is on the same side of the tracks as Saturn. Emotions are challenged. Our life-force wants to be set free, but our sense of security wants to stay right where it is. For Virgo, this could be with health or with work.

The full moon could be in any house

As you know from my previous blog, a full moon brings forth new knowledge or illumination to the area of the chart where it occurs.  For example, if the moon became full in your 7th house (astro-terminology)—that would be the house that indicates “other,” one-to-one relationships, marriage or business partners.  Or, depending on your birth chart, the full moon could occur in your 4th house, having to do with things home-related, projects coming to culmination in the house. You see, it depends on “where” a planet is transiting with regard to your natal configuration.

Other clues about the days on or around March 19th?

We can, however, think back to December 21, 2010, when we had the Total Lunar Eclipse.  Do you remember the days before Christmas? This was the winter solstice which happened to coincide with a total eclipse of the moon at the last degree of Gemini, a point that this full moon will be squaring (in difficult angle). When there is a difficult angle, say a “square,” this can bring friction or creativity. The choice is yours. Just be aware that somewhere the flow has a kink in it. Find it and make the best of it. For example, did you begin thinking up New Year’s resolutions that it’s time now for you to refer back to?

Opportunity to grow more deeply

I’ve got more good news: Jupiter is very close to Mercury so you will be growing and learning intellectually. You’ll be more aware of the bigger picture, and the ramifications of your current beliefs. My only caution to you with this aspect is to watch that you don’t overdo something with words, or by expression of too much over-confidence. Jupiter has the ability to enlarge concepts and make them very grand.  Since Mercury will be squaring Pluto your thoughts and conversations will likely be serious and go deep beneath the surface. It all depends on your natal aspects, and how the planetary arrangements/archetypes have worked on your psychology throughout your years.


One thing is certain: the future is not fixed, and how everything looks right now may be very different from how it looks tomorrow, or the day after. Get in touch with your deep intuition (Neptune in Pisces). Again, this is the good side of Neptune ! Which will be heading back into Pisces on April 4th, 2011, the sign it rules—home at last.  Sometimes tapping into your source is your only real safety against an unknown future.

With Love and Gratitude ~