Uranus Square Pluto to help us Re-Pattern: (2013-2015)

Uranus Square Pluto to help us Re-Pattern: (2013-2015)

Carpe Diem

There has never been a better time to change the deeply-ingrained patterns that run our lives. The universe is doing this for us anyways, as we are currently being called to deeper and deeper levels of awareness. This experience need not always be full of pain and resistance. In fact, we may even find unique ways to re-pattern, bringing ease into our lives where we may never have imagined possible.

If you can feel it building:  May 21, 2013 is our next exact aspect.   It’s building.  

See if you notice any existing patterns in your life around these dates involved prior to today and see if you help yourself balance the energies within yourself and note themes in your life around these dates.

Uranus square Pluto (2013-2015)

Dates for exact aspect
Uranus square Pluto June 24 2012 – 8 degrees
Uranus square Pluto September 19 2012 – 6 degrees
Uranus square Pluto May 21 2013 – 11 degrees
Uranus square Pluto November 1 2013 – 9 degrees
Uranus square Pluto April 21 2014 – 13 degrees
Uranus square Pluto December 15 2014 – 12 degrees
Uranus square Pluto March 17 2015 – 15 degrees

Uranus in Aries

Uranus doesn’t want to be like everyone else, he is the archetypal maverick. His wants FREEDOM to be himself, to experiment, to be irregular, to be unpredictable, and to be ‘in the moment.’ This is why Uranus’s presence is known to bring flashes of insight and highlights of brilliance or enlightenment.


Stop.  Take a moment. What is authentic here? With the Uranian theme, being an individual counts towards the good of the collective. One does not act for the good of the collective (because one may not know what that good is), one acts for oneself (which coincidentally is good for the collective). One acts from inspiration (Aries).


Oh yes, and of course, Uranus is the ruler of the sign Aquarius, the gift of friendship, equality, objectivity, and detachment. The PURPOSE for bringing together the like-minded is for the common good. If you are feeling the push to make some real progress on things deeply inspiring to you, the universe is on your side.


In Aries, Uranus is even more of a maverick and appears ‘self-ish,’ or that is, without ‘self-consciousness.’ Really, re-read that previous sentence. It can get esoteric but it’s pretty simple: be yourself – it’s good for everyone 🙂


Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto, once deemed a “planet,” shows us a deep capacity for archetypal transformation. If you’ve followed any of Carl Jung’s writing on the collective consciousness, you may have stumbled across ‘the shadow.’ Now according to Carl Jung this shadow doesn’t necessarily mean the icky dark things (bad mojo) in all respects, it’s pretty comprehensive. The shadow represents all that is unseen from the viewpoint of the individual. Therefore, the shadow holds both the good and bad.  Whew!  Ain’t that a relief!  What skeletons in your closet are maybe really pretty, friendly, loving skeletons after all – happy, dancing skeletons?


One method for seeing into the shadow, capturing a glimpse of it, is in looking at our attitudes towards others. Is he or she always irritating you in a certain way?  Well, now you’ve just looked into the mirror. This is why the ‘Shadow’ tends to get a lot of people ‘running away’ from it. Who wants to see that?  On the other hand, for every bad, there’s likely to be at least, if not more (even if you don’t believe me) one good there. Look for it.  Maybe you are jealous of someone. Maybe you are just seeing a side of yourself that you wish to claim and embody in your own life. What can you empower yourself to see in yourself that you projected onto others?

Stepping out of the shadow and looking at the ‘Uranus Square Pluto’ aspect shows us that energies are intensely transformative right now, make the best of it. That which you resist persists. My often best repeated words of advice, and I have no idea who said it first, “take nothing personally.”    Many blessings 🙂