Mixed bag of Wishes Freed — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon Day 19)

what’s in my little satchel? freeing the ‘ever i was’ and ‘always will be,’ as are you. updating, electrifying characteristic of total love i will read with excitement and travel through all those moments of reciprocity while i am busy, and then scale up-down into that once solid core of molten awesomeness that flows and […]

Mixed bag of Wishes Freed — Fiesta Estrellas

There’s a story about that feather. It was the first I received on my shamanic path that I didn’t know I was on. A few years before the feathers, it was books that magically showed up along my path at random places–it would seem. One of my best friends from childhood must have known I was on the path, though, because she had even given me a book called, “Path of the Feather.” I do not remember if I started receiving the feathers before or after she gave me this book as a present. I lost track of that book, sadly, with the moves, but I am thinking about it now. Maybe I will find it in storage at some point.

Feather gift:

When I was driving through a very rural area into a long driveway for my Census Bureau job back in 2010, this very, very large turkey feather landed right on my windshield, right near my view. I had to stop the car and get out and get it. It was during this time that I just moved back to an area of Eastern PA after quitting my technology job in Western PA. I was in a place of rediscovery, and I was also experiencing some depression. I was reconnecting with older roots, but not on the terms I exactly wanted to. I was surrendering, big time–that’s what surrender is–

This turkey feather became my first smudge feather. It was obvious that was its intended purpose, shortly afterward. I think one of my magical friends at the time helped me to see that, but I don’t remember that part clearly. For many months and a couple of years afterward, I received a feather at my special park each time I would visit, until it culminated into a series of hawk feathers that matured into the red-tailed one. It happened each time very consistently. It was again, an obvious message. I was also praying to the goddess and acknowledging HER for the first time. There’s a longer story here, but I’m not going to just write about it on a whim. Here is my post for the day. It’s titled, “Mixed bag of wishes freed.”

I am experiencing another period of complete surrender. This time without the depression, which is pretty nice. I know my path is already written for me. I walk it, and I write it. It has been written for me, by me, before. I haven’t stopped walking this guided path since this particular feather came into my life, in the most obvious way, and made me see. There have been times when my devotion and commitment wavered, and that is part of the process of the deepening. My roots are going so deep, they have penetrated deep, deep into her core. She and I are mother oneness.

I am releasing all this energy now, anything left over. I’m sending it up to the heavens, and I’m sending it down into the ground.

I am freeing myself of everything, every goal, every vision.

I am aligned with now.