Mixed bag of Wishes Freed

what’s in my little satchel?
freeing the ‘ever i was’ and
‘always will be,’ as are you.

updating, electrifying
characteristic of total love
i will read with excitement
and travel through all those

of reciprocity
while i am busy,
and then scale up-down
into that once solid core of molten

that flows and roars
and sparks and lives, feisty-like
and friendly-like a happy
tail-wagging you know who.

Ka Malana Β©2018


When I was much younger than I am now (although I do feel like I am getting younger), I attended an undergraduate bachelor program and dual majored Anthropology & Art History and I got a film studies certificate. If I were to be doing ‘right now’ everything that I ever started (in order to finish it? – hopefully never), I wouldn’t be visiting your blogs, or etc., So – I learned over time that ‘little by little’ was the only way I could release the sharing valve in a way that didn’t tear up my own eyes and cloud my mind, so that I could continue to “allow in,” at the same time, more grace, as I try to release gradually all that energy that I’ve been consolidating within my being – and has been taking up space.

That said, I used to decorate some of my college notebooks.Then there are more sketches and forays…


I’ve needed to upgrade my own website for a while, but it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list, as I am in school/clinic now in a busy and rigorous graduate program, being an intern (trying to be that best one of me that I can be), and that is demanding pretty much all of my heart and soul (and body). I have understated that, or perhaps not. My blog is a tip of my proverbial iceberg, and I love what I do here. I use it to empty out what has been stored away, and is ready to transform.

Sometimes this arises in the form of poetry, sometimes it arises in the sharing of others’ work, or my photography, or the astrology that build Fiestaestrellas.com. Sometimes I just want to dazzle or delight, as I am receiving the same from so much Source at once! Thank you: Uranus moving into Taurus! Thank you New Moon! Thank you Mercury! Thank you Goddess/God/Spirit etc.

There’s a story about everything here, and some memories I have forgotten ~ for sure. But in every detail there is a whisper, a reminder, an impression, and a hint of a flavor or a smell, or an experience….

**The Gecko from the Temple at Lawaii International Center – where one can tour the 88 shrines, has made it to the page** He/she adds something very new…. and a warm welcome to all passers by… I met him/her and he/she is a gem. So that’s why the photo, I suppose.

**This and all published pages are subject to updates at any time, and may or may not become private at the author’s sole discretion.

11 thoughts on “Mixed bag of Wishes Freed

  1. I love the notebook decorations that remind me I used to doodle on mine in college. Those doodlings can add up – little by little. That’s how we move forward or sideways or wherever we want to go with rests in the sun like the gecko until it’s time for flowing and roaring with sparks flying. I’m excited for you about your graduate program and internship! Take care of you, too!

    1. Thank you, JoAnna
      I think it was my excitement about learning and art, and human condition… so glad that you could connect and remember your notebooks, too. ‘Process’ is rarely a straight-shot road. Thank you for your excitement. I worked my way up from assisting to having assistants, so its quite a transition for me. ‘Intern’ is my level in the program. Then, it’s senior intern, boards, and I’m done with this ‘leg’ of the journey, with continuing classes forever. I’ve been working on combining a number of different processes and spending a lot of time in personal integration. I am doing the best i can to take care of me, but realizing that there’s personal sacrifice involved in this path no matter how ‘good’ i am to me.

  2. I can relate to the glory of unfinished business, Ka. Haha! Your creativity is a delight to behold and I’m so glad you take the time to share it here. It is a source of joy and inspiration, as you are. Happy wanderings. Until we next have a moment in between all the rest…


    1. Thanks Michael, you know ~ so good to be un-alone in that sense! Thank you so much for finding some creativity and delight here. It would be a bit sad if all my treasures dumped onto the screen were passed by as nothingness, but such is life at times. We know the depth of the value that we derive from living the life ‘as is.’ Happy wanderings indeed and I am so grateful for your moments of kindness here. Until next we meet… enjoying this privilege to be alive! πŸ˜€

  3. Hi Ka.. I have been away too, love your new look and sometimes we need to take time out to create.. We both need our creative time, be it in our artwork or our gardens..
    Wishing you well dear friend in all that you do. to be all that you are.. We are finding our true selves right now.. and its an exciting process when we honour the flow. ❀ xx

    1. I find that creation happens along the way πŸ™‚πŸ¦‹ as we move about and even when we rest, we allow what we’ ve co-manifested to unfurl like ferns in the springtime. 🌸 exciting to think of the possible hedgehog πŸ¦” babies over in your garden.

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