Vernal Equinox, March 20 2011

Vernal Equinox, Sun conjoins Uranus in Aries


At the vernal equinox, we have a 12/12 situation: 12 hours of day, and 12 hours of night. This happens every year on the first day of spring.  Uranus, known as master of invention, and brilliance with electricity and magical displays of power, inspired from above—will be smack-dab next to our very own nuclear-reactor Sun. The sun has a special place in our astrological charts. Its solar fusion is a metaphor for our own spiritual engine—that mechanism “lighting up” our lives. At this time, our consciousness is like 50/50. We’ve got the light shining on things we are aware of, but we aren’t aware of it all.

Vernal Equinox Chart

Woohoo!  Ok, here we go:  A big square into Sun conjunct Uranus. Where’s the tension? Where’s the creativity needed? It’s all around us (squaring the nodes of the moon). We realize that we are going through this tension with those around us.  Saturn is hobnobbing with the moon. Restrictions are coming from security needs and beliefs about love and values, maybe even material things (Saturn conjunct Moon, trine Venus). This energy is stabilizing the Saturn/Moon to Sun/Uranus opposition.  What’s favored by the universe in this “stand-off” is the Sun/Uranus point because it’s right at the vernal equinox point. Here’s your ticket. Go for the ride. Be a free bee and buzz around the beautiful flowers that shall spring. Since the Planet Neptune is trine to the South Node and sextile to the North Node, you need to trust your intuitive answers right now more than anything else. A sextile (60 degrees) aspect is more constructive than a trine aspect (120 degrees), which means that you have to work a tiny bit to get the benefits, but this is easy work.  Whereas, the trine aspect, indicates absolute flow.


Your psychology, your power, your deepest capability to bring forth transformation: this is based at the vernal equinox’s 4th house part of the chart. Our home, our roots, and the soil that nurtures whatever we wish to plant into our lives herein lies. Make your soil very fertile now, allow what needs to decay fall away, so that it can provide fodder for the new little greenlings we are expecting to emerge this spring.  We know this is not easy, for we have tenderness under what we protect. That is okay, also. Let nature do its thing and clean up the ground for you. We have “April rain” for a reason, so I am suggesting let tears come through as they may. When we sacrifice our current position we are giving an offering to the gods. The gods live through us. All life is purposeful and all life is remembered in our hearts. Our dear Japanese friends and all of our losses, financial, emotional, relational, are actually gifts. Difficult to see. Difficult to know, but the key word is reverence. Let’s be tender and delicate with full life-awareness.


It’s tough to achieve, but the only thing truly worth the work. Today is an appropriate day for meditation, for a pause. Ground yourself as much as possible for the energy of Uranus is electrical. We want to be able to manage it. Also, be with others, as yourself. This day individuality (Sun and Uranus) is and the vernal equinox is a seed planting time. Be dutiful and pure in your intention to plants the seeds in your life that your heart wants to see be born.

Love is always~

4 thoughts on “Vernal Equinox, March 20 2011

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t understand much of what you write about the planets. However, you write very delicate and deep advice in beautiful symbols. I’d like to collect all the symbols into a bouquet!

    1. Thanks! I copy this blog over from where my readers are very astrologically inclined. In the near future, I’m hoping to expand and provide more information, as well as supply links to sites that I’ve come to appreciate for their easy-to-use tools and well-organized lessons. I appreciate your kind words–best of all that they conjure up the fragrance of springtime!

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