Scorpio Full Moon

Full Moon in Scorpio, May 17, 2011 (As occurring on Kauai, Hawaii @ 1:09am, may be the 18th elsewhere)

Look back. Don’t go back.   

The moon shines at night, it is reflecting the conscious light of the sun; and Moon, she takes her shape from the positions of the Earth and Sun as they inform her own position. The moon, then, represents the unconscious, fertile, and form-making aspect of our lives. It is at Scorpio, then, that we begin to prune and tend to our gardens created by what we planted at the Taurus new moon. We start to see our intentions taking shape. Scorpio, the opposite sign of Taurus, is about shared resources, the earth’s resources, debts, obligations, and other people’s money. Financial questions are on the forefront at this time and so with them is our relationship to other people, material value, and to the earth herself as a resource.

Dig for Gold

Scorpio is the sign of the scorpion. She can sting with her tail. Her sting penetrates—which is the key function of the sign of Scorpio: penetration. Scorpio saturates and is saturated by everything that she is in relationship with. What she brings to the table is the up-surging of subterranean drives, and the emotional richness of connection and intimacy. She, also, expresses herself through transactions, of sexuality or money—even energy—from the deepest upwelling of underlying passion. She is out of control, or, always in control. She’s past the Libran balance of here *and* there simultaneously. Scorpio is all-in. That is why Scorpio charges the air with magnetic power. Swift and smart, deep and hidden, yet guileless when she goes for the jugular, that is Scorpio. If she is in her most pristine form, she will cleanse you of everything-transform your destructive nature into absolute creative power, for she provides the emotional richness of connection, deep, reverent union. Instinctual and animalistic is her power, once released, it is explosive. Form (Taurus) is Re-formed (Scorpio).

Squaring Neptune

With this full moon, we have a T-square aspect (two, 90 degree angles) with the planet Neptune. That is, the Sun is opposite the Moon, and both bodies are squaring Neptune in Pisces. Here we must use our energy and soul essence (Sun) for spiritual purposes (Neptune), surrendering all our conscious drive for wholeness *and* our unconscious, emotional body for transcendence.  Both male and female must re-configure. We must give away or purge (Scorpio) our illusions (Neptune) about spirituality. Surrender (Neptune) our constructions and any ‘it must be this way’ thought-forms (Saturn) to intimately deepen with the power (Scorpio) of the unformed—that which springs up from unlimited origins (Neptune).

Do not let issues from the past bubble up and tell you how the future will be. The past is only one channel that leads into the future, giving ourselves the power of interpretation and using psychological mastery (Scorpio), we can re-frame the past into one which allows for the future of your choice.  Know that the source that makes the future is far more limitless and undetermined than our minds would like us to think with our thoughts about what the past was.

With the Moon and Sun squaring Neptune there is a tendency to get confused. Be forewarned but do not forlorn because you are aware of this transit, you have come to the crossroads of another decision to cut through (Scorpio) the illusion, confusion, deception, and penetrate the fog of confusion (Neptune).

 The Bottom Line

Renew your commitment to cutting out the dross within your own psyche, forge a new path with your will-to-faith that confusion and limitation is temporary *and* transformative. You have forged a new path for yourself when you surrender to the process of your own spirit, emerging out of old form into new form.

3 thoughts on “Scorpio Full Moon

  1. Reblogged this on Fiesta Estrellas and commented:

    Hello Everyone,

    Happy Scorpio Full Moon May 3-4 2015!! We’ll be celebrating Wesak and Beltane as we settle into our new home. Lots to do yet!!

    My internet was down for a couple of days due to some service provider issues related to our move. I am glad to be back! I want to thank all my new followers/readers! I look forward to visiting you very soon 🙂 Also, very nearly, my “Spring Break” is ending; and, I’ll be back to the regular, happy grind! During all this busyness, I’ve been more inspired than ever! There’s a lot going on under the surface for me – and some upcoming plans for travel in Los Angeles in a couple of months.

    This post is a re-blog from an earlier post I wrote on the Scorpio Full Moon. There’s a lot in here that’s still very meaningful to read, and in alignment with the times. It was a very popular blog post that I had posted back when I used to post on – over 3,000 views in a just a couple of days! Tell me what you think. How’s this full moon illuminating your chart this month?

    Much Love,

  2. Enjoy your ‘Me’ time Ka, as you settle into your new Home.. Enjoying my weekend, and Full Moon Energies for me are both inspiring and helping me relax.. Wow over 3,000 views that was a popular posting.. And I enjoyed reading..
    Many thanks for the chance to read again.. And I hope your Beltane was as Happy as my day was..
    Love and Hugs.
    Sue xxx

    1. Hi Sue,

      Yesterday I managed to just spend time nurturing myself, fully. I think contemplating the yoni mudra helped me. It was truly good that I did. I find that it’s necessary to carve out the moments, the pauses… to catch my breath – and breathe deeply. I’m looking forward to getting into my new schedule now… as a new term has just begun. I have the awareness that I want to set aside time for yoga, meditation, blogging, and nature. That’s not always easy…

      I’m so glad that you had an inspiring and relaxing weekend. Thank you for your very gracious visit and kind comment on my Scorpio Full Moon post. It’s interesting how much my own post guided me – again.

      Love and joy of beingness…. Ka

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