REpackaged for RETRO CHALLENGE: Gemini New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

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The Twins, Duality and Consciousness

New Moon Partial Eclipse in Gemini @ 11-12 degrees

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June 2nd (depending on where you are) will be the new moon partial eclipse event that activates and refreshes the Gemini part of our charts. Gemini rules communications, thought processes, and short-trips. Gemini rules our siblings and the duality of the mind, ever-fluctuating between the positive and negative poles. Gemini is the sign that rules the activities of the mind, categorizes things, and distinguishes them into patterns. Gemini represents how we filter information from our environment, and could be described as a mental “net.” It’s our subjective lens for viewing our neighborhood and our neighbors, and shows even how we obtain our information about the world. Gemini is the also the mouthpiece of the astrological chart, showing us how we speak our truth using either chosen symbols or that of our native tongue.

More About Gemini

Gemini is the sign of the twins; it represents the duality of the mind. It is also the 3rd astrological sign in the zodiac, and the 1st air sign. The 3rd aspect takes the form of a stage for the two dancing dualities to perform—this can be in the form of words, thoughts, writing, and picture symbols. In its most primitive sense, Gemini is the first expression of relationship itself: the marriage of any two things and their interaction. Gemini energy can be likened to a web where the material itself is gossamer, delicate, but has strength in its complexity, and its design. Nevertheless, Gemini introduces levity to the collective consciousness. During Gemini ruled times, we may brush lightly about subjects, moving from one to another without the need to go to go very deeply in between or below the surface. It’s a good time for being analytical and detached, survey our resources, and collect information we need for our projects. This is a process that keeps the wind moving and the air flowing (the ideas light).

Sagittarius—Gemini’s polar opposite sign on the zodiac—represents wisdom beyond category; it’s the heart of philosophy, the seeker-less seeker of truth. Sometimes Sagittarius is expressed as religion, but it mostly shows us the sagacious “bigger picture.” How ineffable and beyond any mental construct is the nature of reality itself. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, giver of expansiveness and fortune. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger, the word, and the mind. The opposing sides of the zodiac are actually complementary and act as two-sides of the same coin. Both Gemini and Sagittarius deal with knowledge, but an even better word than ‘knowledge’ is to say that these signs both deal with ‘vision.’ Think of the song Amazing Grace: “I once was lost but now I am found, was blind but now I see.”

It’s a Time for Inner Mental Stability

When we see a new moon in Gemini, we are opening up another window into the psyche of how we identify and use information, especially in a local way or immediate way. This is a time where we may start talking more to those around us, or even less. It’s a time for stabilizing communications (Sun conjunct Moon forms a trine aspect to Saturn in Libra).  For some, we will open up to learning a new language, or even start a new learning process. Perhaps we will chatter on more about what we see and do with those nearby; there could be changes in our relationships to siblings.

The new moon’s trine aspect to Saturn can go mainly in two different ways: One is that this aspect can act as a stabilizer for whatever mental activity or communication takes place, giving whatever is to come has a long-lasting and dedicated affect. The other slightly different way is that Saturn can filter the Gemini creation into a specific and dedicated structure or format. In this new moon chart, Saturn is forming a harmonious aspect to the new moon, making for the most positive expression of this new moon. The tendency is that this aspect will be smooth and easy, and operate with natural guidance or stability. Since Saturn is still retrograde till the middle of June, our commitments are focused inwardly.

Partial Solar Eclipse

Usually in astrology eclipses are considered more powerful than a regular New Moon event, and have a longer-lasting and deeper affect. In the old days, eclipses were considered to be omens and portents about the future, especially for leaders. Now-a-days, many astrologers have a view that the external movements of the heavens, or the planets as they appear to look here on Earth, not only represent natural cycles, but that planetary events viewed on Earth represent changes within our own psyches, mirroring our individual and collective consciousness.

Since the new moon is a monthly, regular gift of opening up to something “new” and planting seeds for a new venture, you can do this at this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, and it’s an especially powerful time to plant your intentions for the future—it’s a good time for technology purchases, car purchases, committing to write a book, or starting your education in a new subject. It’s also a good time to revisit relationships with your siblings if you’ve been waiting for one. A Solar Eclipse, however, does add a certain unexpected quality, or miscellaneous ingredient into your mix: so as you set your intentions, be aware that there is a heavenly variable at work in your personal destiny. Now is the time that it’s just more obvious that heaven speaks on your behalf.

Many Blessings,

Ka Malana


8 thoughts on “REpackaged for RETRO CHALLENGE: Gemini New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

  1. rasti

    Thanks for getting me to think about the themes of the new moon. It helps me to make a decision now about my business.

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    As a participant in my blogging friend, Sindy’s, “Let’s Go Retro Challenge” over at and while being additionally nudged by dear O and OM at yesterday, and in honor of Mercury having gone retrograde, I chose an old post I wrote for the theme of Gemini. This Mercury retrograde occurs in the sign of Gemini, so it’s valid. This was written during my second month of blogging. Wishing everyone a smooth retrograde… 🙂 Or at least, a comfortably mercurial one! xoxo Ka

  3. It took me more than 40 minutes to dress my very first chicken (and the finished item was truly slaughtered-in the worst feeling of the word).

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