Revealing at the Full Moon

Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse, Sagittarius

This is a stellar event to just feel with your whole being, no matter if it brings you pain or pleasure–likely it’s a mixture of both. How you experience this eclipse is up to you.

Aspects at Work

Saturn trine Venus in Gemini
Venus sextile Uranus
Saturn opposite Uranus, Squaring Pluto Retrograde-> Capricorn rules structures, establishments
Moon conjunct N. Node in Sagittarius
Sun and Mercury conjunct S. Node in Gemini

The responsibility of relationship (Saturn in Libra) opposes (Uranus in Aries) the desire and freedom “to be myself.” Oppositions represent awareness. What is being transformed is the structure of relationship—how we view it, and what we think defines it (Sun conjunct Mercury aspect makes it cerebral). What can we live with, and what can we live without? Additionally, our relationship to the world of material (Venus aspects and Jupiter in Taurus) is highlighted. We want the stability (Venus trine Saturn) and we want to be give love freely (Venus sextile Uranus).  These are the questions that help keep you flowing.

Otherwise, you’re pitting yourself up against a T-square with Pluto at the fulcrum, enforcing change and adjustment, bringing you the experience of irritation and pressure. It’s best if you take this on consciously, and address the questions above. Get deep into them so that you don’t burst out and cause/experience injury.

I’m going to have to tell you, pay attention to your feelings. What you FEEL you need, if you can untangle that from your unconsciousness and allow it to live and breathe, will best supply you with your answers at this critical juncture. Eclipses are huge turning points. With the moon conjunct the North Node, expressing your emotions first to yourself is paramount, make sure you know how you feel and are in touch with that, you have to FEEL it fully to know it. Take the time! It’s hard to do, especially during an upheaval, but that’s when it’s all the more necessary. It is the only way to bring about healing instead of building atop longer-term problems.

With Pluto trine to Jupiter in Taurus, what you release from your life, and what you confess to yourself about your needs/feelings will educate you best. Opening up to your emotions now will help you bring vision and happiness into your relationships. If you’re relationships fail when you express your deepest, most honest self, then they are not good relationships for you. Let them fall away so that your true needs are met with love. Find your emotional groupies, and accept the differing needs of others. Let people be who they are, let yourself be who you are, regardless of how uncomfortable that may make others.

This information has been shared with love and is offered as a gift.

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