Leo New Moon August 3 2011 — Fiesta Estrellas (Reblogathon Day 5)

Leo New Moon: Self-Hood, Be your Best Self. The self is not just ‘one thing.’ The self is composed of: the lower self, the higher Self, the personality, the ego, and the soul matrix. We have the discipline of psychology to thank for giving us other ‘terms’ such as, Id, Super-ego, and the Unconscious. Altogether, […]

Leo New Moon August 3 2011 — Fiesta Estrellas
Ka Malana Photography

This time I put my older blog post at the top. The date is clearly in the title. Maybe it will make the older posts more accessible. I want to be helpful. How can I help you? I think this was the only post that I am aware of right now that received no comments and no “likes,” since it’s publication. This probably suggests that no one read it. I suppose I could go back and look at the stats if I really want to know for sure. But, I’d rather not. It doesn’t matter. I am the one looking at it. 🙂 Wee… This is why I am doing the reblogathon celebration to blog beside the cheer peppers.

I’m cheating a little bit and blogging the night before my 5th Reblogathon Day. This is fine with Cheer Peppers’ non-formalities–which is why Cheer Peppers are my favorite group to be a part of. The leadership isn’t so heavy-handed. That’s the kind of leader I would like to be if the world ever permits me space to lead– a very subtle leader. My desire is to quietly and gently nudge and aid people in their own desired transformation. What’s a Leo to do? Roar? Well, that never really gets anyone anywhere, does it? Roaring is loud and it actually makes it harder for people to listen to that racket.

When we were teaching my daughter to open her mouth to brush her teeth (with her mouth open), we learned from the Daniel Tiger book (a spin off from the most beloved Mr. Rogers character) to make a “quiet roar.” I like that: “quiet roar.” It would so brilliant if the people in my world would tell me on a regular basis just what it is that I do that is very effective. I want to be effective in the best way, even if that means… doing nothing. That’s right, I’ll step out of the way, and let “it” happen. Is that what is most effective?

Maybe being our best selves is all about, surrendering “ourselves” to the collective in service to that collective and learning to really read the vibes and listen to the feedback, and let the self surrender to going with the all-flow, the pulse of the cosmic wind. I am undecided about this, but I am willing to entertain the thought.

Happy Peppering!

10 thoughts on “Leo New Moon August 3 2011 — Fiesta Estrellas (Reblogathon Day 5)

  1. Knowing about our inner life is a very interesting topic, especially when one has little understanding of psychological terms. I read the article very carefully, although I confess that I had to constantly resort to searching for many terms that I did not know. It seems to me a great idea what you are doing that of bringing your past articles to review it. Have a good weekend.

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