New moon in Libra: Plato’s Cave


October 4th, 2013

This new moon picture will keep us busy. It occurs on October 4th at 5:35 PST. There are some major players, especially the planet Uranus, which I will discuss here.  The new moon occurs in the sign of Libra at 11 degrees 57 minutes, read as Sabian Symbol for Libra 12 (see Sabian Symbol website linked in my other blog entries to see how Sabian Symbols are given, or google it 🙂  )

“Miners emerging from a mine.”

Emerging from the mine, things don’t look the same. The environment, in the daylight, looks different. It’s time to see what’s behind the shadows.  This is not unlike leaving Plato’s cave. When in Plato’s Cave, people mistake that which is real with that which is the shadow cast by the real. “The prisoners may learn what a book is by their experience with shadows of books. But they would be mistaken if they thought that the word “book” refers to something that any of them has ever seen.” (Cohen 2006)

Let’s look at the aspects:

This new moon is opposite Uranus in Aries. The experience can be unsettling for some and provocative and interesting for others. Anything Uranus touches brings an electrical charge and the opportunity for insight or inspiration – arriving like an unexpected bolt of lightning.  Looking at the Nodes of the moon (which reflects our social networks and the directional aspect of our soul’s past and future or “fate”), the North Node quincunx shows that some transitions during this lunation will be uncomfortable, requiring adjustment by both parties involved in the way personal themes like security and individual needs bring and resist changes in existing relationships, as well as how to establish new relationships based on these themes.

Of course, Uranus is also squaring Pluto (our big transit that everyone is talking about, until 2015) bringing tremendous and sometimes swift transformation – also described as “the shift.” During this lunation, Uranus is also in square aspect with Jupiter in Cancer. I wouldn’t be surprised if issues from the past come up around nurturing and parenthood, because belief systems (Jupiter) are getting energized by the grand square aspect this lunation. Also of note but not directly related to the aspects involved with the new moon is the quincunx between Uranus and Mercury conjunct North Node. Individuals who usually act on impulse or inspiration (Uranus in Aries) may need to adjust their communications (Mercury) within social circles, considering carefully what they say regarding money, sex, and yes… taxes (N.Node in Scorpio).

In sum, there’s more tension than usual, and it’s in the stars. It will pass. Don’t base too many long term decisions on this time frame or lunation. If the forward  movement of your life feels like it’s getting snagged on some edges, well, that’s because this time period is available for you to figure out *what* and *where* you are snagged so that you can modify both your perception and your expression enough to get your messages across more smoothly. These snags are ultimately meant to propel you, once the necessary modifications are made (and this could have to do with the other party or parties involved). So just kind of “wait it out,” use the tension that’s building at this time for the right point of expression – once the best time becomes available.  In the meantime, my guidance says, keep your direction in your heart, and have confidence in that knowing.

6 thoughts on “New moon in Libra: Plato’s Cave

  1. bhams79

    The more I read this blog, the more it becomes evident that astrology is an art – that it requires a lot of judgment and interpretation. Like, “Does Pluto in this arrangement with the other planets refer to death, or sex, or power, or money, or that which is hidden?” And there is no clear reason for one precise interpretation over another. I’m writing this with the caveat that I am still quite new to this art and don’t claim any knowledge or expertise.

    1. Yes, it is an art. There is an abstract written language that is being worked with – interpreted. An interpretation is not finite, nor fixed. Basically, it’s like the rendering of a story – or many stories. I don’t know how easily anyone could claim expertise, just experience over time.

  2. Jrlnaj

    I’ve never seen Sabian symbols mentioned in other things I’ve read on astrology. I appreciate how your blog has opened my eyes to the concept.

  3. Reblogged this on Fiesta Estrellas and commented:

    In preparation for the October 1 new moon in Libra I wanted to reblog this post I wrote for the New Moon in Libra on October 4, 2013, 3 years ago. Also, I am reflecting a little bit ~ as I LOVE to do. This has been a gorgeous autumn day! Thankfully, it’s been pretty productive, too, in a very balanced way, so I feel justified in posting 2x in one day!

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