Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, October 18, 2013


I’m looking at the chart for the full moon lunar eclipse on October 18, 2013 @ 23:37 UT and 3:37 PM PDT. I see a lot of hot energy. Not only is the full moon in Aries, the super-firey 1st sign of the zodiac, but the Sabian symbol for this full moon is full of energy too. Jupiter is in square aspect to the full moon which is opposite the North Node. This energy is for expansion. We need this energy to move forward, just like Aries- the starter of the zodiac- wants to move.

Jupiter is sitting in the sign of Cancer, home and domesticity, real-estate, also cooking, gardening, and nurturing, motherly energy. Jupiter is hooking up with transiting Mercury in Scorpio, planet of thinking and flexibility in the sign of shared resources and joint ventures (Scorpio). I’m so optimistic about Jupiter’s presence here (after all, it’s the planet of abundance). In traditional astrology, Jupiter (even when not in harmonious aspect with another planet) has a good reputation.  Jupiter wants to help you envision a greater vision for your life.

Let’s take a look at the Sabian Symbol for Aries 26: “A Man, possessed of more gifts than he can hold.” This image certainly reinforces Jupiter’s abundance and brings us to see a lot of creativity at home, lots of proverbial ‘irons in the fire’ and multiplicity of talents, unopened gifts. Since this picture on its own can be interpreted as ‘too much at once,’ let’s look at the Sabian Symbol for Libra 26. This Sabian symbol (same degree of Libra as the full moon in Aries) shows how the sun has progressed from its point at the new moon, when the sun and moon were conjunct (side by side). At the full moon, the sun is opposite the moon and represents a balancing point (even more so in Libra).

Libra 26: “An eagle and a large white dove turning into one another.”  We have it here folks – the way forward is to recognize *both* the eagle and the dove. Acceptance is its own gift, for the teacher (eagle) is the one who brings insight for peace (dove). In Roman mythology, the eagle carries Jupiter’s thunderbolts (Zeus to the Greeks). The dove’s coos symbolize patience and kindness – be at peace.

I’m confident that the quincunx presented at the new moon causing discomfort and the need for recognizing adjustment by conflicting planetary urges (planetary energies involved with Uranus) will start to show us some creative solutions – or changes to our thinking and communication (Mercury) which is pretty much as good as anything external changing.

A lunar eclipse traditionally has longer affects than a full moon without the eclipse.  The November 3rd Solar eclipse will follow, and that chart has a lot of fun aspects to talk about. Easier energies on the way in that chart! Just about all our eggs will be in the Scorpio basket by then. So pay attention to who you are teamed up with! You may not want to do some of this alone. Scorpio is the sign of sharing assets (and liabilities).

For now (October 18th eclipse), there’s always room for optimism when Jupiter is involved – no matter how much dirt the Uranus transit is kicking up in Aries. In fact, the Aries lunar eclipse will be more cordial with Uranus since it’s in the same sign – could also mean double the impact–>more unpredictable, out-of-the-blue, “weird” Uranian happenings.

From now and through November, tend to your inner fire, make constructive use of your drive and ambition – let it be focused on yourself (such as Aries would have it anyways, as Aries doesn’t really draw up such distinctions, but is more a primal force). Mars will be playing a strong role for a little while since it’s trine Pluto in Capricorn, trine the eclipse full moon, and Mars rules Aries.

The energy of Aries is about the head – the front of the body. Think of the phrase, “jumping in head first.” It’s gonna give you initiative, starts, and sparks. It is not the staying power of other signs. Cancer (where Jupiter is right now) is a water sign and Aries is fire sign, normally these signs don’t sit at the dinner table together without much ado. Give them a good subject to discuss so they can channel their energies together and not cause too much squabbling. They are both cardinal signs indicating the need to take a direction.

Uranus will be quincunx Saturn in Scorpio, indicating that our inspired solutions and some of our very awesome individual ideas, our need for freedom, may not be too easy to influence others, or to ‘breakthrough’ just yet. Attempts will be challenged by the dictates of the current structures (and really of our own past self making).

Nevertheless, the Sun trines Neptune (harmonious angle) and this gives us a transcendant, graceful aspect of spiritual help: if you can ask for it, and are open to receiving it. This can be in the form of compassion, art, or channeled information. Neptunian energy is angelic and psychic, tied to sign of Pisces.

Finally, let’s finish with a note about all Saturn’s hard work. Saturn is really holding everything together for everybody. Saturn is trine Neptune. Saturn is also conjunct the North Node, conjunct Mercury, and trine Jupiter and Pluto. These are all very nice aspects for Saturn, so if you show discipline in whatever your aims, a certain non-dramatic “stick-to-it-ive-ness” will reverberate in your favor.

Image from ilikewallpaper.net

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