Uranus square Pluto is activated. These are the times we are in.


                This is the current planetary configuration. Bare with me, it is more than a mouthful: Moon conjunct Jupiter in Cancer, which is opposite Venus conjunct Pluto square Uranus in Capricorn. (by the time I finish this, the moon will be in loose conjunction with Jupiter—hopefully)

I’ve been writing a bit about how Uranus square Pluto is a major planetary transit (a longer term cycle) that is revolutionizing our culture (the world’s culture).  I’ll briefly elucidate, but first: An aspect is formed by at least two bodies or mathematical points of value in an astrological chart. You know, like in music, you need a couple of notes in unison to define a chord.  Well in astrology, you need at least two to form an aspect. You can also think about geometry.  In geometry you need two points to make a line, or a straight line joining the ends of an arc. Think of an aspect as a line between two points that may be connected loosely, or fairly taut—varying degrees of tension. Now imagine a line where both ends are getting pulled but neither end is gaining, and the string still doesn’t break.  What you have with this square is a “push-pull” feel to it.  With the push-pull energy, we’ve generated a lot of energy, like a sort of gravitational potential energy.

What’s being pushed/pulled you might ask? (Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn)

So the individual energies that I’ll discuss, as the signs, are undergoing a period of what I call renegotiation, but with a deadline.  With the square, there’s a sense of urgency, and what we are talking about is a revolution from 2012-2015, a revolution, literally, that just keeps us working on certain energy-patterns, or planetary themes.  This is our collective work, to ascend the stairs of 7 exact squares. Aside from that longer-term collective job, we have our own individual relationship to the current transiting planetary configurations, and those were established at the time of our birth. That said, let’s stick just a few more moments with the basic story before we go into sub-stories (I’d need to study your chart to look at your personal stories, anyways). For now, I’m going to continue with the Uranus/Pluto square.

First, Capricorn is the sign of worldliness, it relates to the values that the world holds at large, and here’s a laundry list of terms associated with Capricorn: serious, businesslike, tried-n-true, dealing with the public image, discipline, anything associated with the planet Saturn, the sign’s ruler. It’s not really an endless list, but there are some specific key terms that you’ll see on repeat no matter where you go to look for Capricorn key terms. After a while, you internalize them and sometimes, as with any language, you develop your own special relationship to the meaning of those words and start to work with nuance. We are not talking about nuance here. Not now.

Ok, so Pluto, the once-called-planet and symbol of underworld destroyer or as I like to say, “Provocateur of deep transformation” is transiting the sign of Capricorn which is the structure of government, business, policy – you know from the previous paragraph—Capricorn stuff.

Moving right along we’ve got the planet Uranus that stands for everything nouveau, advent garde (seems I can’t find a suitable English word). Uranus is referred to as “the awakener,” by many astrologers. Imagine a gong, or a bell rang in the middle of your meditation. The Tibetans have some really nice examples of crashing sounds to awaken your mind from any form of drifting from the present moment. Also with Uranus, think of the Tesla-type of person (Uranus is in charge of electricity), think of another inventor, Elon Musk. Elon Musk has Aries rising—with Uranus in the 7th angular house. Houses of angularity (1, 4, 7, 10 are the major defining points of the chart).

Shall I not digress, I will proceed with a brief mention of the sign Aries. Aries is the fire and the force of starting all things, spring comes into action by a seemingly spontaneous process. Aries is a good placement for Uranus, for in Aries, Uranus is said to be exalted. The essence of Aries is ME!  I AM, ME!  So you have the individual struggling for existence, fighting back for the RIGHT to not be consumed by huge corporations that swallow individuals whole after gutting them of all their money and talents—inspiration and essence. You have the growth of entrepreneurs, and people looking to the “flame” or Aries fire, the spark of spirit to guide them back into a meaningful experience on Earth (if perchance they have danced away from the life-breath of the flame of their own inspired life).

Finally, the sub-stories:

Transiting Venus conjunct Pluto will activate the Uranus/Pluto square but by adding an additional theme of love relationships, transforming values, possessions, and deeper experiences of beauty. If your birth chart shows planetary squares from Venus to Saturn or other uncomfortable aspects (which I shall not go into here) you likely *feel* it now, especially your trials with relationships and experiences with money over the holiday season. Just remember, this is another opportunity to transform this challenging energy into constructive energy. The key with square is to *use creativity.* The square’s dynamic forces us to find a constructive outlet… otherwise, you’ve got the old, karmic routine.

Jupiter conjunct moon in Cancer is also activating the Uranus/Pluto square (this is why I spend so much more time on the larger theme of the story—it’s getting activated), the experience of Jupiter (abundance) alongside the experience of Moon (emotions, past, family) brings embellishment, this can be overwhelming or fulfilling, but the energy of Jupiter brings expansion to longer lasting experience of Uranus/Pluto square. That is, Jupiter will expand or make larger anything it is “seen with” in the sky.

8 thoughts on “Uranus square Pluto is activated. These are the times we are in.

  1. So what you are saying is, Uranus square Pluto means lots of intense change and upheaval on a big scale? Uranus is revolutionary (like Prometheus), and Pluto deals with power and forces “beneath the surface” if I understand correctly. Let’s all buckle our seat belts, we’re in a for a wild ride!

  2. Yep, you got it. Though, rather than upheaval, I’ve heard it referred to by the New Age as “rebirth.” I rather like that term 🙂 Actually, the Uranus/Pluto interaction started with the Uranus/Pluto – back in 1963, exact 1965-1967 at 16-19 Virgo. So, this is a development from that theme at the conjunction. Following the square will be a trine aspect, 120 degrees. A transit of ease. We have that to look forward to in 2023 when Uranus will be in Taurus and Pluto will just be finishing up in Capricorn. Astrology reminds us that time is not linear but cyclical in reality: Cycles within cycles.

    The square aspect (90 degrees), is the one that we are all feeling right now as it has reached “critical mass” on November 1st, and has been further activated all month. This is what I discuss in the article, and it has been culminating since 2012. Check out this video animation shows the planetary square in 2014-2015. http://vimeo.com/79625786. Everything but the Sun, Uranus, and Pluto was removed to point out Uranus and Pluto. Do you notice anything about the Sun’s relationship to Uranus and Pluto?

    In astronomy, the perceived movement of the planets or stars is called apparent motion. Astrology uses apparent motion to describe meaning. Since the Sun is a considered a faster moving “planet” or “wandering body” it is interpreted as “personal,” whereas, the slower moving bodies Uranus and Pluto (because they are farther away) are referred to as “transpersonal.”

    Uranus and Pluto are considered “transpersonal” planets because their movements are long-lasting, and therefore epoch defining.

    Basically, astrology is just a really big clock with a lot of moving parts, each with cycles of patterns and meaning. There’s always something going on–sometimes that ‘something’ defines epochs.

  3. Reblogged this on Fiesta Estrella and commented:

    Hello dear friends and readers!

    I’m reposting on the Uranus/Pluto square transit that I’ve been writing about. The sub-stories have changed, but the main theme is still the same. We are in the midst of major change – and manifestation is happening quickly.

    Wishing for your happiness and world peace, Ka

      1. Hi Ka,
        You are most welcome. I always enjoy your posts. I’ve pulled up a chair to learn because I don’t know much about this. I’m really glad that you share your wisdom and insight.

        Much love!

      2. Sarah,
        I’m really humbled by your words, for I know in my heart how much you yourself are offering.
        Thank you for leaving me such a beautiful comment! It’s a tender moment that I can return to, the gentle pause of reflection and absorption.
        Appreciating your love,

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