Mercury Retrograde in Pisces


From February 6th to 27th of 2014, Mercury will retrograde.

Really, I like mercury retrograde. Call me weird. This is the time when things all around us could benefit from slowing down, our communications, our movements, even our thoughts. Maybe we could try walking instead of driving the car, if possible. When I slow down, the scenery that I see EVERYDAY can become richer and more detailed. This never fails. When I go slower, I notice more.

We can all benefit from being more careful—but how can we do that unless we go slower?

Let’s consider the standard astrological advice about Mercury retrograde. Don’t sign contracts. I will tell you from experience that I’m not super interested in signing contracts during this time—and, if I do, I do so with the awareness that there’s a whole lot that can change about the contract’s terms. Or, maybe I’m not getting what I thought I’d be getting out of it. Hands down, things done during Mercury Retrograde aren’t really “said and done,” ever. When Mercury is retrograde, the evidence presents itself: ours is a life “in-progress.” Actions and projects are re-workable, and they may need re-working—even when it’s not convenient.

But, what does it mean to experience Mercury retrograde in Pisces?

Well…. it’s rather boundless and non-categorizable. I just made up that word. It’s creative, too! Pisces is a paradox—two fish swimming in opposite directions, bound by a silver cord. Does that silver cord represent the karma of cause and effect? Could the fish moving in opposite directions indicate that the spiritual meaning of Pisces is to relinquish our knowledge about direction?

I think Mercury Retrograde is a fantastic time for having more questions than answers. After all, what good is a mind/body that doesn’t keep moving? We can meditate on that together, if you wish.

This reminds me of some zen koans:

“To carry yourself forward and experience myriad things is delusion. That myriad things come forth and experience themselves is awakening.” -unknown

“The place is right here and the Way leads everywhere, the limits of what can be known, cannot be known.”

The image above is a tattoo design. Anyone could be wearing it… (and I don’t know who)


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