Enter the Maiden Goddess, Imbolc



[“IMBOLC” © The Celtic Art of Hamish Burgess 2011: Original Celtic art by Hamish Burgess]


Today we celebrate Imbolc, the return of the maiden goddess, Brigid, and the exit of the Crone (winter). Although she is part of the Celtic legacy, Brigid (whose name is spelled many different ways) represents the eternal goddess in many pagan traditions. During Imbolc we celebrate her aspect of youth and new beginnings. Her spirit is fiery and her message is that Spring is near.  Thank Goddess! I’m ready for that dose of triumphant energy that magically awakes the green life from its slumber. Here we mark the turning of seasons, along with the Chinese Lunar New Year and all the other lunar-aware traditions, such as Groundhog Day, Candlemas, and others! I think it’s especially auspicious that Venus would turn direct at such a time! The Goddess is in the air as we continue to remember and celebrate her.

The following is a song, hymn written for Brigid by a man who has since past. This youtube video was made in honor of him who honors the Goddess.

2 thoughts on “Enter the Maiden Goddess, Imbolc

  1. herongrace

    That song is so beautiful. I don’t know a word of Gaelic, but I think it is such a musical beautiful language. Whenever I hear it spoken, or hear Celtic music, my body instantly responds and says “home!”

    1. Awesome! I’m glad. I may have replayed that song about 20x yesterday, throughout the day–the Gaelic words (which, I also don’t understand either) were pretty resonant on another level. Thank you for commenting, and letting me know that you enjoyed it! 🙂

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