Daily Inspiration ~ February 8th

I just LOVE this photo and the quote, “Growing does not happen all at once. It is gradual awareness and cultivation of little awakenings!”

Global Light Minds ~ Daily Inspirations

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3 thoughts on “Daily Inspiration ~ February 8th

  1. So very true… I wonder why we are always in such a hurry to move our growing along, when it is a process, as you point out of gradual awareness and little awakenings. May we be wise enough to note these processes along the way.

  2. I’ve been pondering this since you posted your comment above. “I wonder why we are always in such a hurry to move our growing along…” The answer for me came as such: we do not have enough faith in the process, and we are always trying to measure – stepping outside of the process – to see if we’ve arrived yet. Are we the final product? Are we assured that we will get there? Am I getting it? How do I know if I’m doing it right? There’s this sense of “promise” that there’s an evolution or an improvement upon ourselves (in growth) that we are working toward. That’s what the hurry is all about.

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