New Moon in Aries: The action within the movement


A couple of blogs ago I wrote about Mars and initiation. I’m not sure if it will become a series or not, but it’s definitely a theme in action. Now, as I look at the New Moon, it’s filled to the brim with Aries/Mars energy!


First, the New Moon is sandwiched between the Sun (definition of New Moon in astrology is Sun/Moon conjunction) and Uranus in the Mars-ruled sign of Aries. Second, the New Moon opposes retrograde Mars in Libra (Aries counterpart).


Mars in Libra conjuncts the N.Node of the Moon, and is opposite the New Moon. The node is the point where the moon’s path crosses the ecliptic, and it indicates the evolutionary direction—in evolutionary astrology. The North node is the future trajectory, while the South Node describes the evolutionary past of the soul. With the Mars in Libra conjunction to the transiting N. Node, we are sent right back to Venus (Libra-ruled) to connect the dots.


Venus and Mars are the dance partners in this show of planetary design. The themes of right/left, male/female, passive/active, etc. The main theme is initiation. Ask yourself how you have started relationships (Venus) in the past (S. Node in Aries). Transiting Venus in Aquarius will help you to be more objective about what you see when you look. It will help you to keep a reasonable distance to examine your relationships with a “cool” mind.


Venus and Mars are in sextile to each other during this New Moon, showing that masculine and feminine energies unite in relative balance, with a tad bit of work.


Nevertheless, the new moon brings us right into the larger pattern of Pluto square Uranus, since Uranus is conjunct the New Moon, while squaring Pluto and Jupiter. You know, the biggie that everyone is talking about? Seven exact aspects spanning 2012-2015, transforming everything… What’s Jupiter’s role in this?


The Jupiter and Pluto opposition is asking us, “what’s possible?” and likewise, “what is impossible?” This is your chance to expand (Jupiter) your home (Cancer). Also, you can transform (Pluto) the structure (Capricorn) of your work, your business.


The presence of Saturn (in mutual reception with Pluto) still calls for restraint, and boundaries. Why? Because, we are still working out the negotiations (Libra), and involved in deep processes of self-(re)discovery (Uranus), for something that will be fairly long-lasting (Saturn).


When we have such intense aspects within the Aries/Libra archetypes, we want balance but not the stagnation that comes with perfect balance. I’m sure those very Virgo-identified are wondering why perfection has been “taken off the table” for such a long time. In other words, why are we working so hard?!  Well, Capricorn wants results, measurable and substantiated results – and Pluto carries the wreaking ball of transformation, er… the hidden key.


When Pluto is in an Earth sign, all the Earth signs are affected, since they form a natural trine.  Re-forming the Earth is happening: that means how we serve others, our work (Virgo), and our values (Taurus) are moving with Pluto in Capricorn. They are like the arms that have to move with the body. Remember, we need a body to drive the chariot – to light the kingdom of heaven on Earth.


Happy New Moon!

Ka Malana ©2014


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5 thoughts on “New Moon in Aries: The action within the movement

  1. this posting was so informative for me. I can literally feel this energy in my life. And, I love the picture up at the top. My friend and I have been talking a lot lately about “horse” energy and the quick transitions we are experiencing.

  2. Hey Fiestaestrella 🙂 (great name!)

    Thank you for visiting my Blog and ‘liking’ it.

    This is a very important posting. And very intuitive. And perhaps very timely I think!

    Thank you for enticing me to visit…I shall return to read far more when I next I have some time.

    Take care.

    DN – 04/04/14

    1. Hi Dewin!

      It’s so nice to meet you here on my blog. Thank you! I feel honored that you visited and left a comment. I’ve been enjoying your blog writings, and I feel I need more time there, so I shall return. I’m enjoying your painterly writing style and the delicacy with which you describe a “sizzling Star bright in a carnation sky,” in your blog titled, “Self-determination,” and I’ve begun reading “From Out of This World” and even passed that one along, also, to one very linked to spirit of the snow leopard.

      Thank you to Sindy from bluebutterfliesandme for sharing about you in her blog. For this is how I found you.

      Peace & Blessings,

  3. Hi Ka,

    Thank you for making me feel so very welcome! 🙂 You are very generous with your comments. I’ve posted elsewhere on your Blog, and have also become a Follower. It is a wonderful site you have created. In addition to the material you provide, the images you also select are quite beautiful…the one that heads this posting in particular expresses all of the power and dynamism that is contained within your words. The phrase ‘Reforming the Earth’ resonates with me in particular. I am Virgo, and the Earth is a big part of my soul.

    In relation to your knowledge and expertise, I am but a child in my appreciation of Astrology and yet I’ve no doubt I shall be enlightened and become more learned by being here.

    I am grateful that Sindy’s site brought us together, and hope that our friendship will be mutually beneficial. Your appreciation of my Blog is gratefully acknowledged. It will be my pleasure to see you there 🙂


    DN – 06/04/14

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