Scarab Beetle with Wings

Yesterday, at Balboa Park, I was greeted by an interesting type of flying Scarab beetle.

During our somewhat brief interaction, I went into a position with my arms out, as though I was being smudged with sage before a ceremony. It even took a couple of passes across the length of my body and around my heart chakra. SO COOL!!!! How do those little wings hold up that big, green, sparkling body?! The energy of it felt wonderfully soothing, there wasn’t a touch of fear in my body. Otherwise, a big, buzzing bug, that seemed to arrive out of nowhere, might startle me.

I had some computer trouble this past week, and car trouble; so the computer didn’t get resolved yet. I’m also looking at a loss of files. This was classic Mercury retrograde (and we’re still in it!). Natal Moon and Mercury in Cancer, and a Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo- plus the “more-or-less-there” grand cross activates my personal planets –especially my natal Moon square Pluto. Not to mention the Chiron retrograde at the Solstice, and my natal 3rd house (Mercury/Gemini) Chiron. I haven’t been able to practice my Chinese since my laptop firmware issue – the Apple Manufacturing defect required them to wipe everything – that I only partially backed up, due to perceived time constraints. See my former Mercury retrograde article. I’ll come back and edit this article eventually.

Meanwhile… amazingly awesome and mystical encounters…allow me to know that I am

16 thoughts on “Scarab Beetle with Wings

  1. Very cool totem message !
    Reminds me I saw a little power blue fluff bug/gnat thing while I was with family ! Will investigate further . . .
    Hope Merc matters etc…improve soon

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Maybe your power blue fluff bug/gnat thing is in the beetle family, too? There’s more to this story of the beetle/scarab and I hope to be able to spend a little time writing about it this weekend (hope).

      1. Neptune transit…I forgot, thanks for reminding me ! Hackberry Woolly Aphid – nourishment + empowerment.
        It actually landed on someone else, but we visited too.
        I look forward to your post.
        Enjoy your dark moon…I am…

  2. Hey sister, so cool. It so synchronous with me. I have been having a powerful Egyptian thing going on. I found you a cool image if this is in fact your beetle. 😀


    1. Thanks for delicately alighting on my page, dear butterfly & sweet sis. When I do a re-write of this post, maybe I’ll add this photo 🙂 I’m curious to see how the ‘Egyptian thing’ unfolds. I just got my computer back, too. Sincerely, Ka

      1. Yea computer! Egyptian yes and your name Ka has an Egyptian meaning I believe, so I Googled it. Does your name come from that meaning?

        The Egyptians believed that a person was born with five elements: (1) the physical body, (2) the shadow, (3) the name, (4) the ba, and (5) the ka. The “KA” and “BA” : The most interesting belief of the Egyptians was that of the 2 life forces that they believed controlled all human beings. The “KA” as they believed was the life force responsible for animation, which is to say that as long as it’s present the person remains alive. Upon death the “KA” acquires a separate existence.

        From Wiki

        Much love sister~

      2. Yes Sindy, all this is true *and* my name is also Hawaiian. It means, “Ka” as “the” and “Malana” as “calm waters” or “to float beside, as a canoe; buoyant.” Finally, there is also an Indian meaning – as it relates to lotus-footed.

  3. Great symbol and you have me quite intrigued with your future rewrite. I love a good mystery ( usually) 🙂

    Sorry about the Mercury crap, my DVR is forgetting to record, detours and construction and ambulances and assorted sirens everywhere. I could go on and on, but will stop here. I am excited for all the wondrous change you are entering into.


  4. Its good to see the symbols keep buzzing us in all their various guises.. Learning to see them and learn to see meaning from them is what counts.. Loved reading this post Ka..
    Blessings Sue xox

  5. i love the scarab symbolism…how cool that this showed up for you. years ago i was in a new age shop and immediately magentized to a scarab pendant. i had to buy it! it’s still one of my faves but at the time i didn’t look up the symbolism…it just reminded me of a faraway time in egypt. so now i know! 🙂 aleya

  6. i thought of you tonight, ka…i was at a family gathering and out of nowhere a green beetle appeared on a relative’s foot – and woudln’t move until we relocated them to a nearby plant! lol. we were all in awe of the uniqueness of this appearance.

    1. Great! That makes me really happy to know, Aleya 🙂 Beetles are marvelous creatures. Some themes that come to mind are being grounded in community, open-heartedness (green). Feels auspicious, indeed. What do you think? He didn’t want to leave your relative’s foot! That’s supercute ❤ He/She must have felt comfy.

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