Love your wounds while nursing your spirit

OUch! I hurt here.


Right in my…. I don’t know where…

Is that a place?

Can you fix a spot that, that I can’t SEE – but feel?

Some of you know that I am enrolled in a Traditional Chinese Medical program. I’ve only just begun! Many of us are there because we have been wounded, we have aches and pains or chronic illnesses. We’ve been touched by them in some way – some aspect of life as “gotten us,” or a loved one, and we grieved so deeply – deeply enough to realize that there’s a way to work with pain by helping to direct it, through acupuncture, massage, etc.. and, so we’ve enlisted ourselves in this awesome task of learning how to help people with what ails them. It’s ambitious and scary, and also, delightfully interesting. It’s also about holding hands – touching – and being touched.

There are some students – and I’ve spoken to quite a few – who want to learn more about the services they will be offering their patients once they graduate, but they don’t have any reason to go for a visit at our clinic.

I, on the other hand, have been able to find *so many things* to work with! Β I feel so blessed, so fortunate, so unequivocally involved in the process! I celebrate it – in the process, I have met so many amazing internists, and every visit, I *know* I am at home. This is it! I found my spot! πŸ™‚ Not to mention, I get to be a participant-observer. This is one of my philosophical view-points I developed through my anthropological studies, or one aspect of anthropology that made it uniquely anthropology… and not another discipline.

Love is your wounded-ness. You need a heart to break. It’s okay. Half the time we don’t even realize how broken we are, even if we thought we were pretty banged-up. The inverse is also true, we may be a lot healthier than we ever realized πŸ™‚ Β Either way, we are all in it together. Β And, we are all caught in combat – fighting a battle inside us, that no one knows about. Because how could they? They are not you. Words do not suffice. This is life. We live in peace, knowing that to *feel* is to *be* alive.

Sometimes we hold stories because, we love… Β and sometimes, that is the very essence of our pain. And, sometimes, that pain can be transformed from a story… into a healing…

More to come, perhaps, Summer Solstice Chart…maybe a poem…still on 40-day consciousness journey of fulfillment.

10 thoughts on “Love your wounds while nursing your spirit

  1. I really love this post, Ka. I too am endlessly fascinated by the workings of the subtle body, and its interplay with our thoughts, dreams and emotions. Looking forward to seeing where this study takes you. Peace, Amanda

    1. Amanda,

      I’m so glad that you found this post and are able to connect with the healing presence I want to bring to it. It’s such a wondrous experience to unveil oneself to these subtle processes. Boy, it will be interesting to see where my study takes me! Right now it is 4 am, and I wanted to catch up on WordPress communication – because I so appreciate your visiting and sharing with me that this post reached you. πŸ™‚ I also enjoy the early morning hours for a silent space to write.

      I’ve been enjoying reading your posts, Amanda, and some of the playfulness I see in you that you’ve been sharing is so refreshing! It’s nice to get to know you, and share with you here.

      Peace & Blessings _/|\_ Ka

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